An Ocean of Energy Engulfs You!


golden life energy With all the hoopla around this full lunar eclipse, I was quite eager to see what laid on the other side of it.  Well, yesterdays view didn't disappoint at all!!  There is just soooo much amazing energy surrounding all of us, of course, expressing itself in unique ways.  My first lady on the field, her reading was filled with an energy that kind of looked like an ocean coming in from our future and meeting her in her present.  Tho it wasn't water at all, but pure energy with little flecks of sparkly stuff inside and a golden hued outline on every wave and every still point.  It was as breathtaking to see as it was to feel.  The crazy thing was, this ocean of energy was at least 6 feet deep (again going to scale of my vision) but, there was no "shoreline."  Instead it presented itself from bottom to top at a 90 degree angle.  At the 90 degree angle part, the energy was as smooth as glass and my lady jumped in head first.  But didn't move from that position thru our entire reading, which really makes a lot of sense, this energy ocean is brand new and just now available, now she has got to put the energy in to get on top of the waves and ride it, USE IT to unleash her hearts greatest desires.

This is the most important message thru yesterday... YOU MUST GET INTO ACTION / USE of this vibrant energy now available to you.  No more sitting and visualizing, just do something to start the creative processes to you.

What I find really interesting, as I will contrast in a moment, this lady has a strong desire to move out of the state she is in to New Mexico and even getting those wonderful validations in her life that that is a good direction for her, but she has not started even researching anything about where to live, housing and all that goes with a move.  She also has a wonderful business idea too, and yet, it remains an idea without getting out of her head into a planned view in the created world.

This energy is abundant and ready to co-create with you, but the time for waiting, for just visualizing, for being in stillness is over.  We need to put action into our desires and this sea of energy will wrap around it and bring it to you in ways that will blow your mind.  Ease and grace is going to be our core feelings as we move forward.

My other lady that I want to contrast with the one above, her new energy came out of a portal in the upper atmosphere and was showing her with amazing multicolored energy directly over her body.  I could even see her in this brilliant energy shower rubbing the energy into her skin and body.  Her desire is to expand her spiritual abilities beyond what she is already doing and the energy is pouring down around her to get that job done, but she is the one who has to stretch and try new things and it will enhance it all.

The second biggest message, especially thru my showering lady... PLAY - HAVE FUN, do not take yourself so seriously.  Enjoy the adventures that are waiting for you with a child like quality.... but DO SOMETHING!!

The time for still is over, its time to get up and play.

And I did my little expanding part yesterday.  I got my new blog created, it is a work in progress, lotsa tweaking to be done, but it is functional and I even put out my first sharing, the introduction today.  It is called: InterGalactic Connections and if you click the name, it will take you there.  Please join us in the exchange and growth that will take place there too.

On that note, I am going to go tweaking out other playground.  Until tomorrow....

((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))) filled with so much joy and adventure to all!!

Lisa Gawlas