It's Happening...


Bridge-to-heaven-for-new-life This is going to be a very short sharing.  I woke up really late, but there are some elements I wanted to share before I take a pause for the cause the next several days.

The radiant white energy surrounding everyone's inner life field has now shifted to a golden / amber elongating prominence moving outwards (future ward) but instead of being directly over the center path, every one on the field yesterday was aligned over the left aspect of their field, showing us, LIFE is about to change/enhance.

It's kind of funny, with every reading yesterday, I kept saying it looked like a super large soap-bubble, and every time I even said the word "bubble" spirit kicked me in the energy field, because I was using an inaccurate description.  How I never even came close to realize it looks more like the elongating solar prominence's before they erupt... I must have had psychic amnesia or something.  This morning, it is so clear what it resembled!!


The magnetic filament of the sun.  Since truly every person is their own sun/light field, this actually now makes much more sense to me.  The white radiance gave way to the movement of the elongated filament/prominence which will eventually explode/release itself into your new creational field of energy.

There was no way I could see the potential outcome for anyone yesterday.  I tried to push the timeline (which is still non-existent in my connections) to when this filament explodes but noooo... spirit was not about to let us do that.  Pesky!!

This morning, as I was waking up (late, of all days, late!!) I swear to god someone had forceps stuck into my forehead and was spreading them apart.  The only real reason I finally woke up this morning was because I had a radiating headache that was growing wider.  As I roused from sleep to awake and all focus went to my forehead, I could see soft tones of white light as my third eye seemed to be spreading apart... wider.

I don't have time for this today... thank you very much.  Now that I have been awake for close to an hour, I do feel better.  Rushed, but better!!

I find the timing of the movement, the complete change out of planetary and personal energy, interesting.  We will be having a gathering this weekend with close to 20 hearts, laughing, singing and celebrating, together.  What a way to start a new life field!!

On that note, I am going to close and leave you to ponder.  I am leaving for Denver this morning and will not be back until late tomorrow night.  It may be a couple days, or maybe a week before I put out another sharing.  But I will be doing recordings of our event and will have an event page put on my website and upload some music that we make on my facebook page.

Enjoy this major change as it reveals itself over the coming days or weeks.  I love you all so very very much and thank you for your Presence within my heart.

((((HUGZ)))) of joyFULL celebration to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas