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Source Infusion, Shamba-lini and The Ascended Body!!

...this game is about to go live, active, and a participatory earth event!! Live, in person, on the ground level. By now, most of you (us) should be well established in both world (spirit and the physical) and can easily navigate both at the same time. This takes the need to meditate out of the game because you are now ACTIVELY Living meditation. Meaning, you have trained your physical mind to know the illusion and limitations it once perceived, is not real and works in tandem with the soul to create all you need and desire. ...

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Atoning to the New Fiery, Passions of the New Earth!!

I could SEE the new earth. Holy freakin heaven batman, it was not what I was expecting lol. Of course, nothing ever is lol. It was an intense orange earth sitting next to the end of this timeline (Sept) pulsating with, well, everything. From this moment to the end of this month, we will be walking a bridge like energy field to the new earth. Each step "atones" us to the new earth.

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