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Connecting To The Energy of Your Dreams/Desires!

....the one that is really getting diluted these days is Being in the "Now." Being in the now is not just about being in your day, your life at the moment, it is truly seeing, recognizing what is available to you, the action points, and moving with all of that (whatever "that" may be.) Until these last two days, I am not even sure I fully realized the gap, the huge difference between simply moving thru a day and Being in the NOW.

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Our Soul Umbrella's and the Acceleration

Each spoke of her new, emerging umbrella represented new spiritual attributes that she was working on, well working on one first, the spoke she was hanging onto. With the release of new energy from the west field, it will move thru the open vessel (human) for application. The energy first comes up thru the earth, enhanced and changed, up thru the magnetic pole (think, umbrella handle) and then distributes itself thru the spokes. Becoming efficient with one spoke of spiritual energy automatically brings you to the next.

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