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The Dream Weaver and The Solar Loom It's Threaded Upon: Called YOUR LIFE!

...Each of these new threads of the fabric of your life represent something within your emotional field. All the things you worked on. All a very different vibration than where you are currently at now. Many representing the new spiritual abilities that will open up for you as the entire fabric of your life takes new form.

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Are You Holding On To Your Old Dream, Or Making Room For The New One?

sometimes, we have to back up in order to move forward. Fully realizing how much we have changed, how much our desires and values have shifted to something, somewhere else. And then the universe asks again... what do you want now. Sometimes, until we really are faced with having what was so important yesterday, we do not even realize how unimportant that has become. So life will take you there and let you see it up close and personal.

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