The Water-Colors of Your Life.


watercolors The inhale, the exhale.  I think, for myself, the last day of this energy influx I spent it and the days following it, taking a deep inhale, going deep within my own silence.  It really dawned on me yesterday what has happened in my own self and no doubt, many of you too.

The last reading of the day on the 16th was with a precious soul in New Zealand who was already into the next day, the morning of the 17th.  Her connection started happening a good 30 minutes before our appointment time, I could see this amazing rain coming into the entire field, large, white and yellow rain drops, shaped like tear drops, raining everywhere.  The pure energy coming in with it was... incredible to say the least.  I could not wait to get connected to her to see what this was all about.

I should have realized the color spectrum of every engorged rain drop had meaning, deep meaning.  The upper part of each tear drop shape was white... pure energy.  The bottom part of the tear drops, yellow, pure energy from the souls on the other side of the veil itself.  Talk about some heavenly rain!!  With her connection came the instant knowing that all that love and support her on the other side of the veil, released this energy to the entirety of her life, a gift for all the hard work she put into getting herself clear, centered and ready.

You can think of it as that big rain that serves to fertilize the seeds in the garden.

I no sooner understood the rain, did something else quite peculiar and equally exciting happen.  Directly above her "present moment" out in the created field of life (west field side) I could hear music, as I shifted my vision to where the music was coming from, an opening was happening in the top area of her created life and I swear she had a band all of her own playing.  Playing music I have never heard before... and each beat, each instrument played released this rolling wave from the opening and moved downwards towards the grounds of June.  As I looked closer at this rolling wave, I realized that it had light filled specs of color that made up its entirety... brightly lit blue and violet, the same color spectrum as June and July.

From what I understood, the music I heard ignited the release of this wave, a sine wave of movement, of creation itself.  Without the need to do a thing, except maybe wake up every day, this is truly the song of the universe ignited all her hopes and desires into creation.  A gift like no other.  Abundance in every spectrum, in every crevice of her/our Life.


I think I musta put my mouth directly to the spigot, because I started the deep withdraw from the outer world to the vast silence of the inner world.  It's been a long time since I went that deep, where it is next to impossible to move energy outwards, whether it be emails, facebook, or pretty much anything.

Yesterday as I aligned to do readings, I realized something interesting.  We truly are in a brand new day, a brand new way in the fields of Life itself.  Watercolors were the only thing I could pick up.  No form, to shape, just swaths of water-colored energy that got brighter and crisper was the day went on, but without shape or form.   About noon in my world, as the sun was streaming into my life, I fully realized this is a day that is so brand new, so fresh and alive with every potential and nothing is withheld in anyway.  Actually, the feeling, the knowing was so much bigger than that, but I really don't have the words to describe it at all.

It is going to be interesting to see where we take ourselves from here.  May you hear the music of your soul and move in harmony with it, with us, dancing, playing and creating the greatest story never told...yet!!!

Ohhhh... and I just got the whole "water-colors" thingie... water (emotion) colors (various emotions blending together)... now, to paint our reality with bright light and loving excitement!!

With ohhh so much love, excitement and glory to All!!

Happy Birthday Creators!!!

Lisa Gawlas