Feeling a Bit Untethered?? Perfect!!!!!


I feel like I have my face smacked up against two distinct, yet unified energy systems called May and it has me completely blown to bits.  Granted, I am not doing near as many readings as I am accustomed too, only about one or two a day, but dammit if every day we are not shifting and shifting again that I feel like I loosing control of the ongoing story.  But then again, I got my face smashed (by my own creation lol) into an over sized plate of meat and potatoes called the super powers course via everyone's homework.  Holy heavens!!!  My body barely wakes up with orientation to its new space and zero time and by the end of the day, I am creamed soup again!!

The one thing I am seeing and fully realizing, we, both as an individual as well as a collective, cannot go out beyond time and space, harvest our own mastery, bring it back to our day-to-day reality without changing EVERYTHING and I mean, EVERYTHING!! It has brought the chaos theory into a full spectrum view of truth in this crazy, exciting energy package called May.  When a butterfly flaps its wings (of course, you are and always have been, the butterfly) in one place, another place feels its effect.  What is not stated there is that every dimensional version of earth, every frequency, every molecule located in every version... IS AFFECTED.  Dimensions are altered, forever changed.  Of course, this is how so much became so dense over eons of time, but now... holy light explosions batman.  Those denser (fear and separation filled) realities are bursting, just like a star going nova, as new, pristine light filled ones are formed.

The readings this week had me confused, which is really my natural state of Being any more.  The only thing I could understand is that everyone is going thru a raise in frequency, no earth beneath anyone, nothing but dark sky and stardust surrounding each person.  If you're feeling untethered to anything, to life and even desires, perfect.  Flow with it.

In a couple of the readings this week, I was able to see into the very beginning of June... so very different from March thru now... earths!!  I could see earths!!  Many of them, pristine and vibrant.  Flawless and illuminated with so much Light.  By the force of your inner heart of Love, you are disengaging from the earths that still carry a chaos signature upon them... to move into and onto a quantum field of earths.  But with this new evolution comes even more responsibility of our applied superpowers for the other versions of earth still carrying the denser energy signatures.

I had a lady yesterday in the field that gave us a great view of what is happening.  She was suspended inside a new emerging bubble of creation energy about 10 feet above the earth.  I seen her rotating around like you would see an astronaut in zero gravity looping around head over feet.  I could also feel the solar winds coming into her bubble in front of her, creating this anti gravity spin.  The new radiation filling her body, her immediate environment, preparing her for a "soft landing" (as her team put it) into a new reality as we end the month of May in full prep for the multidimensional living called June.

Keep this in mind, a lot is being given to us right now, even more is going to be asked of us, for use in what we are harvesting and bringing back into our consciousness.  With that little sentence comes a big gulp as I get a clip from the movie Bruce Almighty where God, was the janitor, washing the floors, changing light bulbs and stuff.

I am witnessing, taking in the highly intense flow of radiation from those in Mays super power group and their amazing abilities.  The unification of 24 people, even tho they are harvesting their memories of different areas, different timelines and even beyond earths dimensions, I am seeing a cohesiveness, and interplay of strengths.... USE, unfolding.  From what I am understanding at this moment (again, as always, subject to change with more information) we are orienting ourselves to our new (to us) expanded abilities thru May and June.  Using them, playing and exploring them in our own personal worlds/created realities, strength building to use together, on purpose thru the collectives, thru all the dimensional frequencies of earth in July.

When we did Sundays hypnosis events to harvest more of our super powers thru other dimensions, thru a stargate even, I couldn't wait to do it myself.  As soon as class was done, i ran a bath, and was completely blocked.... dammit!!  I wanna know what my new super powers are... hey!!!!!! I heard our beloved mama said, your already using them... huh???  What the hell am I doing... wouldn't it be nice if I knew???  Guess not, at least not from the state of meditation.

Instead, I had completely forgotten about a youtube radio/TV show I was asked to be a guest on last month.  Kelli in the Raw scheduled me to be her guest yesterday (May 13th.)  I have got to thank the folks who rearranged their reading times to allow me this forgotten moment.  Thank you so much!!  Our subject matter was so much fun and vast and blew my own mind in response.  Especially when she had asked something about the dimensions and I could see something new added to it all... what I call the sub dimension within earth, which houses all the timelines, well, there are even subdimensions with the subdimensions that house months, days, hours, seconds.  Like a bubble within a bubble within a bubble.

If you have two hours to kill and want to laugh your ass off with us... check us out.  We will be doing it again June 18th!!  I LOVE KELLI!!  Just sayin!!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_9muZxenaA?rel=0&w=853&h=480]

This morning as I sat to write something.... I realized, I know what my initial super power is, the dimensions.. traveling, opening, closing and stuff.  Who knew!!??  I sure as hell didn't.  But, like all of us, everything about us, our focus, our abilities have been preparing us for what we are about to do, and trust me, it is life changing, earth changing...

We indeed, are the ones we have been waiting for.  So now, no more waiting... it's all about applied action!!!

I love you all so much, the most beautiful facets of the most amazing diamond core energy that ever lived.  You're awesome!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wonder, bliss and even, pure exhaustion as we grow even more!!!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html

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