Here We Are!! Holy Flipping Cow Batman!!!

new earth Wow did we land in an interesting place yesterday!!  The biggest change of venue that was presented a yesterday, is how we should be looking at what we consider totem's from here on out.  We are to embody, BE that energy system in all we do.  I had a lady with a flock of seagulls imbedded in her energy system, all around her from left to right, flapping their wings like crazy.   Her job, since she is the front part of the flight of seagulls, the V or wind break if you will, is to get them all flapping together at the same time.  Meaning, the wisdom they exude, she exudes and her responsibility is to be that to others.  Another lady had this amazing Orca as part of her body, the tail of the orca a part of her feet.  But I will get to her amazing position in my life later.

With so many of the readings these last two days, really emphasising your superpowers, how to start building that in your world, within yourself, I had a lady that just threw me for a loop.  Even when her team stated what I was seeing, I completely and utterly missed it... until it became so obvious I was shocked I didn't get it!  I also (eventually realized) this is not an either or time, there is a "little of both" moment too.  Accelerated and filtered.

My lady showed up on the field and these clear glass bead looking things started pouring down from the sky all around her.  I watched them fill the space between her body and what I call the bubble of creation around her, which typically (but not always) is about a 3 foot circumference around our bodies.  So these glass bead looking things filled her up to her waist:


I am desperately trying to understand what these things mean to her, of course, I'm thinking superpowers.  Even tho her team showed me an image of a fish tank, a lucky bamboo plant with its roots in between these beads, and they said several times they help the "filtration" process, I remained clueless.  Her team also said that the easiest part was placing them from foot to waist, the entire root chakra area, the rest will fill in over the next several days.  They also explained, these are not crystals nor glass, which left me more boggled, again because I am trying to understand them as a superpower device, not a filtration device.  Bless my lady, she was getting aggravated with me and let me tell you, being the in between of one thing and another (her and her field) for once, was actually rather unpleasant, a learning experience in itself.  She blurted out with some increasing anger that I don't give her anything she can use, and that this all means nothing to her.  She wants to know about her health or her life and instantly, phew baby a massive energy system came in off her field, and literally started a burning sensation up my legs and her team said, with a sternness I am so not familiar with in readings "You decide your health, your decide your life's path."   I told her word for word what they said but equally told her about the fire in my legs, I have felt anger like that in ready, so fast and sudden and in my freakin in legs!!  Can you imagine if the energy of her legs weren't filtered, I would have burns on mine!!

She hung up on me. Well, I really thought we might have gotten disconnected.  I waited a minute for her to call me back, nope... so I called her back, not surprised it went to the answering machine.  As I was leaving the message that we got disconnected, I heard her team say, no she hung up on you...

I sat there stunned on all levels.  It's not the first time I've pissed someone off in a reading, altho, very rare, but it is the first time I had ever felt the burn of anger come in off the field to fill my legs.  I got to an understanding tho and what an amazing teacher she was to me yesterday and is to all of us today.

I had time to ponder the bigger message that we didn't get to in her reading, since my next appointment was in quantum soup stage and I couldn't see her.  Over the coming days, more of these beads will fill her container to match the particular energy systems (sacral chakra, solar plexus and so on) and the reason her root chakra was clear is because she is not fully on the filtered earth and not fully on the accelerated earth, but the space inbetween as she harness, controls her emotions and expectations.  She is not alone!!

My Orca lady, my last connection of the day, started showing up about 10 minutes before our appointment.  I could see this massive whale (I had no idea it was an orca until we connected) in the stance of leaping upwards out of the oceans waters and the waters spreading apart as he ascended from them.  The waters were stunning, a Light filled blue that had me just swimming in them too.  I needed that!!

I explained to her what I learned from my seagull lady earlier, she is endowed with the qualities of the orca and her job is to understand and employ their uses for herself and others.  Her team explained the feeling of just floating no where for the last few years was actually her aligning to the swimming orcas, even tho she had no idea where she was going, she arrived here and the full exchange of energy and information was fully hers now.  Her team also said, it will take thru the end of Oct to fully employ these active skills as a tangible package she could offer to others.

So for those of you who have felt like you have been adrift for a long while, find out what your totem is and how you are now the living energy system of that.  Our responsibility, of the living energy system of "Being That" on earth, huge!!

Well, swimming in the waters of my orca lady must have ignited that pond I play in called "plenty of fish," because within hours, my phone was lighting up with several new contacts and messages being sent.  I really don't play on there much, I have really settled into the fact I want someone who not only can speak my language of spirit, but plays and dabbles himself.  But I entertained myself by replying to this new school of  fishies that found me yesterday.  One really caught my attention, first because his photo was just pretty.  Long hair, just feeling comfortable in his own skin and not trying to look like anything.  Ohhhhh my dear god, when I read his "About me" section of his profile... wait, I will share it with you:

The latest discoveries in theoretical physics posit that we are not really solid entities, or even entities in any sense of the word, but rather dynamic energy patterns whose constituent "particles" are constantly arising from nothingness, held in place by genetic instructions for a spell, and dissolving back into nothingness. Observation creates both matter and experience, so devoid of an observer, matter is as mythical a notion as Sasquatch. No offense to Sasquatch, of course. That being said, this purely theoretical male nonentity figures he may as well focus his consciousness on the pursuit of meeting a like-minded purely theoretical female nonentity with whom to pass the time until entropy does it's job and dissolves the whole lot of us back into the ether. And why not?

My whole freakin body lit up like a christmas tree!!!  And we engaged in back and forth messages and my tree was getting brighter.  OMG, adorable, intelligent, metaphysical with a nice helping of humor, have I hit the fishing lottery?  I had to keep squishing down the fact he is 7 years my junior, but hey, its time to not care about that.  He gave me his phone number and I pondered the thought of calling him.  I have not engaged in phone conversation with anyone since the last attempt at dating a fishie from this site and he was already stewed in plenty of beers.

Outside the a storm was making magic, winds blowing like mad, thunder clapping its presence to earth and the rains raging downward.  I thought ok, team... I need your help here.  I am engaged in this mans ability to express himself, but I need a little help.  If how I am feeling is true and he is who e presents himself to be, toss me a rainbow please.

Not even a whole 5 minutes later:



I about shit really!!  I picked up the phone and had the most lively, not a dead second between us, hour-long conversation about theology, metaphysics, reincarnation, religion, the state of the world, politics, the show Breaking Bad and crazy family things.  This man could surely be a male version of me and it was freakin fun!!  Since I have to go into Albuquerque on Wednesday, we are meeting for coffee.

When I hung up with him, smiling ear to ear, there was a distinct buzz in my solar plexus.  OMG, do us old folks still get butterflies... shit this was not a butterfly it was a flock of hummingbirds buzzing around in my solar plexus.  Kewl freakin beans.  30 minutes past and that buzz is still rockin my core... and it started to stretch out and moved between my heart and solar plexus.... until I finally went to bed an hour later.

However, back down to the density of non reality (smile) today is my daughters bond hearing.  In that regards, I keep having to pull myself up and out of feeling horrible because I really do not want her to get bond.  She is much more emotionally reachable in jail than she is on the streets.

There is more that came thru yesterday from the blessings of your presence on the field, but alas, my day begins.

Big big giant (((HUGZ))) filled with wonder and rainbows to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas