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The Ties That Bind. The Over Extension That Deplete's. The Balance that is Required.

When we look out of our human eyes and see raging storms, hurricanes, tornado's, fires... all the things that mama does to clear her energy field, and we, well intended humans attempt to stop what is in progress or send extra energy to assist, we are actually creating adverse affects. Now if you really want to assist in the earth energy, shape shift into any give storm, fire, quake, whatever and really feel what is happening. Talk about a telepathic truth exchange.

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From Energy Sac to Emerging Bells and Whistles!

...Energetically, she was in full form, but the only aspect I could see were new boots on her feet. These boots radiated a blue hue that emitted the most wonderful light energy outwards. I kept getting a relationship between her new boots and a video game my daughter used to play all the time: The Legand of Zelda and Link's boots.

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