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Connecting To The Energy of Your Dreams/Desires!

....the one that is really getting diluted these days is Being in the "Now." Being in the now is not just about being in your day, your life at the moment, it is truly seeing, recognizing what is available to you, the action points, and moving with all of that (whatever "that" may be.) Until these last two days, I am not even sure I fully realized the gap, the huge difference between simply moving thru a day and Being in the NOW.

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We Are The Vacuum Cleaners and Impregnator's of the New Landscape! How ya feelin'??

With all the chunks of old energy now in all the version of earth, there has got to be vacuum cleaners in place to suck it all up and transmute it all, once and for all. Enter us. Again, this has always been a human event, our responsibility to clear, cleanse and rebuild. First, we HAD to do it to our own personal life and energy field and now, there are enough of us clear and potent to transmute the lowest of the collective bodies to permanently rid the density, the fear and separation.

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From Fertilization to DNA Activation and Other Stuff Too.

On May 9-10th of this year, sun infused the earth.... sperm infused ova. The electrical processes still underway (solar flares and eruptions) are presenting the needed energy for the process to fully and completely take place. We are encoding our DNA not by what was already there, but what we choose to do now. Each new choice, each new direction solidifies the profoundness of the new codes. Each stripping away of former identities, encodes higher ones in the expanded field of oneness.

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