How Are You Charging the Platelets (Coagulation into Form) of Your Life??

platelets I am starting to see several different patterns taken place as we make our way to the other side of the new moon and please remember, all-ways, there is no such animal as further along or left behind at all.  In order to make any version of what is happening and where we are heading understandable, I use concrete things like months, time itself, but there is no time, just circles of experience, what many call, cycles.  If you were to take a long step backwards and really look at the processes out of time, it would very much look like this:


And as you can see, we have many cycles within cycles, overlapping, underlapping, and the only way we have to keep it all straight, is the perception of time moving forward.

We can also look at this image as the many vibrations of earth that we play upon, sometimes all in one single day.  The more we, as a collective, raise our vibration, we bring a brand new vibration of yet another earth to the playing field.  Talk about creator energies!!  Everyone single person on all the collective earths, are integral pieces of the puzzle for that cycle.  How would any of us learn a thing if we were all in the same cycle, playing in the same circle of experience.  There would be no need to incarnate at all.  I know for many of you, that sounds like a sweet thought, no more earth games, but at the soul level, you really couldn't wait to be here, especially at this time.

Alright, enough of that!! lol  I just don't want anyone to feel bad about their moment in time, it really is a just a moment, a very important one, no matter where you appear to be at.

So here are the patterns, the circles if you will unfolding for our collective experience by your personal Being (smile.)

First, there are two major circles/cycles and you will be involved in one or the other as a major event thru the super moons.  Outer created life field: all the energy and focus is on either new job opportunities coming to you, or bigger issues to let you finally release from on you are done with, same with anything else that may be important to your growth during this intense, expanding phase, such as external relationships (familial and otherwise,) and other things I just can't think of right now (smile.)  Or you will be dealing with Inner Creation, or the inner heart field area, such as home, deep personal relationships, feelings about your self and how you are using the incoming power, i.e. same old patterns, or new approaches to heart desires.

I can really see the two distinct patterns this morning now that we have  a few days in the rear view mirror of readings.  For some, the incoming energies started at the extended field of life (outer created field) and others, the focus was souly at the heart center.  Some with new exciting experiences coming up, others with do overs or big loud unmistakable messages, ummm or more clearly said... forced change!!

To give a few examples of what may be happening within your field of experience, let me share a few things I have seen.  One lady showed up with what looked like a high voltage chord trying to plug into her west field (think intense energy activation) but as I seen it, instead, there was something in the way of her heart center at the south west (more west than south, but still something dealing with her past resistance) and instead of this high voltage line just plugging in, it ended up tearing a rip in her heart grid.  What really surprised me was the reddish oozing gel like material that came out.  Now that I think about it, very much like when you have something over stuffed and a seam rips and some of the material just oozes out.

OMG, now i get this even deeper this morning as I look at two contrasting, but similar readings I had this last week.  Ok, let me back up...

Last week I wrote about the alloyed material creating that one persons (there are many many more than her having this experience, just saying here... lol) heart grid, the alloy/bronze material representing entangled energies creating your next series of experiences.  Well, what I didn't mention thru that sharing was what else I had seen, mostly because I never seen such a thing come into a reading and I was still making sure what I understood was correct.  Thank goodness it was correct and then some!!

I could see what kept reminding me of blood platelets, about the size of a tea saucer, floating everywhere around her west field, going thru her heart grid and floating around her east field.  The only thing I really understood last week, were these deep, rich, multi colored circles of energy were coming from her stored energy (west) moving thru her alloyed heart grid and emerging into the east to create new experiences for their bigger choice points of untangling.  I could not see any form in her east because she was still deciding deep within her to choose this as her series of experiences and lessons thru the next two super moons, or not.

Well, yesterday I had a connection that gave so much more meaning, much more understanding to these platelets.

First, I must mention that about 10 minutes prior to this lady's connection something strange started happening to my body.  Huge puffs of heat from toes moving up and thru my head in rapid succession.  This actually happened right before one of my other readings yesterday, but I did not put the event happening within me with the reading I was about to experience, well, not until this lady showed up.  I need two experiences to understand what is happening lol.

When my lady showed up in the field, my breath was taking away.  There was this beautiful, gentle stream of blue-white energy coming down at the forward edge of the center of her heart grid (her team said it was the forward edge of her "NOW" moment) and I know that energy well by now, what we could think of as god, creator, source, pick a name, its all the same energy.  Pure divinity straight from source.  The inflow was so gentle, my entire body relaxed, even when I spoke, I could feel the overwhelming calm in my voice.  Anyone that has been in a reading with me knows I can get very very excited with new stuff!  As I watched this gentle waterfall of blue-white energy flow onto and into her heart grid, it created such gentle changes in the grid itself, openings for sure and so much more than our minds can conceive of.  But what really took me by surprise was the energy gently bouncing from her heart grid outwards into her outer created life... soft, pastel colored platelets.  Same size as the lady I just described above.  I kept feeling so connected to the platelets in the blood that i had to go look up exactly what they do.  Coagulation!!

Coagulation in the energy field is taking the free-flowing energy and bringing into matter or form.  Coagulated the energy into experiences.

We can even back this up a little further, over the last week, the energies itself was in one of two directions around the heart center itself.  Counter-clockwise, releasing these platelets out into the created space of your reality, given charge/instruction by your core feelings and expressions (words and actions) from your heart center into your next phase(s.)  The clockwise motion was the "sealing in" or the process of coagulation of the present and up coming experiences.

Lets take this understanding back to my first lady I mentioned here... that was old scar tissue (old coagulation) that had to be reopened to be given the opportunity to remove the scar tissue and choose other energetic ways of getting things done, if she desired new things in her expansive life.  Or, she can choose more of the same, and later, down the road, that power line will come in again, seeking its plug in and she will have the opportunity to remove the old ways, the scar tissue if you will.

My second lady I just wrote about with the alloyed (entangled) heart center, her platelets were deep and rich in color.  When I see that coloring in a reading it is energy or experiences we have already used, we are just being given the opportunity to turn the experiences into full mastery (untangling from everyone elses path to stayed fully centered on your own without thinking you need someone to go further.)

The pastel colors always represent new energy never before released in this earthly plane of existence.  For this lady, everything in my heart points to the energy I call Shambhala.  The full merger of creator/source energy into her biological field of creation, emitting outwards into the field of life for all who shares her space to feel, enjoy, absorb into them, if they desire.  In her world, she is officially creating heaven on earth as she desires to experience it.

Pesky, pesky, pesky spirit had me on a block with her tho, I so tried to move her energy to the place I will just call after the new moon... no, no, no, no, no, they had my antenna on lock down.  Of course, these are her gifts unto her Self and they will never take the element of surprise and bliss away by showing her whats in the Presence (presents, smile.)

So on that note, what are you charging your platelets with???

Until tomorrow... (((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))))) of unconditional and unbiased Source energy to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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P.S.S.  I would like to give a shout out to Zooey!  Someone sent me a sharing of his last evening and I just feel inlove with the way he expresses the astrology happening now.   Again I say... LEO's THIS IS y/our time!!