Your Puzzle Piece Changed, Where Are You Feeling In Now??

Computer generated image - Search For Solution Well, if yesterday wasn't an interesting day from start to finish.  For me, a day of intense understanding, slowly but surely.  First, my team leaned on me to write that blog in the afternoon, which alone is odd, but at least I felt slightly useful since I couldn't "see" again.  However, something happened I have never before experienced when sharing, as I was writing the last paragraph, closing the sharing, my solar plexus started to burn, I mean freakin hurt.  If you ever had an ulcer attack, or seriously harsh indigestion, what I started feeling was similar.  That intense fire in my belly lasted until I hit the publish button, then, like magic, it just stopped.  What the hell was that all about??  The only thing I could figure is like a fiery sealant lol.  Not only did it stop as fast as it started, my eye started to heal instantly to.  The swelling quickly retreating, the pickiness on the surface of the eye, retreating.  Ok, talk about a kick in the stomach to fix things or seal them up or however that worked out!!  lol

I sat on my couch for a little while, waiting to see if that fire was going to flair back up in my solar plexus, it really freakin hurt.  It didn't, but instead, it was like being washed in love.  The feeling of love started to not only wash over me, but fill me from the inside too.  I'll take this over fires in the gut any day!! lol

It was also made clear that bunch of wires I seen sticking out of my crown the other day, represented not only my current antennas but many others that are going to come into play as we move forward.  Kewl beans!!  I love new growth, expansive abilities and figuring out how to use them/me now.

But as the day moved on, I realized there was much more happening than being able to pull new trix out of my hat...

I wanted to get information that my daughter needed to her, but just calling someone in jail ain't happening.  I was thrilled to see the new facility she was moved to actually has a program where you can send and receive emails from your incarcerated loved one.  Of course, everything comes with a cost, but no where did they mention on the site, how much it would cost.  I put $10 on her email account and proceeded to write her a letter with all the information she needs and the phone numbers she needs as well.  Once I finished it, it was only then I found out it is $2.00 to send one email, and additional 50 cents if you want an approved notice.  YES, I do.  The first place I leaned towards was bitching, not that fun-loving bitching, but the judgement side of bitching... TWO DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS!!!????  Really... what a freakin racket!!  I spent a good half hour venting and I was even going to take to public venting on facebook... and as I did, everything started to shift from the inside out.  I could feel deep inside of me the shift from bitching to gratitude.  Even as I typed out what I was going to say, the words rearranged themselves to reveal I am so grateful that I have the ability to communicate with my daughter thru various means.  The price tag was meaningless, what I was capable of doing was all that mattered.  A shift so profound and redirecting in gratitude, a genuine gratitude that I choose not to post anything, I no longer felt like I did.

Understanding why this shift, this important shift to seeing the blessing instead of the reason to bitch would become even clearer as I read a post from a dear friend on facebook.

Should I choose to look at the $2.50 and how I once felt about it, thru my own emotional field, my ability to send emails would diminish, the flow of $2.50 to send emails would cease to exist because I didn't feel the gratitude, instead, I looked at it as thieving from a system holding my baby girl.  The unbiased, incredibly loving universe would make sure I no longer had the freedom to spend $2.50 to send my daughter emails.  When you/I change to a true and genuine gratitude that comes from deep within, I will never run out of $2.50 or any amount of needed money to keep the lines of communication open.

In its simplest forms, this is how the laws of attraction work and they are not forgiving in any realm now.  The shift, must come from within you.  I can send you love, my energy of gratitude all day long, but until it is coming from deep within you, you are creating what you may be bitching about.

Let's look at things that seem less personal and yet something I hear a lot of bitching being done over.  The financial system and money itself.  See it as bad, as broken as anything that is heavily being talked about out there... for you, it will be that way.  You are inviting it into your life to be that.   To get to the true and genuine emotion within yourself that you do love money, the flow of it in and out of your realm, the honor of it all regardless of the system it works thru... that is where your magic and flow becomes endless.  It is, ALL-WAYS your choice every moment of every day.  It is not enough to simply change your words, altho that's a good start, you MUST change your feelings about anything for anything to change.

Another thing I learned, or perhaps really remembered from my friend and also my trek to hear, who and what you are spending time with matters as much as how you feel about your own life and the things presenting themselves to you within it.  When it comes to group energy, you cannot go any further than the one in lesson.  Meaning, karma flows to the one in lesson so that all can be a part of the lesson... for better or worse.

If you are looking to increase your ability to be in the center of joy and love and gratitude and abundance in your own world, surround yourself with others who already live that... the change will be amazing for all, but most especially, for you.

So, having changed my inner place to loving gratitude and wanting my daughter to know that I love her no matter her choices, I took to the iCare website of the facility she is in.  Until this moment I was saying... highway robbery again.  I know she is not eating and says the jail food is horrific and the iCare program allows you to purchase snacks for your inmate.  They have a Choco Latte package... and knowing that chocolate releases the same endorphins as hugs and I really want to hug her, I bit the bullet and purchased this package of:

Choco Latte

  • Tasters Choice Freeze Dried Single Serve (5)
  • Mocha Cappuccino (2)
  • Hot Chocolate (2)
  • Reeses PB Cup (2)
  • Milky Way 1.84oz (1)
  • M&Ms Peanut 1.74oz (1)
  • Twix Caramel Cookie Bar 1.79oz (1)
  • Baby Ruth 2.1oz (2)
  • Kit Kat 1.5oz (2)
  • Snickers Bar 1.86oz (2)
  • Chocolate Cup Cake (2)
  • Grandmas Chocolate Chip Cookies 2.5oz (2)
  • Thank You Postcard

For $25, plus tax, plus $5.95 delivery fee, totalling $33. I smiled at the $33, Christ, probably more than anyplace, needs to hang in jail and spread love and its coming in the form of chocolate!!!

Even in my hesitation, I hear within myself, look at flowers, we send overpriced flowers all the time to our loved ones regardless of the fee.  True.  So my baby will get a bouquet of chocolate and I am so grateful I have it to give.

As my body and mind settled down for the evening, just above me about 5 feet, I could see a box of really large puzzle pieces being spilled upside down.  I knew it represented all of us, new alignments, sudden changes and realignments are happening.  The shifting between the filtered earth where lag is needed is as easily moved into and out of what I call the accelerated world where you create at the speed of love.  And I know, the field has once again changed to represent this and I pray I get the language down, the understandings down faster than usual.  We have until August 15th to decide fully, emotionally, which field we will occupy.

I seen a little thingie on facebook that gave a wonderful new perspective on the "glass half full" analogy.  It doesn't matter if you see the glass half full or half empty, it's the knowing it is always being refilled that matters!!

Have an amazing day my beautiful, beautiful souls in human dress!!  I love you more than I can possibly put into words.  Thank you for loving me that much too!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of joyful gratitude to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas