Divine Counterparts and Players in the Game of Life (and Football)

unconditional love There is so much to share from yesterdays bath/meditation, I don't even know where to start.  As soon as I got into my bath, I thought about Jorge and the Planithians (again, spelled phonetically) and like a thought on the breeze, Jorge was sitting on the edge of my tub with his legs in the water.  He was in form but mostly see thru/etheric, but yummy as ever!! So, I asked him again about the place he exits/lives that he calls Planitiaus (which I still swear means "plan it with us") and what it was like there.  He again, reminded me it was a not a solid place in the multiverses, but gaseous and pure consciousness.  As he likes to explain it (to my simple mind) it is like standing outside the door of heaven while not being fully back in heaven/spirit.

As I was laying there, nekked as a jay bird in my tub, I became very conscious of my growing Buddha belly.  I find it crazy that I am 10 times more active here with my dad than I ever was on the Mesa, but just like my last visit here, whoomp... 10 pounds of fat seems to cling to my core in an instant.  Dammit!  He felt my, him, worry I suppose we can call it that, and instantly he assured me that from his location, they do not see us as physical form.  In order to see our physical form the way you and I do, he would have to significantly lower his vibration to match matter here.  Instead, he see's us as we really are, Light Beings.  Even earth herself does not look the same to him as she does to us, she is Light and like us, geometric shapes, sound/vibration and so on.  So I asked if it was possible to see thru his eyes.  Holy freakin cow batman!!

Suddenly (and without warning) he changed form, and hoovered about a foot directly above my own body.  His energy turned into a radiant yellow gold and suddenly, these long streams of energy matched every pore in my body, streaming into me, raising my own vibration as much as he could without overloading my circuits.  Then my perspective changed to a deep black backdrop and a view that reminded me of looking thru a type of funnel, to earth.  I could see light matrixes moving about on top of an amazing formation of Light beneath them.  Jorge said the only ones who see us as skin and bones (and fluff...smile) are each other (those of us in earth incarnations.)  Even when we connect with other intelligence from other planets they connect to our Light vibration and not our physicalness.  It is our light vibration that lets them know where to take us, if, lets say, they came to teach us something, or even, channeling something.

Jorge also explained that it is only those who are still working thru density that "judge" our physical appearance (good, bad, fat, thin, etc.)  It is equally, only our belief system and self (not a capital s either) perception that creates sickness within us, especially if you/we buy the hype that being what most call over weight as being unhealthy, we create that for ourselves because we believe it.  Jorge also explained to me (I obviously needed to hear all of this) that many of us that came in to put our hands deep into the vast energy system called earth, will have much extra storage of light cells within our (uh hmmm) fat, so we can work without needing to replenish as fast as some.  Now I so understand the weight gain every time I spend more than a weekend in Pennsylvania!!  Because as soon as I arrive back at the Mesa to more chocolate and less movement of body, I drop 10 pounds lol.

Then, I moved the questioning to something near and dear to all of our hearts... The Divine Counterpart that has been talked about for what seems, forever.  In my consciousness, it has been since 2008-09.  Forever!!!

Before I share what I now completely (well, sorta completely) understand, lets talk football teams first.  For what we are doing, Living and building heaven on earth, we need a very diverse team of skilled players.  In our game, the linebacker is as crucial as the quarterback, the tight end is as important as the (shit, I can't remember any other types of football players.  Hell, I only watch football once a year, Superbowl and only when I am with my son!) but hopefully you get my drift.

Now, with that said, each one of us, actively participating in this game of change, has a lot of work to do.  One of the first things Jorge said was "there is not a soul anywhere who is blind or deaf."  Meaning, seeing and hearing is a very important part of the skill set and everyone who dedicates themselves to the task of "seeing and hearing" (spiritually) will eventually accomplish it.  Now, with that said, and keeping in the analogy of a football game, the water-boy is a very important part of the team, he/she just doesn't need to know how to play football to be of assistance.

I also want to (re)mention, that in the 13 (almost 14 now... where has the time gone?) years I have been learning from spirit, never, not once, did they use any labels as we hear so often (soul mate, twin souls, etc) until they started to explain "divine counterparts" to me some years ago.  When they first started talking about this, I did understand it to be one part of the soul is incarnated on earth, the other part is not.  Somewhere along the way, I changed it, I think I changed it when I started to "see" divine counterparts show up in readings.  They always looked like form, so I assumed I was wrong initially and that we have physically incarnated "divine counterparts" on earth already.  Not a true statement.  That is not to say there are not many very important physical relationships taking place on earth, in two separate bodies, again, think, line backer or tight end... ALL important, crucial even...

But lets talk about that too... in partnerships already in body on the earth plane, to fully do what is going to be required as this game heats up, both must be conscious of the game (way beyond the illusion) and actively participating and upgrading themselves at all times.

For those of us that have signed up to get to the divine counterpart ability within ourselves, sooooo freakin much was asked.  First, we had to completely pimp out our spiritual abilities while washing the crud of fear from our whole system (called personal life) and expand, as well as apply unconditional love to all elements of our lives, while pretty much busting out of box after box (society expectations and rules.)  None of this was started in this lifetime, but accomplished over many multiple lifetimes.

For those of us insane enough to take on the arduous task of connecting with a divine counterpart, which is our pure soul energy in another form (for me, that would be Jorge) much more will be required from both ends.  I obviously need much more training in raising my vibration, he needs more training in lowering his to the degree he can match all the various vibrations here on earth.  These past two years of readings have been training us both to do just that.  Thank you soooooo much for that invaluable teaching!!! (...and it continues)

I am so sorry to say I am going to stop here for today, my fingers are so frozen.  It is a balmy 22 degrees here and I have reheated them more times than I care to mention, but now my laptop battery is about dead.  I did try to type this in the house... ain't happening.  So tomorrow, I will pick up where I left off today.  I have barely got to the yummy part... tomorrow we can look at having desert together!!

I love you all so much, and more than that even!

(((((HUGZ)))) of warmth and radiant energy to all!!

Lisa Gawlas

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