Our Greatest Adventures Yet: "Allow THE Light to Serve YOU!!"

angels-over-earth There is something so exciting when you get to have interactive moments with the field, with you and to really see what came thru prior to the start of readings really is all about.  But most especially, how intricately YOU play into the whole scheme of things.  As I said in my last sharing, I was able to do that quickly sharing with the key meditation only because my first appointment of the day was MIA.  I eventually found out that she accidentally fell back to sleep and missed our session.  Had she not done that, I would never have put that sharing out, nor the key meditation.  The moments in the readings are changing almost from session to session, so the focus has changed since then, well, sort of.

My session right after her surprised me.  After getting the information about the key in relationship to the incoming energy the day prior, I really expected to see the continuation of the key element in readings.  After all these years (ummm well over a decade lol) one would think I would not be so prone to expectation, pesky human within!!  Well, what I got with my next reading was incoming energy just like the day before.  So, knowing she is a an avid and vivid meditator, I asked her if she would go do the key meditation I had just published and let me take a peek at her later in the day.  She agreed quickly.  Both of is feeling a sense of interaction with not only each other, but the field as well.

About an hour after i hung up with her, I could see her outcome.  I could see the front of her heart center open as these large flower heads tumble out and just lined her path forward.  These were no ordinary flower heads, I have them before, much smaller of course, back a year or two ago when the field was so focused on us becoming focused on the energy of Shambhala (bringing heaven to earth.)  I refer to them as the flowers of Shambhala and they have a distinct text to them... like they were made out of acrylic paint.  As I smiled to myself and ate a bowl of cereal before my next person showed up on the field (I still had an hour or so before I re-met with this lady) suddenly I got an addition to her flowers, a beautiful and rather large inch worm:

inch worm

What I never realized until this morning, actually with the very sharing of this image that i had seen for her was how much this image looks also like the symbol for "omega,"the end.  The end of life as we knew it, as we experienced it, as it served us to getting to Here.  Heaven and all that goes with it is now all around us, it is our job to notice.  I would like to share the contents of her meditation as well, which she gladly put into a document for everyone:

Lisa’s Key Meditation

I centered myself and went to my inner heart grid (as Lisa calls it). It looked to me like a large clear ball with a golden grid on it. I was sitting inside of it on a chair. During my last reading with Lisa, she saw this white liquid energy pouring down over my inner heart grid. We were referring to it as the liquid for my new life smoothie. LOL As I sat in my chair inside what looked like a giant Christmas tree ornament, I saw that white energy pour down the globe that I was in. It was white but also somewhat transparent, like icing before it cools and hardens. It got to the bottom of the globe and then started coming up inside the globe where I was sitting. I let it come up all the way to the top. I sat there for a few breaths, breathing the white liquid energy in and out. (You can do whatever you want in meditation!) I looked up and though the white liquid energy I saw the key hovering over the inner heart grid. I said, “Let’s Do This!” The key slid down into the top of the globe and a big burp of white energy came out of me (hopefully from my mouth) and went up to the key. That must have turned the key because I was suddenly yanked out of the globe and was hovering in the air a several yards above it. I looked down and the globe started spinning rapidly. I was also tumbling and spinning in the air, but not as fast. The globe suddenly came to a halt with a clank and it kind of exploded. It happened very quickly and I thought I saw chunks of fruit go flying around. It was similar to what would have happened if I were making a smoothie in a blender and the whole thing exploded. I couldn’t focus to visually see what was left of my inner heart grid. I lowered myself down and when I did I could see a round platform with three steps going up to it. There was nothing on it so I walked up and stood on it. When I stepped on the platform, I saw electrical currents crackle over my body. I started growing much bigger and lightening was coming down from the sky to my body. I lifted up my giant right foot and stomped once on the platform. I kept growing bigger until I grabbed a hold of the edge of the atmosphere of the Earth and climbed up on top of the planet. My big self sat down and then reached down and grabbed a handful of the Earth and ate it! LOL (Just like a little kid with their first birthday cake) A hole opened to the core of the planet and I got pulled in heart first. Yes, I know, how do you get pulled in heart first? That is what it felt like. As soon as I got pulled in, I got spit back out. I was spit back out to a place in my mind that I used to meditate at a while back. It is a prairie pasture with an old tree in it. I saw myself from above lying there on the ground, looking relaxed but awake. I had the feeling that I was melting into the earth even though visually I looked whole and separate from the ground. Day turned to night and my body turned and curled on its side. It looked as though my meditative body was asleep but I saw that my bodies eyes where open. After a bit, I saw a light creep out from around my body and slowly start illuminating the surrounding ground. I could see little flowers and other twinkly things. It became day again and the meditative me sat up and waved up at the viewing me! Such a cool way to end!  ...From Esther, and I would like to introduce you to her blog: https://redefiningmeditation.wordpress.com/

Now, let me put all that on hold and fast forward to a connection I had yesterday, a virgin upon my field no less!!  The focus was on her outer created grid of life (as far as I can see in your personal world of creation.)  Only it was different, very blurry to my eyes, but purposely blurry.  The next thing I could see was light being side by side completely surrounding the immediate outside ring of her created life field, with the primary focus being at the due west area.  One of the light beings standing directly in front of the west portal (think all your stored energy from every lifetime every experienced in any universe) showing herself as pink in vibration... the color of the high heart, passion area (to me anywayz.)  To this pink light being's right and left were light blue light being, soul expression.

I started to really understand what happens when that key gets turned, not that she did the meditation, god knows, you don't have to do the meditation to live this, but it is truly an energy from deep within your Self that ignites that key...  and starts such a rapid turning of the outer grid that it becomes blurry to my vision and the light of heaven itself surrounds you, amplifying back all that you gave in service to this moment.

To really make clear how significant this all is, imagine the light of the world now surrounds you, supports you, wants to bring you more than you can ever dream of.  However, just like we had to deprogram our selves from past beliefs, religious concepts and so on, so do we know.  We have all worked our asses off to get to Here, to become a true living expression of the All and we are so programmed to serve, serve, serve (do, do, do) that we keep thinking we must continue to DO something to keep this here.  Her team repeated THREE different times:


She has been a wonderful caretaker to her parents and step parents and they are taking their turn going Home, to purposely become a part of the light surrounding her, producing the very elements of her deepest of heart desires in the field I call Shambhala.

There is no more healing left to do, no more jobs you need to take in order to fully experience yourself, instead, sit back and allow the magic and wonder of all that you worked for to unfold at your feet.

Unless of course, you still have inner work to do!!

In complete contrast to the above sharing, was a gal who showed up just before her.  I was so taken aback by what I had seen it took her husband reminding me of what it does mean!!

I could see the bronze coloring of her outer grid of creation, bronze because her and her husband are joined and creating together as one alloyed energy system.   As soon as I oriented to her field, this thick swath of brilliant yellow energy came into the west area of her grid, came out the right side and plucked her entire grid up and off the earth.  There it was, dangling above the earth about 10 feet!  What the hell?  I thought it was going to move somewhere else, I know they are getting ready to move from one state to another, but nope... just suspended in air.  The only thing I could see of her and her husbands body's were from the thighs down.  Their legs were in constant motion, but not really going anywhere since they were "up in the air."    That is really what her team kept saying, they are up in the air, not making the decisions that are needed, not putting the energy into what is needed.  Which super surprised me because exteriorly (outer world) they are always very very busy serving others.

However, a couple of months ago, she was given instruction in what she needed to do for this next great adventure, integrate her kundalini within herself and co-join her kundalini with her husband.  She had not done that yet, therefore, everything is suspended in air.

Which brings me to a really important point in all of this.  Many people are very very busy, they do this, they do that, most of the time in the guise of serving others when really it serves to avoid their inner work that is absolutely needed to be done.  All work, all energy, all understanding MUST be applied within first, or it is really just going thru the motions.

We can and often do, fool ourselves, but there is no way to fool the light that serves you.  We can build the house of our dreams thru others, yet we are the only source of the electrical system to power it all up.  This really gives a whole other meaning to "living off the grid."

I had another lovely lady whose present moment wasn't even visible to my eyes, instead, I found her out in the "future" waiting.  And all the light of her life sat and waited with her.

I had one lady in the soul gym last night tell us that she did the key meditation and yet, couldn't get the key to turn.  She too is in the midst of climbing out of her old life and keeps teetering on fully embracing the new (or staying in the old) and until that is a firm and solid energy within her heart... they key remains in the ready.

In the sharing the other day, I said it is this new incoming energy that must be harnessed... ALLOWED to turn the key, but only if you are truly ready to live what you have worked so hard to achieve... Heaven on Earth, or so beautifully stated yesterday ALLOWING THE LIGHT TO SERVE YOU!!!

We cannot fathom what awaits our journey, when we try to, we create only what we can fathom and where we are willing to take ourselves.  Be the inch worm, glide across your life thru the flowers of Shambhala!!  Ohhhh, hehe, my inch worm lady, her team said there were only flower heads on purpose, there is nothing left to grow or connect to, just the abundance and beauty of the harvest itself.

Here's to new beginnings and unfathomable adventures to everyone, wrapped in Omega style ((((HUGZ)))))

Lisa Gawlas     www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html