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Shambhala in the Living World.

Even when we fully integrate we still need to practice consistency with its power and energy. Old habits really do die hard. But the more consistent you are in your energy field, the more fearless you become. Please do not take that to mean you never have a fear or worry again... not even close. You just stop holding yourself back from your greater reality of life due to fears. Face them and do it anyway. Put on your Nike's and "just do it." (Whatever "it" is you desire.)

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Passionate Grace in a Boundless World!!

Like the marriage of the divine masculine and the divine feminine there are two emotions, qualities, states we must embody, live completely, to remain in that holy marriage within ourselves. The one I talked about yesterday: Grace. ...The second and equally important ingredient is passion.

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Living Grace is the KEY to Living Shambhala!

To use the flower analogy, flowers exist, the emit their radiance. They are not standing up in the garden of life telling everyone they can how beautiful and special they are. They are simply there, doing their thing. Grace.The untempered ego needs to be seen. Needs to be recognized and even used for its power, its perception of its beautiful self. And yet, it MUST learn Grace before the garden itself can flourish as it is capable of.

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