Welcome to the Abundant, Amazing Field of August!!!

work that energy Well here we are, August numero uno!!! YAY??  Dammit if I don't feel any different today than I did yesterday.  I was really hoping 10 years would have fallen off while I slept, but nope, the mirror still reflects the silly old me today.  But that's ok, I love that chick in the mirror.  Mentally I am pretty damn sure I am regressing tho!! Or is that digressing??  lol :-p Alright, enough silliness...

Can I just ask, do you fully realize just how extraordinary you are?  How filled and surrounded with amazing creative energy your body and life is??  How much, your passionate heart altered everything??  I see you and the changes that are taking place because YOU are in life, day after day.  You change me every single day.  I Am better, because You are in my life.  I am honored, and humbled, and beyond grateful that you keep showing up day after day.  And without fail, you always give me something new to look at, to ponder, to take deeper into our collective understanding.  Just thank you so much for filling my world, altering my mind, the way only You can.

And yesterday I had a lot to ponder.  A couple of weeks ago, I talked about seeing that opening at the end of this year.  A foot wide opening as this year ends that was filled with intense white light and was releasing subatomic particles that was billowing to our current timeline, which is where I had seen that membrane that stretched as high and wide as my eyes could see in the center of August.  I am not sure how it happened, but yesterday thru a few of the readings, it moved to Here, the gateway between July and August, but now, billowing upwards to fill in all the nooks and crannies of life.  What I hear right is spirit saying it is a subsystem of the main system.  In the simplest of terms, it is intensifying the magnetic flow of life, thru you and to you.  So the air itself is highly magnetic, your energy field within your body, highly magnetic.

For those who have linked up the ego mind with the soul mind, look out baby, this is truly going to be the time of your life!! If you thought things were magical before, that was just the pre-party!!!  But let me tell ya, you must show up, be present and dress for the occasion!!!  You are more an active participant now than ever before.

Something I learned yesterday, these intense weather systems that we have seen, the 8 plus feet of snow in Massachusetts, the daily rain here in the desert, the storms, floods, earthquakes, volcanos and all the other things I am just not aware of, all serving to bring this energy forward.  To change the energy of the landmass to something different, more vibrant and ready for us crazy folks.  The ones who know they are made of magic.  ARE Magic.

You can certainly "blame" it on other things, like HAARP, Cern, bad ET's, whatever, but that simply states you really don't see the magic and I am really sorry about that.  If ya don't see it, really understand the beautify of it, that equally means, you have no idea how to use it as an asset.  Instead, it leaves a gaping hole within your field that allows outside influences to influence you.  The magnetics of life are not biased, there is no good or bad, just intense within your field of vibrational understanding and output.

I do want to share what happened with my son yesterday.  What an amazing, living example of how this all works to the greatest degree.  My son is 32, lives this path like we do, understands it and shares himself thru it.  As I mentioned, he once again (not the first time with the company he has been working for) suddenly got laid off instead of going into work 2 days ago.  He took to craigslist, threw himself thru every door he could find seeking painters/contractors.  Sight unseen, 20 minutes later, he was hired by a company to start the next day for more money than he was making.  Within a few hours he had all kinds of offers and one in particular that really drew him in.  He chose to forgo the much-needed money job that started the next day to be in an interview with a company that really rocked his heart.  He showed up for the interview amongst several other guys seeking a job as well.  They made him prove he can paint, and let me tell you, my son can paint!!  They gave him a personality test and not only was he the only one hired on the spot, starting the next day, again for more money than he would have been making.  This company, with framed quotes from "The Secret" hanging upon their walls, knowing he gave up making money to be there for an interview, gave him $200 cash to compensate for his time!!  This job comes with full benefits and 8 paid holidays a year to include his birthday.  Can you imagine that??  A company that sees the day you were born as a holiday worth celebrating and paying you to enjoy??  That see's the sacrifice of your desire and compensates you for it???

But then again, this is truly how my son ran his company when he was in Virginia.  Maybe not the benefits, he was still tweaking his cash flow, but he took care of his employees before he ever took care of himself.

With that, I suddenly get a remembrance of a reading in the field a while back.  A lady who showed up and directly in front of her was a tri-fold full length mirror.  Imagine now, we all have this directly in front of us, less than a foot away from our bodies.  That means, the length of time of reflection back to you is close to instantaneous.  What you put out emotionally in the physical field of life flows in to BE your center path forward.

There is no reason in the world to be in a job, a home, an environment you don't love and that may not even love you.  Put yourself out there, throw yourself thru all the doors you can find, that which is resonate with who you are, will be tripping over themselves to get you!!  Sit around and wish you were somewhere else doing something else, that is creating a gap between you and what you could have.

This is not held to just employment.  A couple of years ago I decided to get a soundbar for my TV.  I LOVE my 60" big screen TV but the speakers inside of it, crappy.  When it rains, I could not hear the TV on full blast over the rain.  I bought a refurbished, inexpensive soundbar from ebay and loved it up until yesterday, it died.  Dammit.  It was not the one I had wanted back then.  I wanted wireless subwoofer, I would have liked more surround sound speakers, but I would not invest more than $100, for you.. yes, for me, ain't happening.  It worked well enough for the two years I had it and that's fine.  But going back to TV speakers.... ewwww.  I gotta have a new soundbar, and all I kept thinking of was my crazy magical new garbage can... Why not have the bells and whistles??  I took to amazon, found one refurbished that had a wireless subwoofer, two alternate exterior speakers and the soundbar too all for $150!!  I had money set aside for my bills that are not due anytime soon... and invested into my listening pleasure.  No guilt, no saying, but you don't need that... there were others as cheap as $67, no subwoofer tho.  How can I rock my Pandora radio without the bass of a subwoofer??

So, the moral of the story here lol, life is moving things around, out of your way so you can have what you really wanted.  If we go into pissy mode and complain and grumble and not see the gift of it... well... thats on you, not the magic of the field of life!!

Nothing is ever as it seems!!

Happy, abundant, delicious August my friends, my beloveds!!

((((((HUGZ))))) filled with the music of life booming thru your cells!!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html