Perception Equals Reality Experience. What Eyes Are You Seeing With?

tears of desire Perception.  It really is amazing how unique that is., plus, it really does form our whole reality.  Five people could be looking at the same reality and yet, it is seen, perceived five different ways.  By its very nature, all perceptions are valid.  What is even more amazing, when someone adds their own perception to what you are looking at (be it your own life or a picture) suddenly, your own perception changes and opens to what someone else shared.  Nothing has changed, except the perception of it, but yet, if it is ones own life that is being perceived, the blended alternate perception can change the entire reality one experiences from it.

This whole thought was spurred by an image my son posted to his facebook wall.  He and some friends had a fire in his back yard and he could see faces in the fire.  I shared it on my facebook wall, simply because that one face, sitting on top of the wood in the flames, was so vivid, so (as one person put it) 3D and to me personally, looked a lot like so many other images we have seen of Jesus (I am not saying it is Jesus, but the image itself can be a kissing cousin!)  Here, let me show you the image he took on the evening of the New Moon:

bon fire


What I have found really interesting is how my son and his friends seen the image(s) within the fire... a skeleton, mystical skeletons from video games and/or cartoons.  While the folks on my wall seen them as fire elemental's, or even the bearded face, they had seen even more; arms stretched up in the air, another, arms bent near the heart position.  Neither of which I had seen, until they said what they seen, then I could see it.  I never could see the face at the top of the wood pile as a skeleton, even when one of his friends posted the fiery skeleton image he was aligned with.

All this 2D fire gazing took a serious toll on my biology as I drifted off to sleep, I woke up yesterday with a (low-grade) fever, chills, coughing, sore throat and a body ache from head to toe.  I rescheduled my day and headed for my couch and my remote.  I put something or another on TV and fell asleep for many hours.  What was really interesting with that initial sleep... I could feel the energy of my consciousness extending out from me on the couch to the imagery on the TV (which was an older TV series called "Life") and I watched as my dream world became part of the TV series.  I even watched as the two fused together and became a strange dream.  I don't remember the dream at all and by the time I had woken up, I was not dreaming and that show was no longer playing.  But I do remember how it weaved together, simply because I could see it so clearly.

By the time I woke up, my body was completely fine.  No fever left, no congestion, no sore throat.  But a lot of pondering....

Our perception is what defines the reality we are experiencing.  The moment our perception changes, our reality MUST change with it.  Until today, I do not think I ever looked at how important that guide/teacher who shared his energy in my meditations some 12 years ago, was.  Dream Weaver.  He gave me that name to call him (at my insistence that he gives me a name to call him) thru the song "Dream Weaver."  His energy was so strong I could barely hold my connection to him.  He didn't stay in my inner consciousness as along as all my other guides/teachers did, I never really knew why... until now.

Someone posted that song, with lyrics, on my facebook wall a few days ago.   The opening lyrics and chorus of that song:

I've just closed my eyes again  Climbed aboard the dream weaver train  Driver take away my worries of today  And leave tomorrow behind 

(chorus)  Ooh dream weaver  I believe you can get me through the night  Ooh dream weaver  I believe we can reach the morning light  Fly me high through the starry skies  Maybe to an astral plane  Cross the highways of fantasy  Help me to forget todays pain 

Back then, my life, my body my entire mind was filled with pain.  My perception of Life was that it sucked and eventually, it's going to suck even more soon.  But yet, in meditation, nothing sucked.  Even looking at my shit, was weirdly delightful.  I say weirdly because I connected to the pain, the tears released in buckets and yet, I was always able to experience my holding of the pain from spirits view.  My perception of my own life getting to that point, changed.  I was going thru the (first of many)  dark night of the soul and reaching a new light of day.   Thru meditation and the many guides and teachers who showed up to help me change my limited, human perception of the things I help within, changed my perception and released the old pain fully and forever more.

I was weaving a new dream and never even realized it.

Back in the day, not only did I make each of my guides and teachers give me some sort of name (just so I could call them something) I also required a "body signal" from each one of them.  Trust was not a mantle I was holding yet and even tho I could see and hear these Beings clearly, I didn't trust that I was hear them.  So it was suggested to me to ask each one for a body signal, a physical signature that allowed me to know they were present.  Jill made my stomach rumble as if it was hungry.  Ramus (my main guide thru this lifetime) game me chills but only on the left side of my body, Dream Weaver was a huge throbbing heart beat from head to toe.

The first time Dream Weaver made his presence known to me outside of meditation was in a book store.  All of my external psychic abilities seemed to come online all at once and when I walked into that book store that I walked into many times before, it was awful.  I heard every energy sound from every author on the shelves.  It was like I suddenly went into an amphitheater and 100 different types of bands were all playing loudly at once.  Noise!!  As I ran out the door all I could feel was the throbbing of my heart from head to toe.

My ability to see life, to understand energy signatures thru the human field of distortion, and yet thru spirits eyes and ears began that day.

Not only did my own perception of myself change, so did the way life unfolded around us too.  What I could never have realized in those days, hell, even in the decade that followed, that energy, that divine masculine aspect of my Soul Self, is what reads today.  To change the perception of what is happening to you, to me into the way your soul, our soul, understands it all and when we can connect with that truth, we change the dream experience.  We've weaved together the Light of Truth and alter each others dream.

I read for two men the other day, beautiful, beautiful men.  The first one is a literal architect that I have written about before.  I was soooo excited to start my day with him, given the understandings from the day prior.  His life, his business life, had been in a holding pattern for the last few months.  A complete change out was happening, new landscapes to embark on not yet formed into our current version of reality, new idea's and wisdom not quite yet released... timing really is everything here on earth and waiting just sux.  Especially if that waiting starts to dry up the financial flow in one's life.  But even that is sooo important (from the spiritual realm, surely not the human one.)  Releasing old energy, money that got you to here with all the connected relationships to it and the releasing opens the vat to infuse new money, new energy.  Just tell that to our bill collectors lol.

His soul, his dream weaver Self was already on the other side of the equinox energy... creating.  He was so alive and aligned in his present, in his pause for the cause with trust and hope that allowed so much to hit a single point (now) in his dream more fruit (money) than he could have hoped for a month ago.  Don't think for a moment he didn't teeter now and again and say shit, how am I going to pay my bills, and thru the beautiful light of his soul the words "we got your back" was always echoed... and made real.

By contrast, the third reading of that day, my second man in the field was what I can only call a total eclipse of his sun.  He was set up in his east field (new beginnings, new life) walking in a circle, his right hand in his right pants pocket shuffling his feet and was rather sad.  My vision went straight to his pocket where his hand was, I could feel some loose change (emphasis one change) and some keys on a ring.  He fumbled with them in his pocket but never took them out of his pocket.  There was no light in his reading, yet I know this man (well, it wasn't my first connection with him) and I know his Light field.  Why was I looking as if it was night.

It was the new moon.  His team helped me see his lunar energy (emotions) are being eclipsed and cannot see (in that moment) what was real for him.

When i asked him what was wrong, he started to talk, quite angrily about Syria and what we (as a country) are contemplating doing with that country. So thru my mouth his team asked him a question and gave him a reply in the same breath: "what can you do to change that... nothing."   Funny, gives me the whole serenity prayer thing:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time; Enjoying one moment at a time; Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace; Taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it; Trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His Will; That I may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with Him Forever in the next. Amen.

--Reinhold Niebuhr

I never even knew there was a second verse to that pray, if we take the word sin and replace it with Fear and the words He and Him as our own Dream Weaver within, that second verse becomes quite powerful in application.  Forever in the next does not mean we have to leave our body only the perception we have held of life.

Right side of the body: spiritual emotional side.  When it is eclipsed by the darkness that is, our perception of who we are can get lost in the outer perception of the world.  But he had his hand in his pocket, reach for life, fumbling for change and the keys to move forward in a new day, in a new garden filled with Light.  That pocket was against his right hip, spiritual walk in life.

He actually reached into his pocket as we did the reading and laughed as he pulled out two pennies.  Duality, duality's 2 cents worth... two choices, invoke the change that is present, or not.

His team echoed a very important message to all of us:  Change what we can, let the rest go.  Stay in your own life, in your own garden and you are going to be so surprised how the world changes around you.

Do you see the face of Jesus/Spirit in the fire or a skeleton?  Both are valid and true.

Which dream are you caught up in?  The one others are creating or your own?

OMG, I was going to close on that note, but a flood gate just opened up here.  lol  I read for a lady the other day, the final reading in a series and she made progress for sure.  But her visual was of her in her jammies, sitting in a rocking chair, gently rocking back and forth in her west field.  Even tho I understood what I was seeing with her then, today it is like an exclamation point on this sharing.

She did get presented with another job (a huge concern of hers) and from that days vantage point, she was setting her self up again in someone elses energy, going thru the motions of their desires and not using her own emotional/creator energy to change anything.   She understood how important that message was to her and made a commitment to herSelf to change the way she has gone thru life.

We have all hit a massive convergence point.  Like the pennies in my man's hip pocket, there are two pools that have formed.  Which dream have you weaved into?

(((HUGZ)))) of wild and wonderful adventures to ALL.

Lisa Gawlas

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