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The Party of 11.11 and Dream Weaving Too!!

o no matter how we get from desire to outcome, emotion is the key to it all. Every emotion creates sound, a tone. The stronger the emotion, the more rapid the sound. Sound moves in waves too, the quicker the outcome happens. The quantum generator moves or generates according to the emotional field activating it. Now this is both for better or worse. You have a strong negative emotion lingering, that generator of your heart is bringing you more of that to experience since that is the sound card you slipped into the slot.

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Creators: Start Your Engines of Passion and Emotion!

In the arena of creator energy, long before we are in this physical body, we sit with our spiritual guides and go over the needed experiences in this lifetime, the personality qualities that must be on-board as we grow from infant into child to create the ongoing experiences of our life. As we move thru those experiences, we alter our personal because of those experiences. Our mission was/is always to refine our emotional field towards the light of love.

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The DNA in Change thru the Spinal and Cranial Fluids and the Central Nervous System.

I realized why they (spirit) are not working directly on our spinal chords or gray matter, biologically, we could not bear that, but change the fluids surrounding that, it changes the entire body and the entire mental contstruct. And even with that, we have to be tapped down in our use of the energy that flows thru us. I realized too, how extraordinarily important our emotional field is to our creation. To our lives. Every single thing we do, is fueled by emotion.

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