Our Soul Umbrella's and the Acceleration

group umbrellas What an interesting day it was yesterday in my world.  First, to only be awake for 2 hours, flowing thru my sharing with ease, then suddenly, it was as if someone pulled the plug on my entire energy field and I could feel it running out and I became so tired.  Not physically tired, mentally depleted.  As soon as I published my blog, I hopped into a bath meditation hoping to recharge whatever just became drained.  For a fleeting moment, I was sure that was happening.  The moment I laid back and closed my eyes, I could see stepping-stones rising above me to the right, going upwards and outwards.  Then I seen a young girl in a frilly dress joyfully leaping barefooted upwards onto each stone... then it all just seemed to fade away.  The stones, which were about the size of a Frisbee and the girls dress (which I could only see her from the waist down) were visible thru a pink fuzzy energy.  I also knew this girl was me, the child within me.  I heard my team say "this is all you get.'  Heyyyyy!!  That's not nice!!  I don't even know what that means!!

I just laid there, just as mentally depleted as I entered again, trying to figure it out.  The energy, the visual was so real, like when you have a dream experience and you know it is real even tho it happened in the realm we call dreaming.  The pink itself was how I seen my "platform of life" at the start of August, children love to go exploring regardless of what the day holds for them (appointments for instance) and she (as well as I) was gone without a trace.

When I attempted to connect to my first appointment, I knew without a shadow of doubt, I was down for the whole day.  My brains must have gone upwards with my little girl and all I was left with was my body.  But my body was not about to complain.  As soon as I sat down and wondered what the heck am I going to do with my entire day now that it has been rearranged, the first wave hit me.  The energy coming down from at least 2 feet above my crown moving both thru me as well as stretching my entire energy body outside of me was really an interesting and fun feeling.  But the little function that I had left of my brains... completely gone.  I turned the TV on, I couldn't even understand a word that was being said, forget follow a conversation.  I picked up my phone to see what was happening in the world, again, words became useless.  So I just sat there and vibrated, expanding and contracting, a feeling that was so similar to my marijuana experience, only not that heightened.

As the hours rolled on, the energy flow was continuous, I started to feel a pressure in my lower back at the back side.  Nothing uncomfortable, just very aware something was happening at my sacral plexus on down in my physical body.  I watched the energy roll out of my sole chakras and my palm chakras.  Circular moments of heat was emitted thru me, then stopped, then started.  This was not an unpleasant way to spend a forced day off!!

I recently decided to order a refurbished soundbar for my TV.  I love my TV, but the sound quality sucks.  It arrived yesterday just before 1pm.  I got it out of the box, hooked it up to my TV and sat down to play with my new toy.  In that moment a flash of lightning surrounded the house and an instant and super loud thunder-clap too.  I knew that lightning was close, until my TV went off, I didn't realize just how close.  That lightning came thru my surge protector and blew my TV.   I was actually not sure if I blew it out trying to hook up the optical wiring for the soundbar or maybe the lightning had something to do with it.  Yet, all the other things plugged into my surge protector, like my DirectTV box and other stuff, was completely unaffected.  Thank god I am still making payments on my TV, keeping it under warranty.  Within hours the tech came to take my TV away and brought me a loaner TV so I am not inconvenienced while it is out for repairs.  Well, mine is a 60" LCD TV, they brought me a 60" LED TV instantly I could see the picture quality difference.  The tech was kind enough to make sure my soundbar was hooked up and working properly too.

I sat there in awe of the crisp new visuals and the amazing difference in sound that was now filling my living room.  Life really does reflect Life.  My personal body was struck by spiritual lightning sending me off line.  At least now I know that when my inner child returns, my hearing and my visions will be crisper and clearer than before (please let that be today!!!)

I also have a feeling, my entire experience yesterday was an answer to the questions in my sharing "will I know what is happening."  YES!!  If you look beyond the illusion and find the realness within it.  Life is always reflecting itself back to us in deeper ways, we just have to see thru the surface events.

So this is a great segue into my first lady on the field two days ago.  Talk about rocking my world, holy cow batman!!  Of course, that morning in my sharing, spirit came thru to use the ocean and waves analogy for its first expression.  When they do that, that is their way of setting up the day of readings for a fuller understanding.  My lovely lady's platform of life was rocking from west to east with serious intensity.  I understood that the waves of energy were coming from her west field, harvested and stored energy now being released into her platform of life for use and acceleration.

She was in a wonderful and unique visual that was in her center platform area, magnetic rod sticking out about 15 feet upwards and this skeleton of an umbrella (no cloth on the umbrella, just the spokes) moving to the waves of her platform.  There she was, hanging on with both hands for dear life.  Even tho the intensity of the back and forth (west to east) was most prevalent, I knew there was a much slower, circular motion happening too.

What I did understand about her visual was so exciting.  Each spoke of her new, emerging umbrella represented new spiritual attributes that she was working on, well working on one first, the spoke she was hanging onto.  With the release of new energy from the west field, it will move thru the open vessel (human) for application.  The energy first comes up thru the earth, enhanced and changed, up thru the magnetic pole (think, umbrella handle) and then distributes itself thru the spokes.  Becoming efficient with one spoke of spiritual energy automatically brings you to the next.  As she and I were talking and understanding, I was watching as the spoke she was hanging onto became thicker, clearer, even producing the energy of rivets that has her fully connected to the magnetic flow already under way.

My marvel with her was the fact she knew exactly when to hang on tighter as the choppy and really large waves of energy rolled under her platform, and when to loosen her grip for a fuller circulation as the wave retreated.  I was amazing she never fell off her upper atmosphere to land on her ass.  But this too, is an incredible skill for the human in trust.  Knowing when to just hang on tight and not try to force your own agenda, and then walk freely into your days, wiser and more masterful than the previous moment.

More often than not, we do not even realize what exactly we are doing to build our new pimped out umbrella, but doing it (anything new) is the key.  I also realize this morning, don't get to comfy in any given umbrella, because the moment we have fully built our new umbrella with skin and stuff and USE IT, a whole new enhanced umbrella is getting ready to be released.

We are constantly being given the "keys to the kingdom" (whatever kingdom we are ready to step foot into) very few people actually use the keys within them, leaving them wishing they can access the larger side of life.  But also, every key used will take you further and further away from your comfort zone.  The moment you get comfortable in any area, a new key is given, a new umbrella is waiting to be brought into your created reality for use.

The question really becomes... how much do you want it??

On that note, I pray my day begins (with readings that is lol.)

((((HUGZ)))) of lightning infused expansions to ALL!!  I love you!!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html