Activation of the Shambhala Energy System, We Will Never Be the Same Again!!

energy-fields After my last reading yesterday, I disengaged from my day and spent the time pretty much deep within, listening, understanding and filling with such a sense of awe and wonder.  Knowing that the universal language of spirit is metaphors and symbolisms, I rarely know when spirit is being literal or symbolic in anything they show and I have gotten to the point, I really don't care.  As long as we, as a collective, can understand what something means to us and how to apply it to our lives, at the end of the day, that is all that matters.  It seems tho, spirit wants us all to be perfectly clear, what we are seeing now, what we are creating, is neither a metaphor nor symbolism, but very very real.

In the vastness of space, within our (earths) solar system, a new nebula has formed.  The bits and pieces that now make up this nebula (which would be us) started flowing together as 2012 reached its end.  Gathering and adding to itself, bit by bit until there was a fully formed mass of highly conscious energy, a wholeness and cohesiveness that will never cease to exist.

Thru the readings yesterday, I watched as more detail was added to our ongoing story.  In the center of this nebula appeared what spirit called a nucleus.  It was very spherical in shape, embedded in the center of the nebula and emitted the most amazing red, orange and yellow energy.  I found a picture online that is similar, but reverse the color scheme, white-blue on the outside, red, orange and yellow inside.  Now make the outer larger than the inner, close enough lol:

nucleus nebula


Within the blue-white energy appeared what looked like octopus tentacles, right down to the suction cups.  Three out of five people appeared inside the nebula, two were dangling by these tentacles below its mass.  I have no idea what it really means to the danglers, yet.  But I do understand the inside placement, pretty much anywayz.

As a collective we are moving thru this nebula, will become radiated within the nucleus and emerge outwards.... forever changed, as will be this nebula.  To put it simply, it is firing up the new construct of human.  This how evolution happens and we are absolute participants within it and get a front row seat to how it all changes.  As we start to reincarnate down the timeline, many will come in as scientists with this working memory of how earth and all life evolves, forever changing the relationship between science and spirit.

Back when I used to teach spiritual development in a classroom setting, I would usually start off with a diagram representing the various "consciousness" on earth:

the collectives


Altho I had always included the Shambhala consciousness, other than knowing it meant living heaven on earth and was a higher collective than even the Christ consciousness, I was clueless as to the rest of its story.

Until now.

The majority of us started out in the depths of the fear collective, as we worked our way out and up, we started to change our biology.  Literally lightening up every cell to hold more light, to hold the magic of energy beyond the earthly construct, the higher we went, (frequency wise) the more we could do with this energy.

Once we arrived in the area called the Christ Consciousness, everything about our lives changed.  People, jobs, thoughts, desires, landscapes.  Our light beacons lit up and started to signal to others who were also in this amazing collective.  We shared, we rejoiced, we changed biology again and again (sharing tissues along the way lol.)  Each fragment we let go of, transformed itself into the gaseous energy that makes up this nebula.

Can you image, when you let go of your shit, you create super powers to the All!!

In this amazing transit that started in July, we broke ground to Shambhala and are in the phase of completely embodying all that goes with that.

Again, thru the readings yesterday, I could also see us coming out of the nebula, pimped out Light body fully set to the ready and spirit showed us a descent back to the ground.  From what I am understanding this morning, the energy of this nebula will make up the ground itself, the carpet spirit talked about last week.  It is how we work the new earth energy without getting caught up in the old earth story.

I have got to add in one of my ladies yesterday, she took our ongoing story to a whole new, exciting level.  She was inside this nebula and standing next to her was this ET guy, actually 3 of them, but one became prominent as the reading went on.  What struck me strange is that he was wearing a green and white costume, not unlike this:


I thought, how strange he would be wearing a full body costume, but as she told of her recent experience, it made complete sense!!  But before I get to her story, I watched and understood that his connection to her was more intimate than I could have ever imagined.  He was literally melding into her, becoming a part of her biology and most importantly, her expanding consciousness.  The fusion completed itself as she made her way into the nucleus of the nebula (over the new couple days.)  What he had said about the other two ETs that were present then gone, were they were spotters more or less.  To make sure the fusion took and became steady in its dissemination of information and experiences.

She explained to me how significant the green and white was to her.  A few days prior, an amazing green and white grasshopper showed up in her world and stared her down.  She said she had seen a lot of grasshoppers in her day, but never one with this color scheme.  A few days later, the grasshopper was dead at her back door, all that remained was its carcass.

Instantly, we both knew her grasshopper was this ET guy I was seeing.  He showed himself to her thru the form of a grasshopper and even went on to show her that he will be slipping out of his "costume" to merge with her.  With her understandings came the knowing that this is going to create the full on activation of the Hybrids now incarnate.  He also said she will be doing a lot of writing as their merged consciousness develops and reveals amazing stuff!!  I was not privy to the amazing stuff... dammit!!

I just want to have you ponder a thought, how amazing it is, how unconditionally loving it is to be willing to give up your human suit (in his case, ET body) to merge with another life form's consciousness for the greater good of the All.  Talk about sacrifice (and even as I type that, I hear him say, not a sacrifice, an honor, a privilege!!)

Another thing they showed me yesterday thru the readings, was the energy being emitted as we fully step foot onto the new, alive earth.  (Funny, they have used that term quite a bit now, the alive earth, and I feel it means less passive and much more interactive on a full spectrum consciousness level than the one we just left.)  They also explained that once we have our fully functional feet on the new earth, the energy that comes up from it, I can see and understand more than I ever thought I could for you/our path forward.  Must be that Merlin stick!! lol

Even with that thought, spirit is saying we had to have a lot of the details held back because of personal choice.  For those kicking about on the new earth, the choice has been made, you have let go, gone with the flow, changed from the inside out and now... details are going to be crucial to our evolution forward (yay!!!!!!)

Ohhh yeah, before i forget, the solar eclipse on the 23rd is the grand finale of this transit.  Ohhhhh... geez, there is so much I didn't mention these last couple days, thank god I woke up at 4am today, I have time to remember lol.

This new earth, our new energy system we think of as space, is seeded with our abundant good karma coins.  For all we have done to get to here, much is going to be given back to you without even having to ask!!

I do believe we can start to zip up our party boots!!

Big big nebulous (((((HUGZ)))) to all my electrifying peeps.  I love you so freakin MUCH!!

Lisa Gawlas