The Highs, The Lows, The Gifts!!

roller-coaster I didn't get too far into readings yesterday before my entire solar plexus became tied up in knots and my plummeting emotional field shut off the bright light of you.  But the two I did get in, and the extreme news of my daughter, really put this moment into an amazing perspective.  But also, a reading from the day prior and my own ongoing experiences, really sets a lot of this understanding into a much wider perspective.  I think I will start there...

My lady had two images of her standing back to back of each other, one facing the west, one facing the east.  Then I seen each one start to march outwards into the direction they were facing.  What I found interesting is that once the movement started, the only form I could see was the one marching to the east, or the right side of her field, the emotional/spiritual side.  Even tho I could feel her energy doing the same as it marched to the west, the left, into physical life, I could not see her form any longer, the emphasis being on the emotional/spiritual path.  Instead of her path stretching out into what I would call future, it stretched out to the east, came thru my house, and ended out in ET-ville.  I am now clearly understanding the shift to the right, think about it as an intense learning period.  The road before her was not straight out, instead there were large hills and sudden dips in the road.  That I understood and understand even more today... the dips we take in our emotional field when something suddenly alters its own course.  The experience and allowing these dips in emotions allow us to climb a new hill, see and experience and employ a new perspective.  Her team even said this alternate route will last thru the very last of September.  Intense peaks and valleys of learning experience that is setting her up for her "new marching orders."   I guess we can look at it as a mini school!!

In contrast to that, yesterday's two readings showed that we will also be experiencing many "gifts" from the universal heart of Life.  Our soul song dropping the notes of our desires into our life for those that had kept their heart, their voice and their power aligned with what they desire (instead of what they don't desire.)  That understanding ties the imagery and information from both ladies together.

Of course, these gifts are already underway, as I think about my son's incredible experience with his new job, and he is still working out the kinks in his own life, but much of the stress that created those kinks, slowly eliminating themselves. I spent time yesterday moving between the emotional field of my daughter and the excitement of my coffee date (today.)  Easily a year ago, when my team presented my new Jorge de Norte they had assured me (which I had not only long forgotten about, but pretty much given up on too) that when Norte crosses the path into my world, I would know by the energy in my core.  Spirits idea of coming soon, and our idea of what soon means, is often time separated by many moths or years!!  They need to get on our time page!!!

With the passage into the fields of August 1st and beyond, we are going to see and experience many of our desires show up suddenly in our lives.  YAY!!!

And then there is the contrast.  God forbid we should be so removed from the energy of duality it completely leaves us alone.  Of course, and I hear this quite loudly right now, we are separated from it in spirit, what would be the point on earth?  Dammit!!

So, to change the subject but yet recap this exciting part, for those who lead their lives from the heart and soul of their Being, the doorways are going to open and flow amazing shit (smile) to you for the taking/receiving.

The contrast is extreme.  Instead of doors swinging open, they will shut closed before you even get to it, if your emotional lead is via the ego, the anger, the jealousy, the self loathing... the FEAR!!

My daughter called me at exactly the same time as my 3rd reading of the day.  I took her call instead of making his.  And how wonderful this universe is, as she told me she was denied bond, the call dropped, allowing me to call him quickly and tell him why I would be late.  Thank god he understood, I no sooner got that out and she called me right back.

Not only was she denied bail, which didn't surprise me and in my own weird way, relieved me too.  That is, until she started to tell me why she was denied bond.  It seems this prosecutor dug deep into her past, all the way back to 4th grade, the first time she was charged and found guilty of stealing her best friends christmas money of $200.  This prosecutor presented the judge with every charge she has had since then, even if they were dropped, didn't matter, she presented that too.  Until yesterday, no one ever really looked at her history that deeply before and now, it's going to bite her in the ass, hard.  Not because she has a history, but because she has done absolutely nothing to change any of it in any way.  In Virginia, you can get up to 20 years for grand larceny.  She already has one conviction on her record and is facing two more the last of sept and the beginning of october and she has a prosecutor that quite literally told the judge she is detriment to society and the judge agreed.  And for the second time this month, my heart shattered.  My daughter's heart finally shattered too and is now scared, which is not a bad thing at all.

I felt into this prosecutor, she really is out for blood, to get valorie off the streets for as long as the courts will allow.  There is no mercy.  But then again, mercy has been granted 5 times this year alone and nothing changed.

I spent the rest of the day trying to untie the knots in my stomach and seeking guidance from our spiritual teams.  One again, I was reminded of that stick that I had seen in meditation.  Waterlogged, rotting, and breaking... but equally and most importantly, it was thrown upwards in an arc and in that arc is when it snapped in two.  An opening.  A break so complete that the new is all that is left.  We are going to see this happen in many sectors of many lives.  And like my lady with her emotional new marching orders, WE are being schooled on how to lead the way out of the dark and into the Light of a New Day.  So when we hit those valleys, the emotional plummets our jobs are to learn from them, understand how to elevate them to new perspectives for ourselves and others.  We are so accustomed to wanting to get rid of those heavier emotions instead of learn from them.  Take a day or two and feel the wisdom coming thru, should you find yourself in that experience.

So for those ready to lead by example, express from the Light of their Soul, much will be asked of you, of us but equally too, much will be given.

I have been asked by some people if they can help my daughter.  Now that I know she is in jail until at least October 2nd when her hearing is, feel free to write to her, print off quotes of inspirations and mail them to her.  She had mentioned yesterday, having shown up for her bond hearing with no one there in the courthouse seats on her behalf, that she feels so all alone.  She felt that long before yesterday and now, it's all going to rise to the surface.  We all can help her see there is no such thing as all alone.  So if you feel inclined to send her some love (please, no judgement, no preaching) here is her mailing address:

Valorie Gawlas  0039229 (interesting set of numbers there... huh??)

Unit 2 Pod 6-E (again, interesting numbers, E being a number 5)

Hampton Roads Regional Jail, PO BOX 7609

Portsmouth, VA 23707

They are rather strict at what you can and cannot mail to someone.  If you are unsure, the website is and click on the mail inmate link.

ADDED NOTE post publishing lol!!  I just got out of the shower and another visual from the other day was presented to me that I so understand even more today.  One of my beautiful lady's out on the field asked about her family, her daughter, grandchildren and her son in law.  The visual was actually shocking, if not a little on the gross side.  I could see her son in law being sliced open from the top of his left shoulder, where the arm connects to the shoulder and the gash went diagonal down to his heart.  Thank god, the blood was minimal, like with laser surgery instead of the actual sword I had seen when I asked... what the freakin hell!!

Archangel Michaels sword of truth came down and severed this mans "reach for life" all the way down to the heart.  I have never ever seen Michael's sword do such a thing, but again, now I get it.  When our emotional field is so off kilter with where we are (not supposed) to go(ing) a severing MUST now take place to keep the person and those around them free from harm.

Again, coming back to the laser surgery... there will be blood lost (life force energy taken away) on purpose, to seal it up and change it all.  No need for everyone to lay bleeding in the streets, just the one trying to take others to their realm.

Well, my day is now about to start and my team made sure I entered this part in too.  Michael is stepping up to be the true warrior bad ass that he is!! lol

With all my heart and soul, I thank you and beyond grateful you are here to hold our hands, to shine your light in bright new ways and allow me the moments of heartbreak as the new comes back together!!

((((HUGZ)))) of deep and never-ending gratitude and love!!

Lisa Gawlas