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Love, Trust, The Guardians and YOU! The New Earth Activated!!

"Don't worry about the details, stay focused on the dream." When we focus on the details, what is needed (money often times) to create our dreams come true, we change the focal point of the living universe. Instead of the dream, we are now busy with the details of "how." In this way, you tell the worker bee's, I don't trust you, therefore, I have to figure out the way myself.

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Major Choice Points, Collapsing Realities and the Movement Towards Shambhala.

... I realized that eye, the pupil of the eye is where all the holes in all the earths lead to. What the Guardians called (last year) the eye of horus. For a couple of months earlier last year, the eye of horus, moving thru the eye of the needle was so prominent in so many readings, in so many sharings, then, as usually happens, we moved onto the next phase and until now, never got back to the eye of horus.

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