Another upwards Shift in the Frequency... Phew baby!!

upward_life_path I wasn't going to write a blog today, I really didn't have anything new to share.  Well, maybe just the fact that we are in a massive upward shift again.  I didn't realize what I was seeing thru the only reading I had on the 4th (at this moment, May is taken up by the course instead of readings.)  My beautiful lady, who had already put tremendous amounts of change into her life by moving to a new (and much needed) home beyond what she could see as her ability to afford it.  Then she got a job working with the public to make sure she could afford it and really is going thru major changes in her biology too.  So when I seen her shimmering up a pole that resembled a candy cane (red and white stripes) I wasn't too surprised at all.  But unlike every other person I have read for thru may, she didn't have that "quantum" surf board in any of her readings these last two weeks.  I would get a snapshot of new shoes, then her swinging like made on the connective energy of April and May and now shimming upwards.  I kept rescheduling her cuz I am really anal about what a reading "is," and snapshots of things I cannot understand does not make a reading!!!  Those yellow shoes dancing, was the joy of her soul in her new life, the spinning was creating the energy of even more expansion and well, here we go again, upwards bound!!  I could not see to far above her red and white pole and her team said it is because my vision hasn't reached that frequency yet.  Alrighty then!!

Yesterday, May 5th was just disorienting really.  My head was really spacey from the moment I woke up, once again feeling like there is way too much space within my brain waves and ability to speak.  Stoned again.... naturally!!!  lol  But I was not the only one feeling stoned, half my schedule must have too, cuz half of those on my calendar didn't show up for their reading, which is really strange.  But hey, that is the landscape we entered... strange!!!  So out of 6 appointments, I read for two (one other one was an ET finale.)  Both pretty much snapshots of imagery.  One lady in a major pause point in her life, waiting for something to arrive before the energy goes back into motion.... this is purposeful for her.  My only other person hours later got a series of stop signs... again here is that red and white energy showing up as stop signs.  But, not just one stop sign (something spirit has used over the years to say, nope, cannot go beyond this point, yet) 8 stop signs that formed an octagon shape.  What the hell??  The only thing I could understand was that the energy of 8... that infinity/energy generator symbol was important to her and the fact that these 8 stop signs formed an outer octogon shape with the hole/portal in the middle, that too is important to her.  How??  No one told us.... yet!!!

Her team did throw out a word that, when I looked it up, seemed out of place:  The energies are hypnerbolic.  Huh??  What does that even mean??

Well, wikipedia has a larger understanding depending on how the word itself is used:

The following phenomena are described as hyperbolic because they manifest hyperbolas, not because something about them is exaggerated.

Then yahoo questions forum gave a bit clearer understanding of the suffix "bolic":   bol(e) is the root, which you can combine with a prefix (para) and a suffix (ic) to make parabolic. -ic just means "having the nature of", as in cyclic, having the nature of a cycle, or chronic for something that lasts or recurs over time (has a lasting nature).

bol(e) has a meaning of throw or place. In chemistry, it tends to be used for change via throwing together or taking (throwing) apart - metabole=change in greek (in the sense of altering-throwing or turning self into something else), which is the direct source of the term metabolism; anabolism (literally throwing up) and catabolism (literally throwing down) are variations on that idea.

Of course, hyper is energy, a lot of energy!!!

Let's just throw in the fact that yesterday, as we are using the energy of 5 all month long (5=Change) and yesterday was 5-5 the sun graciously spit out an X2 flair.

I remained in that crazy, spacey stoned feeling in my head and body all day long.  Even trying to process the little bit I did see and that odd use of the word "hyperbolic" hmmmm..... nuttin.  I was clueless.

Now, let me put all that on hold and simply share what is so strong in my own personal field of desire with the opening into May.  I want to see the different dimensions that I can so easily see in meditation or in a connection, but have yet to be able to see it just sitting on my ass... not for the lack of squishing my eyes to see!!  Granted, I am seeing more and more shadowy like figures, people, out of my windows, sometimes in my kitchen, but that is not how I EXPECT (giggle) to see dimensions.  I truly expect(ed) them to look like how I see them in readings or in meditation.  A fibrous sheath of energy or something.  Silly, silly me!!

The full moon on the night of the 4th would end up waking me up with an ongoing lesson in dimensional energies.  It was 3:30am and I woke up because the moon was streaming thru my upper window and into my eyes.  Pesky!!  It was pretty so I grabbed my phone and took a picture.  The moment the flash came on, I could see an orb zip across the camera lens.  Hmmmmmmm.  I shot a video and this orb was not camera shy at all (the video is on my facebook.)  That night when I went to sleep, I shot another video and realized there seems to be a place of origin for these orbs in my bedroom, they seem to come from the curtains themselves.  (I didn't share that video.)

As I was sitting last evening watching TV suddenly I caught site of a round energy ball zooming across my livingroom just above the TV.  Unlike the flash lit orbs that glow white from the light shining on it, it was more like an enhanced ball of energy moving thru the space above my TV, coming from the right of the TV zooming to the left near the door.  Hmmmmmm.  Did I really see that??  I took another video, yup, there were orbs dancing about.  I headed to bed and took another video before I went to sleep.  Holy cow, the party in my bedroom got bigger than the night before.




This is not the first time I have whipped out my phone (just for those wondering, nothing special a Samsung Note 4 is what I am using) but rarely is there anything captured on the video... until these last few nights.

So this morning I decided to see if anyone was hanging around me while at the computer while, at the same time, wondering, why the sudden increase in orb activity???  Well... just knock my socks off, will ya???  I assumed the orbs must be coming into the house from outside (what do I know about orbs.... nuttin!!)  You can see the first shot in this video is at my front door... no orbs, until I put my camera lens directly between where I am sitting at my computer and the wall of love I have for my father.  There is an orb factory here!!  They are coming up out of the floor like crazy!!  What the hell???




So I sit here, wondering.... and my team says, now you have something to write about.  Really??  Again, seeing something is NOT equal to understanding something.   But alas, I understand something about all this.

I wanted to see the dimensional openings.  I am... WE ARE getting that view thru the lens of my camera, enhanced by the energy of the orbs, of spirit made manifest in the Light.  But spirit didn't just stop at seeing the opening of the dimensions, there is a greater understanding of what opens them, the portals.  Its love.  What our eyes do not see the lens does.  I can see the distortion of the energy field as the orbs blow in.  Goes straight back to the reading I talked about the other day... its the space around you that shifts, not your body.

In my bedroom, my curtains are very purposeful to me.  They have such a serene scene of water and calm and beauty.  I love them, they give me that same feeling as I go to sleep.  Hence the opening of the interdimensional space that the orbs freely travel thru.  In my living room, here where I sit, I write my blogs, I do ET sessions, I teach and so much more that fills my soul with love, both sharing and receiving.  The place directly to my left is where I have my very first meeting (after 38 years separation) with my father, a special necklace he had made for himself, his feathers on the shelf below the pictures... and my son and grandson are there too.  My wall of Love.

It truly is the energy of pure love that opens the dimensional portals from one place to another, effortlessly!!  You cannot "will" love into your space, it must flow effortlessly and without thought and zero distortion!!

So, my next question becomes... how do I go thru this portal... and to where does it go????  And I see spirits smirky grin as they give me a small preview of this sundays ongoing expansion in the hypnotic zone of May!!  No-thing is as it seems and sure as hell nowhere near what we (excuse me, I, expect.)

Ohhhh, I just realized something too... the orbs in my bedroom flow in from "above" and the ones near my computer from "below" I wonder if this is what a wormhole entails?  The fact that was just now brought to my awareness has gotta mean something.... but..... whatttt????  lol  Loving this ride!!

(((HUGZ)))) filled with upper ascending energy portals and obs of love to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I did put a second chance May Course together, scaled down from the original (I only have so much time in my day.)  But allows you to fully participate with our group, with the expeirences and expansion underway.  Click here for details, please.