The Oceans of Life - The Sea of Love.


Sea_of_love Are you feeling it?  The incredible peace, the wisdom filled molecules of love in the air we breathe?  I swear, November 1st opened itself to the red carpet of spiritual love and all that goes with it.  ALL that goes with it.  Tho, I must note, as I am sharing on facebook about the intensity of love I feel, my brother and others are making mention how angry people seem to be, even to the point of tears.  Duality at its finest.  That reminder that says you may feel like you are in heaven, but indeed, you are still on planet earth.

But lets stay focused and centered on Heaven.

Just before noon on November 1st I get a call from my son who is excitedly telling me there is a boy who wants to tell me all about the dream he just had.  My 3-year-old grandson immediately gets on the phone and with an enthusiasm I have never heard from his words, tells me that the first dream he had was about me.  He said you dropped your wallet in the water and the money got all wet.  I asked him if he was in the dream with me, he said yes.  So I asked him if he got the wallet out of the water for me, he said no, that he couldn't do that for me.  Of course, I assumed he didn't know how to swim, he quickly disagreed with me and said it wasn't that, but that he just couldn't get it.  So I asked him if he see what happened to the wallet, he replied I think a shark got it.

He then proceed to tell me about his next dream, which was about his mom and a bad guy around them, I understood the message of that dream as well as the one he had about me.  I told him he is a very important dreamer and he needs to share every dream he has with me.  I was excited to agree to that.

When my son got back on the phone, my heart just smiled even bigger,  He told me that he had never heard his son talk about dreams before, wasn't even sure he knew what they were, and he wanted to only tell me about them and insisted his dad called me.

I had said in my earlier sharing, the dreams and meditation messages we are getting now... super important to understand as we move forward into the unknown space on earth that is so well-known to us in spirit.

My wallet, my money has been my biggest challenge in this lifetime,  Well, the lack of it anywayz.  Water always represents emotions.  Money has always been the one thing that I have allowed to pull me out of my "Center."  The worry, the fear... I did step into this journey (with my father) with a lot of that fear, but obviously not as much as I once had, since I choose to come here anywayz,  October wiped that last little bit from me, better stated, YOU wiped that last little bit from me.  The currents of my life, of my living energy field has always been YOU.  I have a bill come up, suddenly someone donates to the class, many times, more than the asking donation.  The moment my bill or needs are met, there is a lull in activity, until then next bill or need arrives,

You are the sharks that fill my ocean.


Transformation of the spirit, teaches how to swim the currents of a busy life, use of intuition to navigate effectively, aids in attuning to the world of emotions, the un/subconscious and other-worlds, heightened senses including visions, dreams and related psychic abilities. Shark teaches how to accomplish "impossible" tasks by utilizing discernment and trust.

What I keep feeling is YOU have allowed me to go to a very specific school, so I can learn and share back with you all that I am learning.  Let me tell you, the moment I get back to New Mexico, the Soul Gym will re-open immediately.  We do have a lot to share together!!

Now to change the subject a little.  I am watching my fathers physical and spiritual energy field change every single day,  What really caught my curiosity was looking at the ceiling above him yesterday I could see all these stalagmites hanging from the ceiling above him.


The stalagmites were positioned on the ceiling above his bed and nowhere else in the living room.  Each one was a glowing white that drips like glowing water, slowly upon his energy field.  I put my own energy field into the energy of the stalagmites and smiled.  It was YOU.  Your love, your prayers, your Being is Here and soothing the transition from physical energy to pure spiritual energy. Thank you for your amazing and steady Presence in our Lives.

My father's energy is getting more fluid-like.  His consciousness, tho at times still strong, is spending more and more time elsewhere.

After a whole month of not doing readings or having that intimidate and continuous connection to spirit (thru you) I decided to download an ebook to my phone.  I received a promo for this book in my email and my heart just popped and became excited to read it: My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side by Medhus M.D.

Gotta love an enlightened spirit who cuss' 10 times more than I do!! lol  Like I have always said, the hang-up with certain words, especially the "F" bomb, is only here on earth.  I am only into the first few chapters, but man am I (re) learning how we can live the spiritual life and all that goes with it, while in human form.  Its going to take us some practicing, a lot of practicing, together.

This incredible soul, whose name was Erik when he was alive (and died at age 20 via suicide) talks about how he can travel at the speed of thought and what it takes for him to manifest physically again to those he loves on earth.  Altho, he is not fully "solid" he can make himself quite visible to the humans who are open to seeing him.  As I read his sharings, a download started happening within me... we don't have to be out-of-body (physically dead) to travel at the speed of thought (physically speaking) but we do have to be absolutely aware of our energy, the pureness of it, and have complete control over it.  So, practice as often as you can, the reading course I made available.  I knew it was more than just learning to read, it is truly becoming intimately familiar with all the vibratory levels on earth and in spirit that WILL take us further in our abilities.

I promise, I am turning this precious time into shark food!!  <3

On that note, my fingers are once again frozen.  Now to practice radiating heat to endure the cold typing!! lol  I Will get there!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) and oceans of love to each and every one of you!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I am offering my pre-recorded 25+ hour class on learning how to read.  For a $25 donation, I will send you the link to download all 10 files of the class.  I also uploaded to that area on my dropbox account the two course materials needed: The layout of the feet as well as the complete interpretation of the physical body.   All the information and to make a donation is on my main page at


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