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The Song Of Creation Comes Thru YOU!!

I could feel the energy of release as St. Francis opened his fingers, the ultimate "letting go" and this precious bird flew into my ladys center field. With it came this profound and clear message. When we hold onto something so tightly, it has no freedom of movement. However, when we let anything and everything go, it can come swiftly into our world of creation. Think about that for a long moment, especially in the arena of desires. We can trap the very energy that is needed for its arrival by constantly focusing tightly on its presence in our world

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Have You Let It All Go and Open To Let It All In??

...Yesterday, thru all the readings, was what I felt like major choice points. To be willing to let every thing go, every aspect you held back, every adventure you we re too nervous to experience, and move into the belly of rebirth fearless, unencumbered and with your firm boundaries. That is to say, recognizing what you don't want and not settling for less.

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The Creator Beings (You) Getting it Done!!

...Even the (perceived) difficult parts of this journey, when some part seems to hard to accomplish, we set new perimeters and call it something new, then say, oh we don't have to do the other part because I invented this new part. It really is just avoidance, but hey... a million lifetimes to get it all together. The Soul is just glad to be here!!

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