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The Solar Eclipse and Life After It!!

...I am also being quite loudly advised at this moment by my team, it is also your job to recognize a human in change/evolution within their physical body and those that need what we call healing. If you do not take the time and the knowing of the difference, you will be held back from fully launching, just to protect those in change. Not everything is as it seems and NOTHING is as it was!!!

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Blood Moon, Lunar and Solar Eclipses of October.

So this upcoming total lunar eclipse is moving into the earths shadow to release some serious health food for our planet, the memories, the way of Life from the depths of Lemuria. Our jobs as consciousness made manifest, is to take it in, then bring it outwards as a living system restoring itself to Love. This also means taking ourselves out of the shadows and Being the energy, the true system of Light, however that unfolds.

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The Dream Weaver and The Solar Loom It's Threaded Upon: Called YOUR LIFE!

...Each of these new threads of the fabric of your life represent something within your emotional field. All the things you worked on. All a very different vibration than where you are currently at now. Many representing the new spiritual abilities that will open up for you as the entire fabric of your life takes new form.

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