Choice Points Merging Into a Major Choice Point Thru the Solstice.

  choice points merging

Well, blow me over with solstice energy!!  Actually, I am being corrected, blow me up (like an inflatable toy) with solstice energy!!  I woke up yesterday morning something after 3am to do the potty thing, I contemplated for a brief moment to get up and start my day or go back to bed.  I opted to go back to sleep.  I awoke again at 6am looking at a dark brown fuzzy image of myself (not solid, a fuzzy 3-D form made of brown energy) suspended about 5 feet above me.  I could see a single point of silver energy located directly in the spine at the sacral plexus area.  I swear I was looking at a star up in the sky, that silver energy was that small and really did resemble a star.  I actually got nervous for a long moment... holy cow, where did my light go??  Why is it there, why is it so small, where is the rest of my body.  Who could sleep or even write with all these questions running thru the brain.

I got up, did my morning ritual: potty, coffee, computer... and as I sat here at the computer, trying to think if there was anything new to write about, I started to feel... to know... that when I woke up at 3am, I was in a major choice point in my life (as most of us are right now) and had made my direction choice.  I started digging in my mind... what the hell did I choose??  I went back to sleep, please don't tell me that is a bigger, symbolic choice.  A girl needs her beauty sleep ya know!!

Outwardly, there is not a new thing I planned on doing, for right now, at least thru mid-July, my direction has already been set.  This coming week finishes up the June's Super Power course, on the 30th I head to Boston to go love on my son and grandson, the 2nd I go back to Pennsylvania for the first time since my dad died and see my siblings for a major 4th of July bash, come back home on the evening of the 11th and then back to doing what I do daily.  What the hell did I choose??  When did I choose it and how??

Spirit had mentioned major choice points thru readings many a time over the years, they had also explained that these "choice points" aren't a conscious choice like what to wear for the day or what to eat for breakfast.  It is an accumulation of energy and action from the last major choice point to now that sets into motion something new or a repeat of things unaccomplished thru free will alternate other choices to bring one back to the soul agenda instead of the egos agenda.

I kept seeing that image of my brown fuzzy energy body with the tiny silver energy beaming out of the spine.  That has to be a clue after I got over my worry that I somehow lost the light field of my body and my team kept showing me the night sky and a single star in it... I had to look up what a star is made of (my and science... long divorced) and found this easy to understand explanation:

What Are Stars Made Of:

Stars are made of very hot gas. This gas is mostly hydrogen and helium, which are the two lightest elements. Stars shine by burning hydrogen into helium in their cores, and later in their lives create heavier elements. Most stars have small amounts of heavier elements like carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and iron, which were created by stars that existed before them. After a star runs out of fuel, it ejects much of its material back into space. New stars are formed from this material. So the material in stars is recycled.

Earlier last year, thru many of the readings, helium was a major player on the field, I never really understood why... until now.

Thru smaller (spirits word, not mine) choice points, we have been collecting the energy we needed (or didn't) to come to this very moment in time, a major choice point.  This is what was being reflected to me as I woke up.  For a change, my soul wanted me to know, something has changed, shifted and is emerging.  BUT WHAT???  I really dunno.  But I felt like whatever the major choice I made as I went potty, has to be something good/positive instead of do-overs.  (Stated directly from the human point of view, spirit doesn't see anything as good or negative.)

For the rest of the day, I could feel that energy spread thru my body much like a breath.... inhale, expansion... exhale, contraction... all day long.  It was kind of a nice feeling if not woozy and floaty at times.  But again, I have no clue what I choose.... dammit!!

But I think, something bigger was revealed later in that evening.  I was sitting on my couch, scrolling my facebook wall on my phone when someone had a video of a man I think mowing a lawn at 100 years old who ate vegan for a long time and of course, credited his diet with his health with a statement that said we should all eat vegan.  Ugh... I love my steaks, my pork chops, ohhhh stuffed cabbage, milk, eggs... I must have, for the first time in my entire life, really took a moment to feel inside of my heart, my soul... is that what you really want??  Because what happened in that moment, I have never experienced before, like this.  It was as if my very soul stepped in front of my face with this amazing energy expression of love and gratitude for my personal dietary choices and stated unequivocally: "I am not here, to be here as long as I can. I am here to be the best I can Be while Here."  

For me, it was such a profound declaration and a great sentence that I hurried up and put it on my facebook wall so I didn't forget any of its words or feelings.

This profound moment in my time reminded me very much of another profound moment that happened in December 2011.  I was sitting in my car at my roommates house doing readings and was in-between sessions when out of the clear blue I heard Archangel Michael ask me "where do you see yourself in 2012."  My mind started spitting out answers... I was asked that question three different times in a matter of minutes.  I suppose he was looking for the heart reply instead of the head reply.  Suddenly, like the most loving bubble of energy rose up from my heart and declared its expression in reply "My desire is to live by myself surrounded by like minds."  There was such an emotion embedded in that, I realized, YUP that's exactly what I want for the coming year.  Within weeks... I was literally given the keys to that very thing.. which is my Home to this day.

So last evening, my souls declaration, and I know, a sneak peek into that "major choice point" was being revealed.

Now let me wrap all this into the two very different readings I did yesterday.

My first one showed up in a canoe.  There was the most beautiful cloudy like soft blue water surrounding her, 3 feet all around her and three feet beneath her.  3... action and communication.  Well, if you're in a canoe, action is required for movement and to be able to steer your way forward.  She only had one ore, which was purposeful, using the emotional side (right side of her energy field) to move forward in balance with the left side (physical life.)  She was on a calm open sea unrestricted in any and all of her desires.  She just needs to put that oar in the waters and go.  With this was the knowing for her that she is supported and surrounded by the emotional field of life, the dreams of unlimited potential and she is navigating to every outcome every hoped for and dare I say, some never hoped for too.

Contrast this with my next lady who really boggled my vision.  As we connected I watched her physical body turn into an A.  She was standing in our present moment, then suddenly arched backwards in an upside down V shape with a dirty guldens brown mustard kind of color that formed the line across that forms the A itself.  What the hell????  Is A for Apple??  Thank god her team was expressive, cuz I sure as hell would have never understood their presentation of her.

Even in this wonderful christed body, chirsted earth, duality is still very prevalent, and always will be.  We need contrast to continue to make lighter choices for our ongoing Self.  Duality is very dualistic (smile) it can (and should be) used for the acceleration of your greatest potential made manifest or it can hold you back like super glue in the denser side of itself (by our own focuses and lack of action.)

For her, it was showing one foot in the denser reality and one foot in the light the line of energy, her emotional field, keeps her connected to both, in which case, she is Here in what I call the new earth, the christed earth, but movement forward cannot happen until, as her team showed, she removed the deep connection with the denser side of life.  She already knew what she had to do and her team made sure her "language" reflected her energy too.

We use words like "I pray for..." and/or "I hope for..."  both is an energetic disconnect from the outcome.  Doubt severs strength, weakens the field of creation.  It's right up there with my pet peeve of a word "try."  Know it, do it and it will arrive in the most amazing, unexpected, exciting ways.  Hope, pray and try... that's like revving your engine but never stepping on the gas because you are not sure you will get to where you want to go or how.

As we went over some of these things, I could see suddenly, her body move from the A formation to an I formation.  Think "I Am."  Or, as I had to giggle... I literally did ask her team if the A was for Apple and then when I seen her in the I form I/they said it was like Being the iPhone...

So to bring this all back to food lol, that is one of our hardest over coming biases we have that I see out there.  I am being reminded again of another "food" conversation on someones facebook wall where she stated there is no "healthy food" where she was.  I could feel that energy well up within me to express... and the expression is much more important than many may realize: All food is healthy... if you allow it all to Be. Remember, it's all source energy...

We are in the most amazing, profound time of our incarnated lives.  Like my A frame lady, our job is to remove our dualistic thinking, expression, separation from the ALL of life.  One cannot judge something and be In-Powered at the same time.  IF you are Source energy (and you are) then all is Source energy.  Food, drugs, chemtrails, whatever that is currently deemed "negative" out there.

The choice point for all... You are One with All things or you are separate from somethings... judgement and fear has got to go, if you want to go to that land of unrestricted potential!!  But, ya don't have to, ever!!

On that note, my day begins.  I love you all so much.  Thank you for being the most amazing teachers I could have ever hoped for.  Ohhhhhhh, speaking of teachers, me and that crazy wonderful gal known as Kelli in the Raw did it again.  If you have two hours to blow, come giggle with us:




Big big (((HUGZ))) of unconditional, unrestricted Love to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas