Rebirth Underway... Again!!!

new life Often times, I spend more time trying to figure out the first sentence of my morning sharing than the entire body of the sharing itself.  For change, spirit gave me an opening sentence, but then I became confused.  "Beware the ides of December."  Hmmmm, now I have heard the term "ides of March" pretty much all my life, but what really does that mean??  Surprise me when I looked it up and it is actually something from Shakespeare  in relationship to the death of Julius Ceasar.  Digging more into that phrase, The "ides" happen every month in the old Roman calendar, and is in relationship to the 15th of the month (each month.)  So why would spirit lead in with such a strange phrase??  I have a feeling, it has everything to do with the completion of the 11th happening they had been showing the last several days.

Midway thru my day of readings on Wednesday, I was completely unplugged from the field.  I went to do my last two readings and nuttin... what the hell??  I was just reading from the tree tops and now... nuttin??  Much to my surprise and dismay, this unplugging bled into yesterday... dammit.  I didn't get it, and sure as hell didn't see it coming.  So I sat between my first attempt at reading and my next one wondering... why am I down today??  For a change, my team was actually compliant in helping me understand.

They showed me an image of a glowing white egg shell, I was within the egg shell and the shell itself was cracking from the top down in front of my face.  I kinda get this.  Breaking open into our new form that aligns with the 11th.  For the last several days in readings, I had seen people move into December, doing whatever was asked of them, and most, already doing it, then suddenly they just picked up off their center path forward, turned into an illuminated white smoke like energy and started to head into the container housed by two ones way out in the area of physical life, or the west field. All the readings in December with that high vibrational flooring (formally known as the 2015 vibration) were in the east, directly out my back door.  So this cracking of the egg must represent the sudden shift towards that goal.  I still have flipping clue what the 11th really means to us, what it asks of us... but I know it is huge and obviously important in spirits view of our ongoing story.

So I had to ponder the imagery of an egg.  Why that?  I sure as hell didn't feel like I was in an egg.  Then I was reminded of some of the readings the two days leading up to this moment.  We had the living vagina lady, cattail/penis man (the field in heat for sure) and then a pair I read for Wednesday morning, that I truly intended to share yesterday, but i couldn't get my brain to work properly.

Ohhhhh..... added epiphany....  the egg must open itself up to be fertilized.  We must allow the energy of new life into our form.  In our actual reproduction system, when sperm penetrates the ova, new life is created.  This happens at the rate of friction (high energy and ACTION.)  

Before I share that, I want to get really really clear on how my team uses the term "Divine Counterparts," because for all my years, not once has my team ever used a "label" for anything, but when we are telling a story, sadly to understand the ongoing parts of the story, we must label something for it to become familiar.  My team uses the label "Divine Counterparts" in a very very particular way.  Two people incarnated here on earth, with absolute Self awareness, same to very similar vibrational field streaming from not only the heart, but both parts of the mind (upper and lower, soul mind and ego mind) deeply in love with each other and coming together to consciously expand each other energetically.  Of all my readings so far, this is the only true couple that I have met that fits what I understand from my team to define Divine Counterparts.  Please know, this does not devalue in anyway, any other relationship.  Before we can ever recognize and work in the expansiveness of another, we must recognize and use that part of ourselves first and foremost.  Wholeness without another involved (in our sense of Self) is much more important in our evolutionary stories, only then can we open up to the rest of our magnificence!!

He lives in Finland, she in California, and in January, he will leave all that he knows behind and move to California to be with her.  In their reading, I seen her up there in the timeline of January, (just for the record, to keep timelines straight, the actual year of 2015 still unfolds about 20 feet above this ground concluding 2014,) she I had seen her up there, she changed her form to become another flipping living vagina!!  What the hell is up with that???  Except, her surrounding energy was orange... solid in her sense of expanded self, and she reached down and brought her love into her folds, melting and merging as one new creation together.

I am not even sure what the hell sparked the next image... but holy flipping cow, did I get birds eye view that I never asked to have!!  a literal penis inside a vagina, I didn't want to know if it was theirs or just an image I was being shown... but none the less, it was as if some part of my crazy ass antenna was on the inside left quadrant of a vagina (seeing the outside is more than enough) and ummm... this penis creating friction (blush) increasing the frequency of the two.

Now somewhere in this crazy crazy moment, spirit did say something about this friction I was seeing and understanding does not happen just because you have sex with someone.  It is part of the holy union, together in one body, as a divine couple, merged in the realities.  (Otherwise known as living together lol.)  I suppose too, this is what is known as consummating new life together.  Because this morning, geez louise, I can see the ejaculation take place thru a doorway deep within, to what looks like a black hole or doorway or something.  The sperm glowing white in its seed energy, creating all kinds of sacred geometry as it moves inwards.  Creating a brand new merkaba with the two as one larger energy system together.

I spent most of their reading with my hands over my eyes, which doesn't do shit cuz I don't see with my physical eyes... but still!!!

I have said this many times before, we share more than readings together.  We share energy, true, life changing, energy.  We cannot be in the Soul Presence of each other without something bigger taking place.  But, it is not just the soul presence, I take what we have created together and share it outwards with you, whether I detail a specific thing or not, it is still flowing to those open to receive it, in which case, we are all seeded with that combined energy.

Now to get back to the white cracking egg lol.  It has yet to fail that on a day I cannot see, I have some one in Australia or New Zealand that represents my perceived tomorrow on my last appointment agenda.  Sure enough, that happened again yesterday.  I started pushing into her energy with purpose about 30 minutes before our scheduled time... I flipping want to know what more is happening.  Like the period at the end of a sentence, she helped me understand.  I could see her pure smoke like white radiant energy, expanding across the field towards that place the two ones are set up.  Again, I am so connected to the part of the show "I Dream of Jeannie" where she turns to smoke to go into her bottle:

smoke bottle

However, unlike Jeannie, instead of being contained in the bottle, we will be expanded thru the expression associated with the 11 itself, Spiritual Illumination contained here on earth.

Please do not attempt to do any grounding work thru this process, unless you just want to keep yourself where you are at, energetically.  Actually, grounding was something needed with the old earth and to keep your light field in the density, but not on the new earth.  It is a perfect reflection of each other, with constant movement and expansion.

Another thing that was shed light upon yesterday, for two days I have been in a constant state of hunger, not a good state of being in when you are anal about the calories going into your body and my grapes, which I tend to pick on all day long, is a 2 hour round trip journey to replenish (I'm currently out of grapes) and so I just bitched my way thru it, at least until my team explained whats happening.

When our energy hits a new acceleration point, the body reacts by eating.  It needs to extra fuel to keep up with the acceleration that is underway.  Well, shit.  I gotta put something in... pop corn, low-fat ice cream on a stick, pistachios!!  I found a way to keep on eating without going over my calorie intake.  I'll be damned if I am going to stop this process, fuel in... lets move over to the 11th!!  Whatever that means to us!!

Ohhh coming back to the Ides of december... as far as I am feeling, we hit our new form by the 15th.  Other than personal events that may be taking place for individual readings, it feels like nothing exists (again) past the 15th of this month, it's a complete void of energy to my eyes.  The energy itself completely stops at the 15th.  I think this is where the dump truck is already dumping... cuz I could see (personal) events in January, February and even March at times.... but nuttin from December 15th to the end of this year... yet.

Death and Rebirth!!  Move out of limitation, move out of the rational part of the mental mind, and allow yourself to FULLY experience YOURSELF!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of smokey expansion to all!!  I treasure you all sooooo incredibly much.  Thank you for Being!!!

Lisa Gawlas