Your Expanding and Contracting Universe and the Pearls of Life.

pearls_of_wisdom Picking up where I left off yesterday and starting where I said I would... that yellow funnel-shaped thingie in my living room.  The cocoon of soul change.  My bigger question was why in my living room??  Nothing shows up there, well, not until now.  Hah!!  It is only this morning I get why, geez, I can be so slow on the uptake lol.  Her new living form of Being in body, engulfed by the soul of her Being.  Which would really make sense of the new spiritual muscle group forming a V from her head to her mouth and fusing the two sides of the brain (energetically speaking of course) into wholeness as well.

A few days later, I was pondering her yellow funnel-shaped thingie in my living room as I was sitting on my couch, and suddenly something else appeared there.  A white, thready if not spider webby thing appeared, but instead of being short and completely housed in my living room, it stretched up thru my ceiling and thru the sky.  I gasped when I seen my own body being placed at the ground level and then sucked up into this thing, to the sky.  My poor mind scrambled, is this the tunnel of death?  Should I be making final arrangements??  lol, ohhh crazy how the mind can still go on its little rampage.

I realized there are two kinds of change that take place, one that happens deep within the cellular level, one that happens at the soul level.  Both are extremely important and both will happen to those actively participating within their spiritual remembering (awakening sounds corny these days lol.)   Both will happen over and over at different intersections of ones life.  It is not an either or scenario.

In the meantime, I was going to sleep about 2 nights ago, and I had this sudden desire to check facebook before I went to sleep.  That alone is strange, but I picked up my phone and the only thing I seen was this blue book cover with the title "The Afterlife of Billy Fingers."  I couldn't tell you what else that cover might have said, I closed out facebook, put my phone down and proceeded to be haunted by this darn book.  I picked my phone back up, opened amazon and read a little bit about the book.  Sounds interesting enough... I love a good afterlife read.  I went to sleep.

Doncha know the first thing I thought of was this book upon waking and it continued to haunt me until I finally gave in and bought the kindle version on amazon.  As I read thru to chapter 14 within an hour, suddenly these past two and a half years of readings, of visuals started to take on much larger meanings.  What Billy was describing about the afterlife, I seen in soooooo many readings thru the years, I have felt in my own body as well.  Ohhhhh.... we are going deeper with all this.

I am not going to go in any particular order, but I am going to share the deeper understandings as I remember them.  During the opening he was starting to become the "universe."  He had his own stars and planets and moon.  Hey!!  I have seen so many of these elements in so many different readings over the years.  I get it so much deeper today.

We are each our own universe, and it has been said many times that we are the center of the universe (each person individually.)  The energy of the black hole was really important in readings about 2 years ago, that which sucks in all the energy, the experiences and trinkets that is needed to create a whole new universe on the other side. of the black hole.

Now, because we are in the land of duality instead of pure bliss and knowing, even as we get to the black hole energy of our lives, we can recreate more of the same, or take ourselves to a whole other level of living in matter.  Either way, we are creating it, pulling into reality with our emotional thoughts about life itself.

We, each universe, roams the depths of the skies (ok, the landscape of earth lol) and with our magnetic field, the energy of attraction, we suck into our realities those people and places needed for the filling out of our personal universes.

Sometimes we pull people in for just a moment, often times, they cannot or do not want to handle the energy of our own universe and they pull out to find more familiar universes.  This happens with family, friends, work, everything,  If it hasn't happened to you yet, chances are you are just watching life from the sidelines.   And that is ok too.

In Billy's telling of his own expanding universe, he described the stars more like his memories.  Each star in his universe holding a very specific time/experience in his life.  I remember Kryon saying our past lives are contained in the stars above.  I can see this connection more fully now.

He (billy) also explained how hard it was to continue to communicate as he was becoming the universe... the expansion taking place.  So much space between thoughts.  YUP!!  That has been my May.  Floaty, hard for body and soul to come together and function as usual.  Even the thought processes have been... sketchy at best.  You can tell this by the lack of morning sharings I have (not) done.

Expansion is as important as contraction and vise versa.

Yesterday morning, I read for this amazing man in New Zealand (god I love to hear him talk, what a sexy accent!! lol)  His ready was amazing, of course, in his world, he was firmly in June 1st and for the first time, we all got a sneak peak of June's potential.

There he was, engulfed by the circular energy of June, four bands of yellow emerging from the four directions to his center.  He was standing the center and I could feel the energy of the four directions, again, all yellow (soul energy) flowing into him.  Each direction, band of yellow, contained a totem animal that is he;ping him.  On the band of the west was a really fat bunny (fertility) and on the band of the east was a crow that was so black the energy of blue was rising up off his black body (intuition.)  On the south band was a mountain goat (leaps of faith) and in the north band was an Iguana, facing forward, but his head turned looking at my man in the center of June, kinda like, pay attention and follow me.  I found one line that sings in my heart for this man, for all of us really: "listen to our own intuition above anyone else's."

And that line itself is also something good ole Billy was telling his sister, that it is import for us to take chances, move without the influance of others expectations, beleifs and so on, otherwise we drown out our own song.

So with my man, comes contraction.  The clarity, use and application of the expansion that got him to June will become crystal clear in use and navigation, if he lets it.  Unlike those dearly departed, we still have this pesky ego and free will.  We can use what is within us to use, or keep on keeping on the way we have been and recreate the old to teach us to use the new already!!

The biggest thing that has hit me so far in this book, was yesterday when he was talking about his new soul body, the concentration of light that he was undergoing (after expanding to become the universe.)  The white-blue energy.  What many would think of as god, or the Presence.  The blue in his explanation was infused with living white light and you could the love, the Presence.  This energy had showed up in almost every reading during the transition from April to May.

Billy talks about how when you are in body, the Presence is within you, and the more you focus on it, the bigger it grows (can we give a shout out to meditation here.)  But when you are in spirit, you are held in it, it wraps around you and is you because you are one with it.  I instantly thought of my blobby lady with the spiritual muscles growing over her facial muscles, yet under her (eventual) skin.

If that all wasn't huge enough to send my soul sailing, he kept repeating a phrase from one of the readings a couple months ago "The world is your oyster, you are the oyster and the pearl."  Holy shit batman.

Oysters create pearls because sand gets into its shell and creates irritation.  Isn't that life itself??  It is what we do with that irritation, and as Billy so elegantly states it, knowing which grains of sand (life events) to toss out of our shell and which ones to keep and create pearls from.  He also explains knowing what kind of oyster shell you have will make the discussion making easier.  A lot of people will throw sand at you (usually it is their own stuff laid out for you) and that sand needs to get out, leave it alone.  But there are those precious other irritations that create the strand of pearls that make up our lives.

I realized a lot of things reading this book and hearing Billy speak as if he witnessed so many readings in the field, I truly do give you gifts from your soul, what you do (or don't do) with them is completely up to you.

And alas, my day begins again.  I love you all so much and am so grateful you have made your way into my universe and I into yours!!

((((HUGZ))))) of blissful irritation!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. June's Soul Gym agneda is now online.  Come expand with us!!