The Push-Pull of the Eclipse...

lunar-eclipse-yellowknife Are you enjoying the energies of April?  The magnetic push/pull of the entire energy system is kinda crazy, kinda exciting and seems to be targeted at the brainwaves instead of the physical body.  After the first three months of this year, I don't think the body can endure much more!!  I am also seeing that it is bringing out those wonderful spiritual abilities in people as well.  There is no time like now to really stretch your spiritual abilities, every molecule of life is ripe for it.

In the readings the last few days, I realized that the second phase of the triple sun release from the 3rd was underway.  I was able to see it so clearly with my clients across the pond two days ago and I couldn't wait to write about it all, but man if I have been challenged waking up before 7am.  With my day of readings starting at 8am, there is no time to do a blog when I wake up so late.  I finally woke up at 5:30 am yesterday, but had a pick under my contact, doncha know when I pulled my contact out, I scratched my eye and it hurt like hell.  I couldn't bare to look at anything lit up, like my computer screen.  So even tho I woke up in plenty of time to get all the news out, I still couldn't because my eye hurt too much.

Then this energy enfolded me about mid day yesterday.  The only way I could describe it is "new."  Like suddenly, everything is new, no history behind us and just this pristine moment unfolding before us.  The energy was so crisp, so clear, soooo.... virgin.

Even as I woke up again at 5:30 today (I think I might be getting back into my grove!!) all I wanted to share seems like old news and no longer as relevant to share as it was even yesterday.  But I do realize the bigger impact of the time released triple sun release with this upcoming eclipse.

This eclipse is having a very strong push-pull effect on our entire magnetic field and the two strongest fields in our body is our head and our heart.  So it is really stretching both frequencies to the max, creating waves that can feel like anxiety, chaos, to absolute calm and clarity.

This second release of the triple sun blast from the 3rd serves as both an amplifier to the heart as well as a clarifies to the mind, depending, of course, where one is within themselves.  For those still struggling with old energy, it will have quite the opposite effect, serving to stir up the soil of ones life.  But those being washed in calm clarity, this is going to be your greatest growing season.  All that your heart desired, the seeds of hope and dare I even say, longing, are being fertilized especially as we align with this eclipse on Tuesday and the final sun release from the 3rd ignites the growth of amazing life force.

With all this energy, I have also seen several people in readings with a three prong pull from the energy of the eclipse.  One prong connected into the crown (hence the brain fog/chaos/headaches,) one prong into the solar plexus (ya feeling a bit nauseous lately?) and one prong into the root chakra (feeling that energy down under???)  It can feel like you don't know whether you're coming or going, excited or exhausted, or maybe, all of it!!

I am also witnessing peoples manifestation skills going into overdrive.  This is flipping exciting.  Let loose and live large, nothing is impossible these days!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) filled with wild and wonderful energies to all!!

Lisa Gawlas