Give Unto YourSelf!!

your heart There are so many things I want to share today, I can easily keep you on a marathon read all day.  The field, You, are releasing so much information these days.  The wonders and the warnings.  Nurturing ourselves was a big thing in yesterday's expression.  Of putting your own wants and needs first and foremost.  How many of us got to here with the thinking of do for others then do for yourself.  Sacrifice.  Do without because you don't need it.

Love must always start at the Self.  All-ways.  If you want something, no matter what it is, dare to put the energy into having it and make sure you do it without guilt!!!

The energy of guilt clogs the lungs, creating the inability to breathe, also viewed as asthma or even COPD.  Yes, a lot of times it is the intense energies creating the contraction of the lungs, the heart center, but as I seen and understood yesterday thru a beautiful soul on the field, feeling guilty about your own wants and desires does too.  Guilt clogs the flow of life, get over it, release it and never let it set up home within you again!!  (smile) Also, not speaking your needs, wants can also create infections within.

My lady was saying she developed a fungus infection in her sinuses, i could see why clearly... not speaking her needs (of course this precious lady is a mom of 5 with a hubby, thats a lot of people pulling on you wanting their needs met thru you) and not seeing them for how important they are.  I say needs, but I am equally including wants in this too.

My own personal example and experience, which made her situation very relatable in my own world.  I spent 2 weeks spending money like I had tons of it, on things I would never have spent it on had I not been with my kids and on vacation.  I just don't spend money like that on fun things, on unneeded things, I pay my bills and save for my next adventure with my kids.  Thats about it.  Well, about half way thru my vacation, I developed a yeast infection under my boobs (excuse me, breasts ;-) ) that actually started to hurt my left (physical life) boob.  It wasn't until I got home and actually, talking with my lady did I understand the fullness of it all.  Breasts are all about nurturing, the nutrients of life released.

For the last month, my heart became set on a crazy garbage can.  To me, a very expensive garbage can.  It opens automatically (touchless) and has a carbon filter inside to eliminate odors when opened.  60 some dollars!!!  I surely don't need that and 60 bucks can be used elsewhere for better things.  I put it at the back of my mind.  When I came back from vacation, my team must have taken it from the storage space way in the back of my mind and kept dangling it at the front, tickling my crazy heart with having it.  Really???  I am becoming oddly obsessed with a new, rather expensive garbage can after coming off a rather expensive vacation!!  Not!!!  I couldn't let it go.  I actually heard my team say self sacrifice is detrimental to the field of energy.  I freakin gave in and bought it!!  I cannot tell you how flipping excited my whole Self became, weird really.  We are talking a freakin garbage can!!! lol  It seemed to frivolous and unneeded to me, wanted yes, needed, not at all.  Not even 15 minutes after I purchased it, someone bought a package that replaced the exact money I just put out.  Phew.  And then more came in, and more and my team says this is how important it is to give in to your own desires.  If you see anything as less important for yourself than it would be for someone else (I would have bought this garbage can in a heart beat for my kids had they wanted one) it holds energy away from you, like putting a wedge between you and all that wants to come to you.  But we weren't done yet.  For the last year, I have wanted a Direct TV Genie.  It can record up to 5 shows at once instead of the 2 that my DVR allows.  I record most everything I watch so I can fast forward thru the commercials.  When I called them about it months ago, they wanted $150 from me for the upgrade, I declined, I didn't want it that much.  It was sitting on my mind before I left for vacation, to call Direct TV and just ask them to give it to me for free for being a great customer.  So I did just that when I came back.  Holy shit, not only did they give me a Genie free, they included a Genie mini too and waved the installation fee... all of this for free!!  YAY, well merry freakin christmas to me... to us!!!!

Why can't we have it all??  Abundance is ours for the taking, and that's not just money, its everything.  We can get really clogged up by not taking for ourselves.  When we give with pure heart and love without expectation of anything coming back (important energy there) something has to come back to us to keep the balance, but if we keep saying no thank you, let someone else have it, we get clogged up energetically.

Something else hit me square between the eyes yesterday too.  I was reading the comments on the Kelli in the Raw youtube show we did last month (we are doing another one on the 28th) and seen someone talk about staying away from alcohol while I was on vacation.  Hey!!  I planned on drinking and even bought TWO bottle of Tequila Rose to indulge in at my brothers campground for the 4th of July weekend.  And I drank one and a half of those yummy bottles in 2 days!!  I have not drank that much in well over a decade.  I was even ok with a hangover, should I have one.  I didn't, not even that dull headache that comes with over consumption and trust me, on the 4th, I truly over consumed and wiggled my ass off all night long!!  My body knew what I wanted and kept pace with it all.  That really is a true relationship, give and take.  Nothing in this whole world will ever harm you when you are in a balanced relationship with anything, with everything!!

There is a lot left to share, but I am going to save that up for tomorrow.  Of the things I am making sure I give myself are the days off my team has been trying to get me to honor for this past year (work three off one) and today is a day off... grocery shopping day.  Even with that, I have been restraining myself all week, hearing my old thoughts saying, but you've only been reading for three days after 2 weeks off, you really don't need a day off.  True.  But my cupboards do!! lol  Gotta go get stuff to throw in my new fancy garbage can!! lol

Ohhh and BTW, my boobs are clear again.  YAY!!

Thank you for being such an amazing, stunning reflection of the beauty of God, Creator, Source... I love you so flipping much.  I hope you can feel how much I love you back, even those who may have not ever said a word to me yet... I feel you.  I love you!!!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of boundless abundance to ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  By the request of my own spiritual team, I am leaving my vacation special ongoing for this week.  

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give to yourself