No Limits on Reaching for the Fruits of Your Life!!

reach higher What a freakin wild ride day one was and the visuals... num num num... But before I go on about the amazingness of you, of the field and you together.  I so gotta share the ongoing wonder of my sons amazing world.  I mean, a true living example of how this intensity of magnetics work, now.  When he came out of that interview having the most wonderful job on earth, his excitement, his gratitude was over the top.  I told him I wish I was there to go out and have a celebratory drink with him, but instead a friend of his got to go instead.  He went to a chinese restaurant and ordered a Scorpion Bowl, not something filled with food, but alcohol which is a $20 investment!  His friend bought the first one he bought a second one.

scorpian bowl

The magic of joyful gratitude was so high, the waiter took $15 off the price.  So instead of paying $40 they ended up only having to pay $25!!  While he is celebrating with his drink on get one special (smile) a friend of his puts on his facebook that she has 2 tickets to Fenway park that night to see the red sox play... she cannot go, does anyone want them.  He raised his hand and was instantly blessed with a pair of tickets worth $600 that came with sitting at your own private bar to watch the game.  He said he didn't get there until about the 7th inning, the red sox were down one run.  Three more pitches after they arrived, the red sox batter hit a home run and the crowd went crazy and the red sox went on to win the game.  A photo from his awesome seats:

fenway park

As he was telling me all this all I could feel is this is how the universe celebrates you, celebrating yourself.  It has magical ways of showing up, applauding your alignment with the joy of life and kissing you right smack dab on the lips.  But you must show up dressed for the occasion (emotional dress of course!!)

Let's take this incredible, wonderful experience of my sons and wrap it around the energy of my first lady in the field, who equally lives like my son does, putting herself out there, creating, energizing, no waiting, just doing.

Her visual left me drooling for the rest of the day.  There she was all Cleopatra style on this chariot being carried forth by 6 (3 on each side) of the hottest, half-naked men.  Adonis style.  OMG, their ripped, bronze bodies sweaty and glistening from the sunlight.  Forget her, my eyes were trained on this freaking scrumptious men!!  Sorry, still got Magic Mike embedded in me somewhere.


She was sitting just like that, on something very similar except it was made of a tight weave of Light blue something or another.  Now this is one hellofa way to kick off August!  Other than tantalizing our girlie senses inside, there really was a huge expression thru the visual.  Everyone one of us is the divine feminine, the dreamer of this world we live within.  I don't care what your body is, it has nothing to do with that.  Life itself, the divine masculine, here to carry your dreams into reality, effortlessly.  3 on each side, action and communication must happen.  Put the two 3's together you have 33, christed energy, LIVING fully in spirit here on earth.  Life is sexy, it IS sexual, it is fertile and it is Here to serve your desires, for as long as they aren't embedded with judgement and stuff... that would be the filtered earth, a very different scenario, which I have not seen yet.

You can easily put my sons few days into this chariot of life, he showed up, put excited emotion out there thru all the doors he could find, life came back, picked his whole body up and not only pointed him in the direction of phenomenal career, but the way celebrate the day prit-near for free too!!

Effortless living is happening now, thru you!!!

I mentioned yesterday my soundbar died, and it really did.  So I thought.  I tried everything to get that system to work, even pulled up troubleshooting thingies from the web, nothing worked.  Seeing all the magic show up in the readings yesterday, for shits and giggles, I turned my TV on then turned my soundbar on... holy miracles, it worked effortlessly!!  Geez, I just spent $166 for a new one, now I don't need it.  I spent the day turning if on, off, up, down... just to see if it stopped working again.  Nope.  All I could think is, I don't need this new one, and I really don't want it.  The one I have is actually wonderful, as long as it's working. A part of me started to feel guilty at the thought of canceling my new purchase since it wasn't shipped out yet.  I kept hearing the very thing that came thru the field "life is not like humans, it doesn't care if you say thanx, but no thank you."  Every single time I started to feel bad about canceling that order, my team repeated that sentence over and over.  I canceled it.

My magical garbage can, which really does make me freakin smile every time I throw something away, is a vivid reminder of how we work now.  Wave our hand over life itself, it opens doors/lids for you effortlessly.  Just like my cleopatra lady!!

I had another lady show up, and her visual too, is burned in my heart.  There she was, standing in the center of her life, all normal size when suddenly she grew really freakin tall, easily 10-15 feet tall and as she grew, she was leaning forward into what we would perceive as her near future.  Suddenly I seen a partial tree a few feet in front of her with high hanging fruit on it, very specifically, a pear!!  Because she instantly grew tall enough to reach that pear, she plucked it off the tree.

The fruit of her life is in front of her, yes, some things may seem out of reach, but if you can remember... excuse me, KNOW you are as large as you perceive yourself, nothing is ever out of reach, unless you declare it to me.  You are loaded with magic, and incredible carriers of your hearts desires into your created world of matter.

I also know why her team used a pear, I had just looked up the calorie content of a pear and holy cow, was not expecting near a 100 calories in one little pear!!  I am not dieting but am still very mindful of how much calories I am consuming.  I bought two pears when i went grocery shopping and was seriously considering giving them away.  But thru the magic of my ladys reading, nothing is to rich, to high, too caloric if it brings you pleasure and joy.  Nothing is stored that isn't used, nothing rots in this life... unless you give the energy to.  Judgement, bias, old thoughts in a new world manifest faster than the speed of light.

My fruitful lady is buying a house that does seem out of her reach, higher than she thinks she can afford or land.  But her team said, know inside that all she has to do is lean into her desire and the field of life (those sexy, sexy men lol, sorry, I'm obsessed now lol) will carry the dream into reality, no matter how high it may seem.  But we also have to allow the universe to use its creative forces to bring it to us, we must act on it and whoomp there it is!!

Like my son, if he didn't go have big ass drinks, there would be no discount that he was gifted.  If he didn't look at his facebook at the exact right moment and raise his hand instantly, there would be no free $600 seats to a red sox game.  YOU must show up in your life and participate by leaning in... no more working your ass off to have something, just lean in my beautiful magicians.  KNOW with all you have, something is already working out.

There were several people still undergoing intense energy stuff... I don't even know what to call it, infusions, alignments, neither the right word/expression, but we don't have the words in our vocabulary to say it accurately.  For some it will last the first 3 full days of August, others a bit longer.  All perfect, intense.  Like my filet master I wrote about a couple of weeks back.  His skin is now that membrane of acceleration, he has 3 lightning bolts coming in 3 hour intervals over the next 3 days.  Talk about 3 and 33 energy!! The action and communication of Christ!!!

On that note, I gotta go buckle myself in before my day starts today.  The energies are so high, so rarefied my head has a really hard time keeping up with everyone on my dance card.  Of course, my insane calendar keeps putting 7 appointments on a day, which should be impossible... but... nothing is impossible any longer!!

I love you, my christed, fruit bearing, fertility gods and goddesses of life!!  Thank you for rocking my world all-ways!!  Ohh, just an added note from my team, remember, you are not only the dreamer, you may be the very thing making someones dream come true... god and goddess lives within you!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of... well... everything!!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Gotta share a funny video from my first lady that she shared with me!!  Damn, I cannot embed this clip, so just click here to watch a clip from "The History of the World." So funny, yet, so fitting too!!!