Divine Counterparts Continued... and so much more!

divine counterparts As I promised, I am simply picking up where I left off, but not without thanking the weather gods first.  It is really amazing how 35 degrees this morning suddenly feels like a spring morning!!  Thanx for the extra 13 degrees!!

So, as Jorge was showing and explaining, I asked him what exactly he/they are doing within the gaseous place he is calling Planithius.  he showed me that all the consciousnesses that reside there work as a group, individuated only when working with their human (or other planet) counterparts.  I did ask how many other planets they are working with in direct relationship with earth, he showed me instead, the multiverses they are working with, 6 to be exact.  The way he showed me this was, first correcting my verbiage from planets to universes, then he took the 6 universes all assigned to assist earth on her accent, as if each universe was a helium balloon and gathered all the strings of each universe together to form a larger string, which is really a direct portal to earth.  Altho each of the universes that are assisting earth with her full on ascension have already surpassed where we currently are (energetically and consciously speaking) all are evolving themselves further by consciously assisting us.  Bringing home the fact that there is no end game, just higher and higher levels to the game.

Of course, I had to ask my own million dollar question... will you ever get some skin and bones on that beautiful etheric form you keep showing up in.  This reply goes out to all who has a divine counterpart-in-waiting (smile.)  He said yes, but first I have got to practice to raise my vibration higher and be able to maintain the raised vibration (as a way of life) and he must practice meeting my vibration by lowering his and maintaining it to the degree he can turn into matter and maintain it.  He showed me a lot of different exercises, not only for us, but for all the different partnerships that are already on the ground.  What really surprised me (but really shouldn't have) was the most important thing for everyone who desires an active place in this continually accelerating game, is the first class of learning to read by hold hands and streaming soul energy thru your body into another persons and back, creating a loop of continuous energy.  I can also understand (now) why this was my initial training but never meant to be the way I do readings.  It heightens our awareness of vibration and soul communication and makes streaming energy just part of who we are and how we do what we do.

Even just typing that out, I am made aware of the fact that the other type of reading I did for years, what I call an email reading (also a part of the recorded classes) is strength training our telepathic abilities.  Not from the physical/ego mind, but directly from the soul mind of another person.  And again, I am being shown so many other ways to start practicing this art form too.  Hell, the Soul Gym is going to have a lot of targeted classes when I get back.  Before I lay anything down as an exercise, I need to work out the kinks of what not to do, which is the way I (and most of us) learn.

As I was getting all excited about all of this information and potential, I my mind suddenly thought about my father.  Instantly, Jorge was back to sitting on the side of my tub and my fathers soul was weirdly present.  I say weird, because he was like this massive giant standing in my tub.  His shoes were as big as I was, and I was suddenly standing at his feel looking wayyyyy up to a face that looked more like... well, shit... something.  Maybe like a giant gnome or something, very green and leafy, but yet, still resembling his human form.  I must have known it was my fathers soul by the energy signature radiating out towards me, cuz I never seen anything looking quite like that before.

He picked up his left arm, bent it across his chest and started pointing to a watch on his wrist.  Everytime he would tap/point to the watch, yellow energy came out of it.  I knew he was telling me it was getting "time" for my father to transition. I have been watching him sleep more often (awake only 2-4 hours a day) become more disoriented when he is awake... so it really didn't surprise me, when I suddenly had an idea!!

I asked the soul of my father for a compromise.  Ok, his end game is near, can we change it up a bit.  Instead of this groggy and slow departure, can we change it up.  Give him more energy each day, clarity of presence when he is awake, let him really live in body thru Thanksgiving, then, take him back to spirit with a heart attack.  My father has said many times in this last month, he would rather have a heart attack and just get it over with, than this long drown out struggle for breath that he is enduring.  His soul agreed.

When I finally got out of the bath and came down stairs, my father was sound asleep, which made me feel he was very much present with my let's make a deal plan.  He woke up with so much energy, holy freakin shit batman.  He has been going and going and going ever since... and eating and conscious.  His favorite holiday in all this world is Thanksgiving, and I have been so wanting to have a living memorial for him and I do believe we are going to get that on Thanksgiving day.

I do want to mention too, as the universe has a way of validating what the mind can still so easily question as true.  As i watched my father get (and now keep) a burst of energy, I was still reading my new book on my phone:  My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side by Elisa Medhus I was reading the part where Erik's mom was asking him if an untethered spirit can taste and smell like when in body.  Suddenly, I got this overwhelming aroma of really stinky feet.  I immediately asked "Erik, is that you" sure he would not come visit me.  I never even so much as heard of him prior to getting this book.  I got no reply and started to assume it may have been coming from my neice who was sitting near me in sock feet watching TV.  But the aroma left as fast as it flooded me.  When I came out to have a smoke and switch my reading to the next page, I read where Eriks favorite prank is either creating rotting fish or rank sock smells.  As soon as I read that, the very top of my head, the crown area, had the most intense goosebumps I have ever felt.  I officially have been punked by Erik, but equally, it served to validate the conversation I had with my fathers soul.  So thanks erik, and thanks to your mom for sharing you with the world!!

It made me realize that nothing is ever etched in stone.  If we approach a situation with a pure heart and desire, we really can change everything, even someones exit plan.

My fathers soul had also given me some tidbits of information about my fathers love and need to have me here.  He is going into his transition with a heart that can feel the love that surrounds him, not only from me or his wife, but all his children and friends and has softened his heart like never before.  I have watched him change from so angry all the time, to being open to love and in his own way, sharing that love back outwards.

Most parents come in to teach their children how to grow and live and be productive adults, coupled with a shit ton of issues (smile,) my father is teaching me more about how to live in this last month than he ever could have during his previous 71 years.  My gratitude is overwhelming sometimes.

On that note, I am going to thaw out my fingers, tho, they are nowhere near as frozen as they were yesterday!!

I love you all soul much.  God equally feel so redundant in saying that, the love in my heart has changed and expanded so very much in this last month, yet, I am still confined to those three little words that are much bigger than their size.

((((HUGZ))))) of excitement and Divine mergers underway!!

Lisa Gawlas

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