Creation and Destruction - One and the Same!!

creation-vs-destruction-by-fayestardust I think I am seeing a new version of spirit this month.  The strict, unwavering side of itself and the voice of authority that resides in my (all of ours) throat is being used day in and day out.  Let me share some of the places spirit is, well, rather stern about this month.

Paying (and using) attention to detail, all instruction being set out for this amazing Month of full on usable abilities!!  This course is teaching me so flipping much.  My beautiful architect is participating in this course, he showed up for his personal session yesterday but never sent me the email of his experiences beforehand, which really gave me a bigger view of what I am doing too.  Everyone was asked to send me their experiences before their private session.  For me, it would just help me stay organized and ready when they showed up.  But I am starting to realize, its more than that too.  Without that email, I cannot hold your energy together in understanding or further instruction like I can when it is sitting on my desktop.  Spirit, emerging thru my voice, hassled him about that... a lot!!  It was perfect really, that this understanding came thru him... spirit said, if you were creating a blueprint and missed something, it would throw the whole creation off, wouldn't it???

Part of what we are doing is learning to stay in motion with even what appears to be frivolous details.  The foundation is as important as the structure, maybe even moreso.  Without a solid foundation, the structure would eventually collapse.

Another man showed up saying... "but I've done it this way for the last 5 years..."  and spirit... yikes, is making me look bitchy!!  The rather stern reply back to him, was something like... "so you don't want to do anything new, try something different, then why did you join this course??"  With a single inhale and new breath, my voice said, of course you do or you wouldn't have joined this course."  Phew, glad we can soften something up.

One of the instruction sets in the hypnosis event, with a post hypnotic suggestion was connecting to your magnetic flow of energy that IS your life flow.  My architect had told me how much this connection has changed the way his energy is thru the day.  Also within this event is the sharing of information to the aspect of your soul energy from elsewhere that is helping you develop/remember what is coming thru you now and you are helping them as well.  Let me share a little of the email he did send me after his session and his next expanded connection:

Also, I am helping (his aspect on Mars) by giving back to him information on the wild plants and animals here on Earth. Its helping him to know what is needed on Mars and how to nurture the nature.

Also, connecting to the energy every morning has really jump started my work days. I have been producing, meeting, organizing, designing with tons and tons of energy. I’m never tired. Yesterday was like 7 days rolled into one. Solutions for my projects just jump out of my mouth and we have all been laughing a lot!

Yesterday I mentioned the lady with the jaguar and yesterday, she really put her jaguar to immediate use in her day to day life.  Let me share what she shared thru the group on facebook:

Today I sat with Mahatla and asked her how I can use our jaguar self in today’s work on my book. She didn't respond, but I saw myself taking action as if I already knew. Which of course I truly did!

The jaguar, who wishes to be called Joisa, walked over to stand in front of me. I pulled the book from my heart chakra (which it had melted into during my earlier mediation). I held it in front of my heart and Mahatla encouraged me to feel the book’s magnetic flow – the flow of my process of writing it, the flow of the story that takes place within the book, the flow of others experiencing it. I felt it so clearly and saw golden energy beneath the book in my hands that flowed into my hands, definitely a deeper blending of the book’s energy with my own.

Then I held the book down toward Joisa and asked her to find the purest essence of what I’m working on today and bring it back to me. To my surprise, she chomped down the entire book! But then the book was also back in my hands, just as the book was still in my heart chakra. But by eating the book, Joisa made it part of her as well, so it will be easier for her to retrieve what’s needed.

My hands feel full of golden energy from the book, so I’m off to write!

Update...! After working with Joisa as I wrote about, I had the best, most uplifted writing session. I had some new, key ideas and solved the biggest niggling issues that have been bugging me for a while. I completely understand why my own team (and Lisa!) have been stressing how vital it is that we USE these powers. It really is time!

I share all this to hopefully stress to you how important this month is, how important it is to be in your personal magnetic stream/flow of energy and USING the new (to you) team that has shown up to expand what is already within you, in your day to day moments.  Nothing is frivolous and unimportant!!

My last session of the day yesterday was going to take all this new... stern energy of the collective universe (everyone's teams) and really put it in our face of deep understanding!

Whether we are on this side of the veil or completely back in spirits side, there is an opposite side to our ability to create we very seldom look at.  Uncreating.  This, I am learning, is more vital in understanding right now than creation itself.  We seem to be good with creation, but once we create something, we never seem to want it to leave, become uncreated... which we call the energy of change.

Lets take a look at part of her experience:

This chick wore black leather (yay!) and had long black hair in a pony tail. She was very serious in demeanor, which bothered me for some reason? She said her name was Clara but not “eh-rah” as we would say it, “ar-ah” instead. Anyway, all business and duty. I was seeing images of all sorts of stuff. A lot of destruction, some violence, all like a news broadcast playing back but more like I was witnessing it. In fact this kept going on. In between scenes, the “screen” would be wiped with pink to erase it, sort of like how the screen transitions on a computer presentation.

All I could think is.. yup, the dominatrix side of mother earth is out in full force!!  How many of you have seen this side of our mama!!  Look at the hurricanes, the earthquakes, the volcano's and such.  We humans want to immediately go in and "fix" that energy, like something is wrong.  Uncreating is as passionate a skill as the creation process and equally important.

We can apply this to our day to day lives... how many are in jobs you don't love, relationships that drag you down instead of lift you up, want more but keep doing the same thing??  In order for you to create something new, get out the damn eraser and get rid of what you don't want or find a way to love what it is you do have.

The energy of destruction is AS important as the energy of creation.  I like the example given to my lady of the pink energy clearing the computer screen... pink, high heart passion!!

Now lets bring in something else to really think about.  Sacred land.  That is just so funny to me, and to earth herself.  All land is sacred, not one inch of earth is more special, more powerful than another.  Every inch of earth has the energy of Gaia living thru it.  No matter where you are, you can tap into that energy connection and use it.  Now, just like our own children, different areas have different energy flows and abilities.  Different magnetic frequencies that attract or repel various things... including people.

We have opened up a brand new super sonic highway and our job is to learn how to travel it with ease and consciousness.  In one of my readings yesterday, as I was going to set her next session something was revealed that became so obvious that I have no clue how I didn't see this before.

For the last month, my online calendar seems to be dipping in and out of other dimension that is allowing multiple booking in the same time spot.  There are days I have 3 people booked at the same time, or booked halfway thru someones time and May was worse of all.  I am still untangling my schedule!!

Her team explained that I spend my entire day in so many different dimensions, sub frequencies of earth by virtue of what I do.   I tap into you, where you are and together, raise or equalize that energy field.  So my entire space that is all a part of my reading days, goes in and out of the dimensions with me.  On some dimensions a particular time slot is still open, on another not at all.  Doesn't matter... electronics easily move in and out of multiple dimensions all the time and adjust accordingly.  Ha!!  Even that place I call the field, my backyard is a neutral place.  Very similar to the "void" so that your frequency/soul light and my own can converge without interference and communicate together.  I had no idea!!  But this makes sense as to why, the moment I started doing "readings" here in the Jemez, instead of unfolding in my house like they always had in the past, everything moved outside.

Ohhhh the things we can take for granted and never really ask about... that has more meaning, more instruction within it than we ever cared to understand.

Now, to figure out where the hell I am in any given moment!!  lol  I suppose I have been blindly traveling many roads without much awareness of where I was going and how I was getting there.  But I have a feeling too... this is going to be key to tomorrows May group session!!  I hope, anywayz!!

I love you all, thanx for traveling this crazy ass road of multi-dimensions with me... hell... THANK YOU for taking me with you!!!!!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of grand adventures, increased magnetic flow and everything wonderful, even if it appears as destruction!!!

Lisa Gawlas  (Mothers day special will be posted tomorrow)

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Gotta giggle as I hear Elton John singing this wonderful tune as I close this sharing out.  Enjoy!!!