The Gift of Marijuana... and other things too!!

marijuana spirit Holy cow batman, what an amazing and incredibly interesting Gathering!!  I am so grateful to everyone who joined in the energy this weekend and I am so grateful to Esther for bringing drums and all kinds of music makers to celebrate with.  I have created a webpage that hosts our pictures and some of our drumming sessions on it, if you would like to connect with the energy:  Man oh man, talk about the presence of spirit joining us, orbs galore are present in all the evening pictures.  The more people that celebrated in a day, the more orbs were rocking the mesa with us (the orb count grew the deeper we got into the weekend.)  No doubt, many of them were You, connecting with Us.

This also has been one of the most educational energy weekends of my life.  I am not even sure how to begin this sharing, so I suppose I will start from Thursday and move forward.  Thursday evening was Andrea, Esther and myself sitting and drumming in the backyard.  The more we drummed, the more spirits were coming in from every direction, including up and out of the earth.  I personally did not see them as orbs, but a wide variety of spirits, some looking human, others not even close.  I have a feeling, what a camera truly captures is the nucleolus of every spirit that is present.

There was one point on Thursday evening when Andrea was talking about something and she picked up a small rock off the ground, lifted it up, then simply dropped it.  The moment it released from her hand and zoomed back to the ground, I could see ripples happening all the way down.  Very much like the ripples that happen when you toss a pebble into a pool of water, only these ripples had layers, and created its own ripples all the way down (lets just say, 10 sets of ripples one under the other) not connected to each other, but not separate either.  Little did I know that this spectacular understanding and visual was going to be vitally important for me to understand today.

Each evening that passed, sleep became harder and harder to attain.  The first two nights, holy shit batman, I was surrounded by wonderful orgonite creations (from Esther), at least 5-6 pieces on my coffee table in front of the couch I was sleeping on.  For both nights, the moment I was slipping into sleep, I was pushed out of my couch and out into the front yard where there was tons of gray fuzzy energy and my job was to clean it up.  I eventually understood that this fuzzy gray energy is the "base" energies of earth.  I also realized that all the energy work I do with the guardians here is from my front door all the way back to the Mesa itself, everything else (from the driveway on out to the main street) is, well, lets just say, hidden by the base energies.

For the entire weekend, it was so wonderful to connect and celebrate with all the people expanding here.  Saturday evening, sleep was going to become and even more distant friend.  I got a whopping two hours sleep, considering Friday night I barely got 4 and Thursday I got about 5... my sleep was going in the wrong direction.  By the time I woke up Sunday, a day we all were supposed to go for an early morning hike up the Mesa, thank god the hike was falling apart (people dropping out) because I was cooked.  I couldn't even bring myself to get off the couch and participate in anything... not even conversation.

The most beautiful thing about having people connected to the energies, they all knew I needed a pause for the cause and went off to explore other parts of the Jemez, leaving me to (hopefully) get some much needed sleep.

That didn't happen at all.  Two beautiful friends were heading back to Colorado and on their way from their motel they stopped in to offer a present.  A bag of marijuana.  Back in the day (my teen years) marijuana would put me to sleep like nothing else could... my whole body rejoiced.  We smoked some together and they were even kind enough to leave their pipe for me, so I can dip into the herbal pool when ever I desired.  Yay!!  Holy heaven batman!!  All I could think was weed sure has changed since the late 70's and early 80's!  Back in the day, the "buzz" was so much in my head that I couldn't stand the noise... at all!!  I couldn't stand the drifty brains it left me with either.

Well, laying on my couch after they left... phew baby.  from my sacral plexus (between the solar plexus and sacral chakra) was buzzing like crazy.  It was like I had a vibrator strapped to my belly and it was rocking me from the inside out and all the way down to my core root chakra.  Who even wants to sleep and miss this!!  There was no cricket like buzz happening in my ears, but instead, a melodic chorus of energy tingling my inner ear drums and a radiation of clockwise moving light encircling my head.  THIS was amazing.

When everyone came back, I excitedly shared my story of the gift and so we all shared in a toke of the magic smoke.  It wasn't the same (in my body,) still good tho.  It really wasn't until I took a much-needed bath meditation yesterday did I really understand the HUGE difference in today's weed experience (smile.)  Back in the day, my root chakra was completely aligned in my head, my ego was the leader of my life until 2000.  So marijuana being a vibration of the earth, it rattled my head in ways that I just hated.  Now, this body is in full alignment as it was meant to be and so the beautiful herb of nature could play on my energy body like a well tuned instrument (which of course it always was.)  I look forward to seeing all the other possibilities that come from this exchange!!

Now Sunday evening I did get a decent nights sleep and had one phone reading and two massage readings to do and they all went very very well, for which, I was so grateful for.  But shortly after the last connection on my massage table, I could feel my own energy running out of my body again.  By 6pm all I wanted to do was sleep, by 8pm, the body won and I slipped into a coma like state for the next 9.5 hours.  One would think after all that (much-needed) sleep, I was have been zooming around like a rocket.  Not even.  Instead, I was utterly exhausted.  More exhausted than I have been all weekend.  I could barely hold a conversation, forget any readings.  I did attempt to restore my energy in a bath tub meditation between my first and second reading of the day.  My meditation was so full of understandings, of understanding energy more than I have in the 13 years I have been studying and working with it.

However, that is going to be tomorrows story.  My day is fully underway and getting back to this sharing just not happening.  So tomorrow I will share the rest of the story.

I love y'all so much and my gratitude for your Presence in my Life, in my field, in my everything grows and expands.

((((HUGZ)))) of expanded adventures together!!

To Be Continued....

Lisa Gawlas