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The Spinning Wheel Of Life (Eclipses) Gives Way to New Garments (Light Bodies)

The lunar eclipse of April 25th, 2013 took all the energy we had put out into created reality from the last year and started to pull it into the triple eclipse sandwich like a treading yarn on a spinning wheel. Individual yarns of action. The solar eclipse on May 9-10th, 2013 transmuted that yarn into the tapestry of your life. Solidifying the new choices, the new energy, the new action you have applied to your life. The solar flares, especially the 4 X class flares that followed the solar eclipse served to ignite the energy in all directions of your life (think north, east, west and south.)

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Exchanging With Our Multidimensional Selves In Our Dream time.

We are also witnessing an acceleration of karma clearing on this earth. Earth and all her inhabitants are changing and changing fast and we can look at this moment of her cleaning house on so many levels. All serving to open everyone to compassion and love. Hold that place diligently within yourself... all-ways. Do not go into judgement, no matter what another's actions may look like on the surface. We do not know the karmic exchange happening in any given situation, so please, hold love for all things, all people and all (perceived) events.

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The Infusion of Orange into the Malleable White = Procreation!!

Besides orange representing (quite strongly) the fertility of the field of Life (think sacral chakra and the reproductive area is governs) I think I mentioned last week or earlier this week, there is a life to these colors, something so much more than just understanding their presence, but to learn to consciously use these energy streams for creation.

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