Solstice Energy and Other Really Weird Stuff!!

shattered_illusions_by_mbaldelli Holy cow, did yesterday go off the rails into strange-land in my body.  I actually woke up with brains that kept shifting between feeling like they were filled with molasses to feeling so spacey thoughts got lost in the cracks.  I wasn't even going to write a blog, because harnessing a full and coherent thought/sentence was challenging.  But that pesky team that lives thru me.... they wanted at least some info shared, so I shared what I could before a bigger collapse of my thought processes fell apart even more.  So I wasn't completely surprised when my first reading showed up on the field and all I could see was my floor.  My antennas and my brain were elsewhere today and I knew that was going to be the way of it and I sent an email out to every reading on my dance card for the day.  Then I just got pouty, I finally have a day I have 5 readings, 5 puzzle pieces to see the bigger picture of this massive shift of energy we are in the midst of and I am as blind as a bat, psychically speaking anywayz.  Dammit!!

My second appointment for the day was a homework session for the Super Powers and it took every ounce of mental power I had to not only hear what she was saying, but to formulate replies to her has well.  My brains really felt like a helium balloon that kept floating upwards to the sky and I had to keep yanking them back down to the ground and then off they would go again.

When we finished, I called my son to wish him a happy fathers day and to see what kind of fun adventure he wanted to do with my grandson that I can treat him to.  His first choice was the science museum in boston, I went to the website to get them tickets.  OMG I could barely navigate it, I could not comprehend their maze of ticket purchases or even what was happening there.  I could feel this energy, an energy I have not felt in a good many years, start to run thru me.  Irritation.  OMG I was getting more and more irritated the more I could not comprehend this crazy site.  I called my son and told him I could not figure out what i am doing or what they (the museum) wants for payment and I was getting a bit cranky.  We switched plans, Lego Land.... grrrrrrr.  The irritation is now coursing thru my whole body... not frustration, complete irritation like someone had just given the entire insides of my body a massive brush burn.  I couldn't figure it out, so I paypaled him the money told him to do it himself because I was too irritated to continue.  So he did one better, he put my grandson on the phone... nothing like the sound of my precious angel to clear out that irritation... at least, for a minute.

I sat on my couch just trying to find center again... the use of my mental matter... and that energy of irritation became alive inside of me.  I could feel this very distinct energy come down thru my crown, scraping the walls of my whole body, rushing thru my hands and feet and I had no way of crawling out of my skin, which irritated me even more.  Then my brain got the light spins... what the fluck!!!  All I kept thinking to myself, this energy now coursing thru my body, irritating it, must be what the fuze of a firework feels like when it is lit.  It sparks and sputters and moves towards ignition.  This last for an hour or two... and then holy flipping heaven, my root chakra started to vibrate to kingdom come.  Now I am just confused.  I don't know whether I want to choke something of screw something!!  What the hell is that intense pulsing at my va-jay-jay all about, its sooo contradicting the other feeling happening at the same time.

Then I got to see it... the lady I had written about yesterday, the golden showers coming down around her from above and equally upside down too, showering up from the ground around her too.  I was in the midst of my own golden shower... well I guess part two because earlier that morning, before I even started to write my blog, I see that golden zipper up my back.  So now this is an inside the body event.  Ya know, maybe if the energy started at the root chakra the irritation wouldn't have been sooooo.... irritating!!

So there I am, in my own inner land of confusion... the pulsing energy at my root chakra hitting higher and higher notes of intensity, the light spins in my brain has me trying to hang on for dear life and that now fluid and consistent irritation energy has me shaking my hands to release it, it was just billowing out of my hands especially.

I kept getting a flash of the day priors Super Powers group hypnosis session entitled Creator.  The flow of source energy meeting with the magnetic flow of earth and soul energy together and changing the entire energy mix within the core of the body and equally the bubble of creation around the body.  But I also remembered too, that ping against my root chakra was also my signal that something was arriving in my created world that I desired and made manifest.  What the hell could it be... there is only one thing that seems to be taking an eternity to arrive and that is my divine counterpart.

I tried to find my center and becoming more and more unsuccessful.  Bathtime!!  I started to run a bath and as the water is running I am thinking, holy shit, water amplifies energies, I will flipping blow up... maybe I will color my hair instead, distract myself.  With that thought... holy shit, someone was paying attention to my thoughts and change of venue, because the energy in my root chakra exploded and there was no flipping way I could ignore the constant, intensified pulse of my body.  Geez freakin Louise!!!

I got in the bath, my whole body started to contract.  I plopped one crystal into my bathwater, my lurmerian crystal, closed my eyes and became incredibly aware of a multitude of ships, ET ships above my home, forming a circle with each other.  What the hell is that????  Their ships formed like a doughnut shape, with a hole in the middle.  The, as if collectively from each ship, this energy from the opening in the middle of their alignment started to pour into my bathtub... and there on top of me is the long lost (not seen in a long time) Jorge now known as Norte... and my still nonexistent brains was scrambling to remember what we call him now and he gave me the grace of knowing... Jorge de Norte.  His presentation of his physical self is quite distracting for me.  He is just so pretty.  For those of you who have not seen the image I had found, a Canadian actor, Adam Beach, whose image in this picture is the exact likeness of Jorge, let me share it with you:


So there is this amazingly good-looking man laying on top of me, fully clothed dammit... I am fully nekkid and he has jeans and shirt on, not fair!! lol  Maybe the clothes were an illusion so I wasn't fully and completely distracted... with his arrival on my body, holy flipping cow, I am surprised the energy coursing thru my body didn't create tidal waves in my bathtub.  But weird was about to go into overdrive...

I asked him about the name he gave me today, Jorge de Norte and the closest I could come to his energetic reply was a completion of the energy of his name presentation.  Now, keeping in mind, when he arrived in my bathtub/meditation several years ago, it was a merging of the energy of my first boyfriend, my first love, back when I was a teenager whose name was George.  Jorge (pronounced: whore-hay) is the Spanish version of George... the beginning and the end.  Or something like that...

When he changed from Jorge to Norte, north in my world of readings is the future direction, so there was a feeling of him arriving from the future.

So we had this crazy conversation with the crazy energy between us rocking my body and what was left of my mind to distraction... but I had enough mental capacity to ask when the hell you arriving in my world, not in my bath.  I about shit when he said after I come back from my vacation, before July ends.  Really???  Shit... I'm not ready, how you getting here??  Wait if there is a portal you are coming thru, please do not just arrive in my house, you'll scare the shit out of me.  Wait, if that portal is in my house and that is the only way you can arrive, can you quickly run outside then knock on the door... (my mind was melting down lol.)

Instead of addressing my chaos, he completely took me in a very unexpected direction.  Suddenly, his head and heart was completely aligned with mine, there was a space of about a foot between at the head.  It was as if he was supporting his body with his hands, but I never seen his hands, that face is just too pretty to care about hands!!  But then suddenly this thick violet with tinges of blue energy connected our heart centers.  It was as if the alignment of hearts created this thick moveable energy that I could not tell if it was part me, part him, all one energy... I have no clue, except to say that it created an ecstasy within my body that really, really took me by surprise.  I was already rocking from head to toe, now it was like everything was vibrating to kingdom come inside and outside...  geeezzzzzz!!

But it was about to get even more bizarre and intense.  He then put his forehead on top of mine, and these two intense lights, pure white lights, mine and his merged together  as one beam of energy at the forehead.  Holy headrush batman!!  Yup... it gets stranger still... the neck... directly where the larynx is located... weird, weird, weird.... at first it was like getting a hicky and then there was this thing... something sticking out of my throat that was very phallic like that was the ummmm geez louise, source of the ummmm hickiness,  it was made of a solid like radiant white light sticking out the center of my throat.  Well, turn about is fair play... when I found his... my body could not contain the energy any longer and holy heaven talk about an explosion!!!  Phew..... the light between the heart, the third eye and that crazy thing sticking out of our necks... amplified and fused together.  Now what all that means... I have no clue and am not quite ready to find out either....

The next thing I know, he is gone and I am in my bath like a limp noodle wondering what the hell just happened!!  This is a solstice experience I will never forget!! lol

But my day of experience was not quite done yet.  I decided, I am going to color my hair anywayz.  It really is the only day I have left (time wise) to do it before I head out to see my babies.  Now, I will tell you my secrets lol... like I really have any left anywayz!!  I am not a natural blond (shocker, huh??  lol)  I was born with brown hair and have been coloring it blond since I was 17 and discovered "Sun-In."  Over the last decade, my roots have gone from dark brown to a nicely blended silver, making my need to cover my roots longer and longer, because now, I have no brown left in my roots.  Well... until yesterday.

As I am putting L'Oreal color on my roots, at first I thought I was seeing things... I could actually see my roots, they were more dark brown than they ever have been in years.  What the hell??  How the hell....?  And my memory flashed back to my odd shopping day when I was instructed to bidazzle myself for a date that evening.  I bought a nice shiny tank top, even bought eye shadow (having worn that in about a decade) and to my total and shocking surprise, at the check out counter was my favorite perfume I used to wear, again, easy a decade ago.  I stopped wearing any sort of fragrance as I started doing massages.  Delicious - Beverly Hills.  I stared at it for a long moment and my team is saying... just buy it will ya!!  Huh, really??  Now you care about my personal aroma output?  None of it had to do with my date (not my type of guy) but with changing the minds memory sorta.  Back in my 30's I was so hmmmmmm well lets just say I liked to strut my stuff and stuff.  The point was to reprogram the minds way of seeing the physical body with all the memory triggers of that decade.  Smell, looks, dress...  with it all, it will confuse the mind (more or less) as to what stage we are in and go back to that timeline/age line.  Which too, was a sneaky, but kewl reason my personal body triggered the weight loss desire.  When I was 32 (exactly 20 years prior) I lost 70 pounds... as I did this time around.


As I sit in 101 degree heat (with no a/c in my house) melting and pondering the bizarreness of this day, I get an inner prompting to look up the meaning of the name Jorge.  Well that's weird, for three years now, that has never been a prompting at all.  So I did and about shit when the literal translation from I think greek is "farmer" or "earth worker."  OMG!!  I had no idea that was the origin of the name George or Jorge... holy shit, I always knew my counterpart had to be an earth-worker.  And then I heard... of the future, earth worker from the future.  Bring it on, I need to learn to navigate earth anywayz!!! lol

Now to tie all this craziness in my single day yesterday to what I was shown thru it all with the up coming energy systems called July and August.  They are set up like maternal siamese twins, connected at the core of their systems, but looking very different in color vibration.  July is the same color violet with threads of blue like that energy I had seen between mine and Jorge's heart centers.  August, an amazing, vibrant red.

I think the closest way I have of explaining these systems, these months is... June served to turn every thing on inside of us and around us.  Fully functioning Christed Beings in body, in mind and on the fully functioning Christed Earth.  As we cross from this side of the solstice into July, our training wheels are being removed... and by August, we are fused into... whatever that means to us!!  I was really, really, really hoping to get that long view yesterday thru the readings.  But nope!!  My body and soul had very different other plans for my entrance into this crazy new system of Life!!  For those rescheduled yesterday, I am so sorry and so grateful for your understanding and patience.

On that note, enjoy this crazy ride... its a wild one and will only get wilder... if you dare!! ;-)

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of booming ecstasy made manifest!!!!

Lisa Gawlas