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Living Grace is the KEY to Living Shambhala!

To use the flower analogy, flowers exist, the emit their radiance. They are not standing up in the garden of life telling everyone they can how beautiful and special they are. They are simply there, doing their thing. Grace.The untempered ego needs to be seen. Needs to be recognized and even used for its power, its perception of its beautiful self. And yet, it MUST learn Grace before the garden itself can flourish as it is capable of.

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Passion, Desire and the Energy of Your Breath... Creating... Or Not!

Nothing is going to come your way unless you power it up with desire, passion, joy and excitement. To fully participate. Even if you don't have a clear handle on desiring anything, you still cannot help but produce amazing things in your field of life. It would be a true, pure, free flow of creation.

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The Anointing of The Garden of Eden!

...a bigger story showed itself (in very small images lol.) To the left of this aura of light and just behind it and yet in front of the Mesa side, a new world was being shown. People laughing and playing and in such tremendous joy. The images themselves, no bigger than an inch, the universe making sure that I did not try to "individualize" this imagery, but this is what is underway Now. The words the field used in relationship to this growing image is: The Garden of Eden. Fresh. (The word "fresh" was used so many times in the three connections that reflected this same energy, which I felt was a bit strange. But who am I to argue with words!! lol)

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