Your Focus/Task In Life and the Movement of the Heart Field.

the guardians The beauty of a day and the additional insight coming in, more clarity to what was shared the day before.  I so love progress!!  More information was released to my understandings about the earth worker, sun worker and bridger (thanks to your questions and connections.)

On the grander scheme of things, really we are all three.  It would be impossible to be incarnate and on this path without touching on the energy of the earth, the soul and harnessing the two together.  But the wonderful question of how do I know where I am at (in one of the three) became clearer yesterday.  However, what we set out to do, with joy in our hearts, is the tell-tale sign of which very important group we are within.

I think the only way to make this sharing clear, is by sharing the only thing I am really familiar with, my journey.  My first real connections with anything outside of my bathtub came when I moved to the mountainside in Vermont.  I had no bathtub there.  But I had an abundance of living energy everywhere.  Trees, rocks, flowers, vegetation of all kinds.  It is where I learned, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that everything was alive and had a consciousness to it.  Everything communicated in words and feelings all the time.  I learned to hear and move within the rhythms of biological life (well, the ones without ego's built-in.)

As exciting and awe-inspiring as this 8 month experience was, I never had the desire to take it any further than that.  But many do, becoming gardeners, landscape artists, construction people, flower and herbal experts, etc.  The abilities of an "earth worker" are extensive.  These would be the people who work with and refine the energies abundantly available on earth.  A good majority of our acupuncturists, chiropractors, and even reiki folks are earth workers.  Working with the base energies that are abundantly fluid and available on earth.

When I moved off the mountain and into town, securing a job at an assisted living facility that had, at max, 15 residents, something inside of me started to grow and bloom.  There were only a handful of people living there that was incapable of speech, and even fewer that were incapable of movement at all.  But there was this one lady, 93 years old whom I fell madly in-love with.  Her name was Liz, she could not speak and was bed/wheelchair bound and had to be hand fed.  We developed an unspoken communication with each other.

In so many of these people, I could see how karma played out in their life.  Most of these people, completely abandoned by their families.  Thru these incredible people, my most profound teachers, I really started to see and feel the value of a hug.  A persons entire body would fill with energy from a genuine hug, a true shift in their own well-being, even if for a moment.

I started to take some of the ones who could not speak into meditation with me.  I started with Liz, I was told she was an incredible dancer back in her day.  I called on her higher energy to show me how she danced, instantly she took me back to a younger time in her life, doing what looked like an Irish jig.  She was really good at it and she LOVED it.  She was one of the few people who had family come to visit and I would talk to them.  I mentioned this meditation and seeing her do the Irish jig, I was sure I was seeing her completely wrong.  Her family told me that the type of dance she did, was very similar to the irish jig... she clogged (I think they called it something specific, but 12 years later, I have forgotten the dance name.)

What I never realized was happening during my close to two years working in this place, I was developing my soul skills.  Connecting on a level way beyond the body and communicating thru that higher aspect.  I LOVED doing this.

Liz gave me a treasure that stays with me even to this day.  I knew she was at the end stage of her life.  She threw up blood/coffee grounds on my watch.  I had a melt down, I couldn't handle watching her die and told her so, but I did ask her to make sure she lets me know the day she is going to pass over.

I did meditations every day, and one day, I woke up with a song stuck in my head... "Delta Dawn" mostly the lyric when helen ready is talking about meeting that man in the sky.  When I went into work and into Liz's room, who had a radio playing, doncha know that song came on the radio.  I stopped in my tracks and looked at Liz and I knew, this was going to be our last day together.  She passed that night, after my shift was done.

From that experience forward, my whole path has been centered around soul work.  Working directly with the soul energy and the communication system that comes from that realm.  I would have easily considered myself in the group of soul workers, and for the last 11 years, I was.

For those in the soul worker/sun worker group, your communication system, understanding and relating back to (whom or whatever) is key.  To tap into the higher energies and know that you have, is the beginning.  To have an intimate relationship with any given energy so that it speaks to you, helps you know what to do with it or not do with it... key.  The communication is intertwined in feeling, seeing and hearing to bring the larger story of that energy to life and understanding.  The higher we go in the octaves, the more we must work on adjusting our "antenna's, because we cannot see or hear beyond our own vibrational rate.  For those in this group, our task is connecting any given person directly to their soul communication.

Moving here to the Jemez created a blue print change in my very DNA.  Of course, I didn't even realize this until yesterday.

Prior to moving here, I had been doing what I call a Hands of Light massage as my "work."  Bringing soul energy, communication, and understandings directly to whomever was on my table.  Massage was really a technicality of what I did.... the thing that brought people to my table.  (spirit is very sneaky)

I no longer do massage as my "work," instead, I have the most humbling job I could have never ever imagined having... reading your soul expression as it is in real time within our own going story.  But equally, bringing your brightness into the construct we call earth, and connecting to the earth for the ongoing story.  Bridging the two.  Even setting up the way to teach people how to do what I do becomes a bridge for anyone willing to cross it (put the work into the crossing!)

One of my beautiful clients yesterday gave me a visual that is so profound and so clear in what all this really means and represents.  She is an admin in a wonderful hospital that gave her the extra duty of being a meditation facilitator for women going thru the breast cancer journey.  Taking her earth working skills into the soul worker realm.

As she was talking yesterday about her "Buddha" type room (that has an alter and stuff) she said she has created an additional room in her home, but this one is filled with lighter energy.  Suddenly it became so clear to me... Buddha left the earthly material existence behind to seek (which he found) enlightenment.  Hence the darker tones to this room she described.  Her next room that she has created, no doubt represents the christed energy.  Jesus came into life enlightened and was a living teacher/living example of how to Be that.

Suddenly I could see a line connecting the two (seeking ourselves, then the whole union with ourselves) and as her work offered her a new job, less admin, more spiritual connection, I could sooooo see her new blueprint.  The Bridger on a grander level.  The energy lines going from her Buddha room, to her christed room, thru her and connecting at this hospital formed a triangle of energy.  Talk about bridge work!!!

So the bridger will have a fluid connection within to both the earth and soul/sun energies and combined them as one expression outwards.

Now, with all that, hopefully clearer than I left it yesterday... there is movement on the field!!  Slight movement, but at this rate, I celebrate any movement!! lol

One of my first readings on the field yesterday was for a couple.  They showed up in a way that reminded me of a mother carrying twins.  Two separate inner life fields, but both on the same field of life.  Think of twins that have two amniotic sacs but share the same womb.  They were separated at the center by about 5 feet.  So their white, radiant fields were not touching each other, however, at the very top I could see and feel a golden bridge.  It looked very much like the bridge in the picture I used in my sharing yesterday.  For them, they were being infused with new blueprints that will utilized their combined energy and relationship in their expression and work forward.

This morning, as I remember them, I am hearing many twin souls, highly charged relationships are being infused with each others energy (whether you know them or not.)  What spirit did do just now, is retract the words "Divine Counterparts" from my inclusion in that sentence.  Hmmmmmm.... will be curious to get the rest of THAT story!!  I have a feeling, tomorrow, we will go into a greater detail and clarity about how spirit uses the term "divine counterpart" thru my sharings.

I think I have an understanding, at least at base level, of the significance of this new (in feeling) white, radiant energy that is housing everyone's inner life field.  Think, stem cells.

For those unclear about what a stem cell is, I found a website that gives us the easy to understand (and change into energy instead of cells) explanation:

Stem cells have the remarkable potential to develop into many different cell types in the body during early life and growth. In addition, in many tissues they serve as a sort of internal repair system, dividing essentially without limit to replenish other cells as long as the person or animal is still alive. When a stem cell divides, each new cell has the potential either to remain a stem cell or become another type of cell with a more specialized function, such as a muscle cell, a red blood cell, or a brain cell.

Stem cells are distinguished from other cell types by two important characteristics. First, they are unspecialized cells capable of renewing themselves through cell division, sometimes after long periods of inactivity.

The elongation of the front (present to near future area) shows us, something is happening.  Instruction has been given and it is finding form... but not yet formed (at least to my eyes.)  The last two readings of my day got a little too "real" for me.  Not in a bad way, just holy shit surprised way.

My lady I referenced above with the two rooms, the first thing I had seen with her was her inner life field radiance elongated about 8 feet into what I am going to call her near future (I still have zero sense of time) and at the outer most edge I could see, feel and hear thunder and lightning with an intense downpour of rain.  Spirit said, the electricity is turning things on while the downpour is clearing the way.

When nature itself is in full bloom in my backyard, my vision to the entirety of the backyard is obstructed.  I could not see the skies directly behind and to the right (future) of the Mesa itself growing darker and darker during our session... but it was... literally.

My last man of the day, his white energy field was shorter in forward distance (for me, indicating a representation of sooner time that later.)  His was about 2-3 feet out and was dripping, slowly dripping white droplets on the ground.  Sometimes, when I know your story, it is hard for me to discern my own bias over what is really being shown.  This delightful man is going to be attending our gathering this weekend and is camping out on my floor too.  All I could feel was a connection with him being Here and that dripping... but have no idea what it means to him... yet.

As he and I were concluding our time on the phone together, a series of large, booming thunder booms happened directly above my home.  As I got off the phone and went down to the Mesa to take some pictures, the sky was so wonderfully black, but only at the right of the Mesa itself... the left side, sky blue with gentle clouds.  I watched as several lightning bolts illuminated the very top of the Mesa and I got this feeling... this is very relevant to my last two readings (the entire days I am sure... but visually, what I seen is now what I am experiencing!!)

I no sooner got my body back into the house when the skies opened up with an intense downpour of rain, coupled with the thunder and lightning.  The rain eventually slowed to steady drips... sprinkles if you will... even into this morning.

I am going to close by mentioning the picture I have included with todays sharing... a gift that was shared on my facebook wall by a wonderful soul.  With it is such a tremendous feeling of the Guardians (the older man in the image) and all of our "Jorge's" (including the female versions, smile, wink) getting primed for connection.  Take in the radiance of the crystal in his hand (and vastly distributed here in my home, back yard and the Mesa) couple by the joy bringers of the hummers... the image just feels... so.... REAL.

Enjoy the day my loves.  Until tomorrow.....

(((((HUGZ))))) of soul thunder to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas