The Alignment Of Love and the Shadow of Love Begins a New Story for ALL!!

the-light-of-love-pau Sometimes, hell most of the time, trying to understand our story, the story of our spiritual evolution is like reading a book where the chapters are all out-of-order.  But for those of us blessed enough to be born with the A.D.D. mind, (which is neither a deficit nor a disorder, but skill to perfect) it comes naturally for us to understand the weirdness... eventually!!

Last month the field put a spotlight on August 15th, using a membrane that split everything in two.  Our teams started to refer to this membrane as acceleration or filtration, depending on where we live within our emotional and mental fields.  These last few days of the reading, altho we are no longer seeing that membrane stretching across everything, now the focal point is the inferior conjunction on August 15th with the sun, venus and earth.



When spirit is speaking of this moment in our time, I get a visual of the phase just before the august 15th alignment, with that little sliver of light upon venus.  Our teams, the field says that that sliver of light represents our "collective."  The ones who have aligned heart and mind and will experience the acceleration of love within our lives.  The shadow side of venus represents the filtered zone.  Huge difference there in the two zones, isn't there??

For those of us who worked our asses off, changed our minds about everything and now live in that little sliver of light moving forward, wait, my team wants me to change that sliver into the living field of heaven on earth, things are about to get even more interesting, exciting and dare I even say, more demanding of our unbiased love-action, (emphasis on action, true love is never stationary.)

During the phase entering August 1st thru (I am hoping) August 15th, much is changing in our lives, in our bodies (again.) and in the world that surrounds us.  As one lady's team on the field yesterday put it, it is very much like being fully reincarnated without the physical death process and is only 15 days long in gestation.  Most of everyone's team yesterday referred to this 3 day lead up to the 15th as everything "solidifying" in our next story of life.  As always, depending on the ongoing choices, the ongoing emotional experiences within those choices (even if the choices are at the deepest subconsciousness level) and of course, the action or non-action implemented.

To help me, all of us understand the enormity of this extraordinary moment, that once we pass the gates of the 15th, becomes a 2 year adventure, with my own living experience of understanding kicking it all off.  YAY?? lol

Earlier this year... or was it last year (time has blurred so much,) thru my meditations of course, the return of Jorge happened.  But he purposely changed his name to Norte (spanish for north) and said he will show up in a new form... eventually.  I gave up waiting and looking.  There is something incredibly valuable to that thing... to stop actively looking, excuse me, expecting something to show up.  I stopped invoking him in my meditations, started focusing on the things I can control in my world and enjoying every moment of it.  Until last week when suddenly out of the blue, there was a flurry of interest in my profile on plenty of fish.  I stared to realize, every time I have an oncology appointment (every 3 months, I swear my onc has a crush on me, I really should be doing the once a year gig with him, I'm perfectly healthy) something starts a flurry of activity on my profile.  Of course, it's really the only times I purposely go into Albuquerque, most guys live in Albuquerque and the last three times (to include this most recent trek) I have gone on a blind date after my appointment.

Think about that for a moment.  I mean, really think about how we are working energetically.  Your energy field is scheduled to be in a place it usually isn't, but the field knows that before hand and starts to the process of activating opportunities for you while you are there.  Your job is to take advantage of whatever tickles your heart to experience.  Or not.

So a week prior to this trek to my oncologist, I started to get messages from plenty of fish... again.  I have already decided the fishies there are not quite what I had wanted for dinner, but left my pole in the waters just incase...

Well, you know the story of my recent fishie.  However, I forgot a lot of the back story from my earlier meditations.  Jorge de Norte said he will not arrive in a recognizable form, but I will know his presence by the energy in my solar plexus.  Yeah, we will call that the flock of hummingbirds buzzing around after my conversation.  Top that off with the wonderful double rainbow beaming into my front door before hand.    And the day came to meet him, and he gave me his address and I was stunned to realize he lives in the North Valley part of Albuquerque.  I was officially nervous. Not scared nervous, just... holy freakin shit, nervous.

I arrived at his place the same time he arrived from work.  He was actually behind my car as I parked.  We both drive a honda civic, his is newer by 6 years, but I thought that was kewl.  But there is that one thing... that one thing that really drives the dating world, what we are attracted to.  (Now, i am using a person as an example of this very important lesson, but you can easily change it out to a job, a living environment, whatever.)

I like the bigger more burly package... so much like my secret crush on Sinbad:



And he is much more the skinniest version of Michael J. Fox.  Tiny.  I placed my mind back on the energy surging thru my core as I was driving into Albuquerque... focus there girl.  OMG, I had the most enriching, easy time.  We talked about everything, his previous demons and how he overcame them.  How he took himself out of the pond of fish to work on himself so he had something worthy to present in a relationship.  He is not ashamed of who he was and how he got to Here.  He meditates, Buddha style... and the time flew by and was easy.  Half way thru dinner, I opened my mouth and suddenly, quite unexpectedly from me, I invited him up to my place for my birthday weekend.  Well, its out in the air I cannot say oops.... didn't really mean to say that.  He accepted.  So him and his poochie will be hanging here tomorrow and sunday and we will do an early morning hike to the waterfall in the Jemez Springs.  Yay!!  Just for the record, I will sleep on the couch!!  Truly, my birthday present from the universal all, because no matter what, I really love sharing conversation with him and understanding how he got to Here himself.

I have got to giggle as well, with odd excitement... as we were sitting having dinner and I kept thinking, you are so tiny.... maybe, I can fatten you up with some good rich homemade cooking... suddenly we had (one of many) subject changes in our conversation and he explained that he has this really high metabolism and he cannot gain weight at all and he eats like pig.  Kind of eerie... kind of exciting!!

Now all that said, I woke up yesterday morning late of course, but my head felt like there was a massive cloud system spinning in my brain.  My eyes felt like lead weights were chilling at the crack between my eye and the bone of the sockets.  As the day progressed, the rest of my body filled in with the lead, weighty, can't move energy.  I was supposed to clean, instead I parked on my couch, unable to move, much.

As I was laying there pondering my lead-ness, I kept being reminded of the many expressions coming out of the field these last couple days, "our next version of ourselves are starting to solidify on all levels of our lives.  This is what it feels like to go from empty possibility to what we may think of as grounded into our new life expression.

Well, there is (as always) so much more, but alas, my day begins.

Moral of todays story, do not look at the package of arrival of your desires... go deeper than that.  It is time to drop all of our superficial expectations and dive deep into the wonder presenting itself to us!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of love in all shapes and sizes!!

Lisa Gawlas

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