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Are You Choosing the Path of Faith or the Path of Your Destiny??

"Fate one cannot avoid, but destiny must be chosen in order to be fulfilled." Fate is moving thru the lessons set before your path by your soul to completely free you from... whatever, or better stated, enhance your sense of Self beyond it all. Destiny is choosing to do it another way to fullfil your desires.

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Choices, The Equinox and The Potential First Contact!

With this new earth and the meet and greats that are planned, there are new magnetic frequencies that will allow our friends from the stars to be in other places yet explored by them. Our job, if we choose, is to really become one with that magnetic pocket in the earth. Align with it, follow it to the bigger pocket that will attract their arrival. There is also a relay system as you merge with that frequency, back to those whose job it is to connect with you, in the physical, here on our precious earth.

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A Potpourrie of Understandings

One of the biggest challenges souls take on is the brain of the biology and learning to blend with it, be a unified partner with it. For those who moved into phase two, you have achieved this blending and this is how you are going to learn to use your new bells and whistles. For those still wrestling with their brains and material desires/fears... well... there will be more to wrestle with, until you choose otherwise.

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