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Connecting With the Source of Passion and Life, Inside and Out!

This is really where creator meets creation and all is one Fluid, Living energy. Your (our) passion made manifest. But YOU must turn on the flow of passion, of joy and excitement, that is the birthplace of life. Co-Creators in the fullest!!

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Our Soul Umbrella's and the Acceleration

Each spoke of her new, emerging umbrella represented new spiritual attributes that she was working on, well working on one first, the spoke she was hanging onto. With the release of new energy from the west field, it will move thru the open vessel (human) for application. The energy first comes up thru the earth, enhanced and changed, up thru the magnetic pole (think, umbrella handle) and then distributes itself thru the spokes. Becoming efficient with one spoke of spiritual energy automatically brings you to the next.

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The Shift of Biology and Soul and the Karmic Return of Energy in June!

Every moment of every day each and every one of us are putting out 'energy." Many are putting out as much as they can to enhance ALL life. Many more are putting out energy that takes away from ALL life (so they can have more and others inevitably have less) and there are many variations in-between. So we can look at June as the intense and immense karmic payday for all, each in their own unique way!!

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