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Love, Trust, The Guardians and YOU! The New Earth Activated!!

"Don't worry about the details, stay focused on the dream." When we focus on the details, what is needed (money often times) to create our dreams come true, we change the focal point of the living universe. Instead of the dream, we are now busy with the details of "how." In this way, you tell the worker bee's, I don't trust you, therefore, I have to figure out the way myself.

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The Phoenix Has Risen, The Bird Tribe has Returned! It IS US!!

Our very breath, the elements that make up an "oxygen" so pure, so rarefied that we have never seen such a thing on this playing field before, must be relearned in use and application. Our lungs are now releasing a whole new vibration into the atmosphere, coupled with the suns releasing of the magnetosphere of new and the earth, OMG the earth is in whole-y wonder. One breathe released is like 100 breathes last year. What emotion is held in that breathe, which happens to emerge from the heart field, is what is amplified back to you, to us, as we form this new collective of Pure Love made manifest.

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