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Are You Living and Acting Like the Creator of (Your) Life???

So then, this gives rise to a whole other question... what then, is the human? If the higher mind is the feminine and the lower mind is the masculine and yet neither can live out loud without the action of the human... what part is the human?

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The Light Body, The Pull of Co-Creation and more.

The moment the mind takes a path of its own, the body and soul are creating the energy, the experience(s) to get it back on course. Sometimes, gently, sometimes with massive explosions so it is not missed in the redirection. Many still have a lot of bias in that mental matter. Hell, it seems everything creates new biases, this thing we call a spiritual path is no different from anything else where group minds merge. Imagine what it feels like to be completely FREE of any bias.

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Chaos, Change and Choices = Holy Heaven Batman!! Or... At Least It Could!

... the brain harnesses the greatest electrical energy in our whole body. The heart harnesses the most intense magnetic field of energy in our whole body. Using the two as one... pulling up the magnetic field into our pineal gland (let's go to that keyboard mentioned above) and move it thru the window of the soul spectrum (just outside the forehead, the energy releases itself thru the smallest point for creation. Instant creation.

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