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The God Particle, ShapeShifting ET's and US!! Game On!!

You receiving incredible information, it actually lays there all coagulated, meaning we think we have a semi-solid knowing of... whatever. But we don't, we have the impregnation of that knowing, that understanding, our job is to take it out, use it, try it, stretch it, get rid of the idea's you have around it. Her ET friends even said to her, she has a lot of unlearning to do....

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Light Quakes, Wormholes and The Equinox.

For those of us who have allowed the biological change out that started in earnest this past January thru now, this pure love rain will trigger many dormant abilities within us, and equally expand what we have already been using to date. Our life paths are going to take on twists and turns we cannot even fathom at this moment. Interplanetary connections are going to come to fruition, not just in a telepathic/meditation way, but boots on the ground ways.

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Choices, The Equinox and The Potential First Contact!

With this new earth and the meet and greats that are planned, there are new magnetic frequencies that will allow our friends from the stars to be in other places yet explored by them. Our job, if we choose, is to really become one with that magnetic pocket in the earth. Align with it, follow it to the bigger pocket that will attract their arrival. There is also a relay system as you merge with that frequency, back to those whose job it is to connect with you, in the physical, here on our precious earth.

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