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Multidimensional Earths: Bringing Up the Frequencies, TOGETHER!!

When I was traveling cross country to here, it was more like a downward ride thru the various versions of earth itself. When I crossed from Tennessee into Bristol Virginia, I landed in the densest version of earth. When I woke up in that hotel the next morning, there was a lady screaming at the top of her lungs... racial slurs like I have not heard in a long long time. I so forgot such anger, such hate.

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The Dream Weaver and The Solar Loom It's Threaded Upon: Called YOUR LIFE!

...Each of these new threads of the fabric of your life represent something within your emotional field. All the things you worked on. All a very different vibration than where you are currently at now. Many representing the new spiritual abilities that will open up for you as the entire fabric of your life takes new form.

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