Cellular Ascension and Harnessing our FULL Power!

the Light of YOU As I am sitting here, wishing I was asleep or at least, had slept more than two hours last evening, I am fully realizing the importance of the equation I have been living this past week.  The power and absolute value of our (human) mind in relation to our full on cellular ascension.

So many of us have gotten to this incredible moment in our time knowing we had to get out of our minds in order to reach a level of vibration that would support and allow our ascension (raise in vibration.)  Getting out of our minds have allowed us to actually clear the old, dirty debris field that was our minds.  Negative thoughts and attitudes, our (old) desires to please others and so on.  Getting out of our old human mind, we had to employ our spiritual mind and allow that to be the forefront of what moved us thru each moment.  We have done so well and broke barriers faster and clearer than even those on the other side of the veil could foresee.

We are one hellofa powerful group and we worked our brains out to get to Here!!

But now, it is becoming so very clear to me that we must rejoin with our human mind, as a co-op with the spiritual mind.  It is happening anywayz, but knowing it up front is going to save a lot of heartache down the road (from innocent misuse of mental power.)

Only having two hours of sleep, my brain is tired, any recharging that happened in the two hours of sleep I did get, was spent on intense coughing, triggering the gag reflex which lead to vomiting (yuck.)  That said, I am having the darndest time regulating my own body... I am freezing even tho I have my space heater 2 feet away from me.  My movements feel more mechanical than purposeful (like walking, talking, so on) in this energy deprived state.  But yet, at the same time, I so clearly see the lesson I am in and its incredible value.

For the better part of this year, spirit had said over and over again, all that got is to here, is no longer going to work as we arrive to the new Here.  Suddenly and so clearly, I really understand this today, gifted by beautiful nuggets that came thru the readings yesterday.  One precious lady in particular really sheds tremendous light on our new way of being in Life... fully and interactively.

She has been volunteering and working with our injured (both emotionally and physically) war vets going way back to WW II to our present vets.  During her volunteering she was doing a range of things, including energy work on these precious folks, healing the deeper wounds of war itself.  She was offered a paid position with this organization but it will not involve any energy work.  When she said that, a light bulb went on inside of me (and many of them (light bulbs) showed up in her reading  as she moved into 2014, which really makes more sense now...smile).

We have learned to harness energy thru many rituals, whether it be meditation, reiki hand positions, yoga... you name it.  Well, our life, our living presence in this world is now the only ritual that will make the biggest difference.  We are the living energy system.  Combining the energy of our physical mind and our soul mind as one Being... expressing.

We are the living meditation, the spirit guides dressed as humans assisting the acceleration of all this earth in thought, act and deed.

When I heard her team explain this to her, like I said, light bulbs went on inside of, not to mention a tremendous sigh of relief, when I was knee-deep in my active cancer journey and the collective consciousness called cancer said I had agreed to transmute this energy as well as channel its information, I really thought I fell short of doing any of that.  As soon as I got my "all clear" I went onto other adventures that didn't feel very cancer related.  But man, they all were, without ever calling it that.

Again, we have been accustomed to rituals, ways of working with energy very specifically.

We now have much more power in our action (whole body) than in our projection (without our whole body) and we must fully use both energy systems together as one. Even tho it may seem as if we are only serving/assisting one, we are now assisting the entire collective in which that one dwells.  That's HUGE (at least, to me!)

But, lets look at what is happening to our biology right now (and has been happening within this 4th quarter, this LAST quarter of 2013.  So many people have taken up coughing for many to many months... releasing the old energy system that got them to here.  But (thanks to a wonderful phone call I just had) I suddenly realized this coughing is a two-way street... thanks to the experience of my father.

When my father was placed on hospice, they contracted with a different home oxygen provider than he had been using for the previous 10 years.  His new oxygen provider actually used a concentrated  oxygen delivery than his old one, which used liquid oxygen... he had the hardest time adjusting and it irritated him for weeks in the transition.  This is happening to us too!!  We are purging the old while learning to breathe the new, concentrated energy of life.

Many of us too, are having... ummmm, hehe, incontinence issues too.  Hard to control that bladder when your entire diaphragm is squeezing the old energy out.  BUT... going into the golden pipes from the previous readings... suddenly, so much is making even more sense.  All the old emotions are releasing themselves.  And so many of us are clearing not only ourselves, but for those who cannot or will not do it for themselves.  We have taken up the mantle as the Divine Janitors!!

Now, going to the whole pipe work thing.  Off and on for the last few days (and most especially today,) man oh man had my lower spine hurt (where coccyx meets lumbar) and only ever in that place.  Which is exactly where the our root chakra meets our core energy system.   Our piping is changing out from the finality of this energy system (which I am just going to call the close of 2013) and being welded together into the new energy system (again, gonna call that 2014.)

What is really really crazy with today, energetically, I am absolutely depleted, yet I feel engulfed in this white light could of energy (which I know is providing me with the clarity of understanding what is happening to me, as it happens.)  But this is actually the second time I have been engulfed in this white light cloud of energy.  The first time was 3 days ago when i walked into the ER.  I thought I would pass out from the light-headedness all the while I was there.  This light headedness only happened and only lasted while I was in the ER, not before or after.

I realize so clearly today, it was and is my human mind making sure I am aware and can feel the fact that I have cleared my own mind, my ego to reflect and hold the energy of Light, of its marriage partner... my soul mind.

My entire lack of sleep scenario last evening, including the intense coughing, the gag reflex vomiting made sure that all my energy, all the old that sustained me, was equally released.  Now, I am being pinged, with small bursts of Kundalini in-between the pain in my lower back and sheer exhaustion that is felt in the cells of my body.  The moment I asked my body... what the hell are you doing, the clarity of what IS happening... crystal clear.  The small surges of kundalini is the new energy coming in and aligning withing the new piping.  it feels so good while it hurts like hell!! lol

Our human mind knows our cellular workings even better than our spiritual mind.  Our spiritual mind knows the workings of pure energy better than our physical mind, combine the two as one whole unit... we have a brand new Spiritual Human alive on planet earth.

Another thing that is going to take some getting used to, working together as one whole unit.  Getting to this amazing place has been a very deep soul-o journey of self discovery and application of those discoveries to turn into Self Empowerment.  It was the only way to arrive here completely.  And now, we join in with others, very much like my lady working with war vets, she is joining with them to not only heal the energy of war, but remove the thick scaring from the earth.

In the decades to come, war will be as unfathomable an energy as cancer (and so many other things) will one day be... because of what we are doing NOW!!  We are talking decades, NOT millennia!!  Imagine that!!!

There are two phrases that came thru my beautiful lady whose query was around her "real estate" that has been echoed over and over again these last few days.  One that I didn't mention was about the changes coming up for her in the first quarter of 2014.  Her team said "You may not like the changes, but you are going to love them!!"

We may not like the choices that we need to make, they may even feel quite uncomfortable as we move thru them, but as we get on the other side we know as outcome, we will love them so much and be so glad we made those choices.

I can tie that wisdom with the whole "To not bless the birds so you can bless yourself, is an act of greed" energy that came thru... with a phone call I had with my son three days ago.  He called asking advise that he admitted he already knew the right choice of.  He too is going thru a change of financial energy and is depleted.  He is also self-employed with a business partner and employees (he is a contractor.)  He got called to bid on a job right near his house that he could easily do by himself.  Given his lack of finances he called to see my suggestion of just keeping the job for himself (not telling his partner or anyone else about it) or not.  Even tho, in his question, he already said he knows what he is asking is not good... but... he asked anyway.  Instantly the whole bird blessing came pouring out of my mouth (especially since I just had that very conversation with my landlady.  It is so easy for us to feed others when we ourselves feel fed, but when we are hungry...

he understood and already knew, but, i realized that was just a way to get him to really hear and feel the blessing of the birds because his entire day, he fed the birds.  An elderly man was broken down and pushing his own car on the side of the road, no one stopping to help him.  So my son stopped and pushed him to the gas station and even offered him the last $10 he had, in case the man needed gas.  The man didn't need money, just a push.  One of his good friends called that same day, needing work in their house, my son... feeling with the whole bird sharing, choose to do the work for free for his friend.  Plus, he took the job and hired someone who needed food even more than he did... the very next day, he landed an airport contract for 30 grand.  He had been waiting to get that contract and allow everyone to be feed thru the winter and it didn't happen until he forsaked his own needs to bless the needs of everyone around him.



YOU/WE are the Blessing and the Blessed, magnified!!

On that note, I'm crashing!!  I love you all so much, you feed me mana that enriches my soul and my cells like no other food ever could.  Your delicious and I love you so much!!

((((HUGZ)))) of... well... just everything!!

Lisa Gawlas    www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html

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