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Have You Let It All Go and Untangled From the Past??

Think about it, we have chosen to die and rebirth ourselves. If this was a literal death, you cannot bring your home, your relationships, your job, your (fill in the blank) with you. Only your soul goes back Home. SAME HERE!!! What does go with you to the other side of the veil (and this new earth) is the LOVE. So know, with all your heart, that all that is of pure unconditional love will move forward with you, but even in that, you must be willing to let it all go.

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Have You Let It All Go and Open To Let It All In??

...Yesterday, thru all the readings, was what I felt like major choice points. To be willing to let every thing go, every aspect you held back, every adventure you we re too nervous to experience, and move into the belly of rebirth fearless, unencumbered and with your firm boundaries. That is to say, recognizing what you don't want and not settling for less.

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