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Action: Assertive Love. No More Passivity!!

This is no longer the time to be passive, to play by someone elses rules. This is the time to come out of the shadows and to be heard, be seen, to even be demanding in what you need for your next phase of evolution. Assertive Love. That is the energy system we have moved into. Period.

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Take No Prisoners!! No More Hiding Your "Self" in the Light of (our new) Day!

We all arrived here in the depths of our own stillness as we accessed, brought in, used the higher resources of our Soul. Now, it's an action game. Pay attention to every inspiration that rises up thru you and ACT on it. From the flames of rebirth and passion to living it out loud. Take no prisoners!!! No more waiting for things to fall into place, your (our) job is to make it happen. Creators creating!

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The Legion of Light on the Ground!

.... Archangel Michael. This sword wielding, shield holding Adonis of an angel man. A true warrior of light. Isn't that who and what we are all striving to be. Our sword of truth poking out for all to experience, sometimes, our truth does sting another. Sometimes tho, we need to cut open an area to allow the old to flow out and the new a place to flow into.

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