The Era Of LOVE is Hatching!!

New Love Well, well, well, here we Are!!  That mysterious, membrane filled of a date line, August 15th.  And just like every single major event on the field, my very last appointment took me to New Zealand for which, I am so grateful and decided, I'm starting backwards today, because he showed us exactly what today is all about!

Let me start by bringing you the most humble image I created this morning to go along with our amazing moment in time!!

Now considering I had 6 readings yesterday and had only been able to one and read for one person to this end of my day point, I wasn't sure if I would see or not see for him, but man oh man, I was sure hoping!!  New Zealand was already into our tomorrows dateline, meaning it was already August 15th in his world and I wanted to get that view of what's happening.  And there he was, all in his rather large honey colored, rubber like egg-ness.  Upside down like this too.  At the top front part were three continuous lightning bolts striking in constant rapid fire at the above front position.  The electricity spread thru out his egg membrane thing.

Let me tell ya, I was about peeing my pants with excitement!!  I knew he showed up to show us all what this moment is all about.  A universal message!!  The lightning that was zapping his rubbery egg surrounding and moving thru the entire membrane was causing the electrical currently to trigger all the new codes and blueprints to come online.    As all the electricity encompassed the membrane surrounding him, suddenly chucks of the membrane started to fall off, hit the ground and be absorbed into the ground.  His team said this was igniting the energy within the earth to assure these pathways, the connections that he has lined up for this phase of new incarnation gets wired in the magnetic field of his life.

His team also made sure I was aware that they were given me a fast forward, time lapsed idea of what is happening during this amazing event we are all undergoing.  So as the front side of his rubber like shell was now absorbed into the ground itself, I could see what his team said represented fascia, that membrane that surrounds our muscle groups in our body to hold them together.  Similar thing is happening in the groups of people/places/events we will experience as we go forward.   This fascia like membrane will spend the entire day of what we think of as the 16th igniting the airwaves of magnetic vibration as well.

This actually started to help me understand something that I really missed the last few days in readings.  Everyone I was seeing for in the last couple of days, I could see the energy system of their soul and field present itself to the 15th, altho I could not see a detail beyond the 15th, the field started to present an very strange thing.  As I pushed my vision beyond the 15th, it was like it made a U turn and created a space, much more solidly on the ground than the moments we were looking into, aligned with Monday, which I only realized thru this gift of a man yesterday, is the 17th.  What the hell happened to the 16th??  And why does it appear that the timeline position alters itself in a such a unique way.

Well, I understood this too thru this mans team.  When we are fully reincarnating from spirit into a baby body, there is a bit of (our perceived) time when the soul leaves spirit and starts to intermingle with the electric relay system of the baby.  Same exact thing is happening to us, started a few days ago, will finish as we awake on Monday.  If we really think about what happens inside the mother during birth, the contractions are actually electrical surges taking the membrane of the uterus and evicting the baby out of the body.

So thru this man, I could see what looked like a baseball base set up to his right side, in what I call his present moment, only.... it represneted Monday the 17th's timeline in our world.


It was soft, cushy, and just plain ole white.  His team said that is all we are going to be able to see until Monday arrives and everything is hardwired into our new reality.  I did not consider his message personal to him, but a true gift to us all, I rescheduled him with the deepest of gratitude!!!

The most his team would show me about his arrival onto that spot:



Now lets back this up to the only other person I was able to see/read for yesterday.  Let me tell it is strange when I can see an 11am appointment first thing in the morning, like her soul was weaving information thru the 3 others before her.  The pre-visual was three jackhammers hammering like crazy just in front her in a V pattern.  The silvery white energy coming up and out of mama earth was stunning.  But that's all I could see and actually confused me a bit when I blanked on the three appointments before her.  I surrender to the fact that I will never ever truly understand how I work or how I work in conjunction with anything!!

So my wonderful lady's time finally arrived and having blanked three connections already, I wasn't sure if this was all we would get.  Ohhh no, her team was expressive and informative and really was a forerunner to our KiWi delight at the end of the day!

When she arrived and the focus again was on those three jackhammers, having everything to do with laying the vibration of her path down and opening the energy systems to provide that, suddenly I got to see who was working those jackhammers.  My good god I love when the field provides some beefcake to us!!  Three adonis looking men, shirts off, faded jeans on... flapping in the wind as their hands held onto the top part of the jackhammer.  None of the men had their feet on the ground, instead they were flying parallel to the ground as they worked.

Lets talk about how incredibly important the divine masculine is to this amazing version of ourselves is.  Creator energy.  We must bring this aspect up to our dinner table as equally as we do the divine feminine.  The dreamer (feminine) has released the dream, its the creator (masculine) that is bringing it all home to physical reality.  If you discount his presence in your field, you will always have a dream that never seems to arrive.

As yummy and delightful as her presentation of these men were to my viewing eyes, there was a reason.  They were sun drenched, bronze and beautiful.  Truly the energy of the sun/masculine, igniting the seeds planted within this new earth. They were shirtless to show their muscular ability to get the job done, to hold on even when the winds of change are blowing.  The complete exposure to the core energy of Creator alive and working.  Nothing hidden, nothing secret.

The jeans, well worn and faded.  He has been working hard in the background of our lives to get us to here, and now, to continue into the dreams come true field, he must be at the forefront.

When I looked to see why her 3 men, which is all about action and communication moving forward, were flying parallel to the ground, holy heavens, the winds of change, the winds of her desires were blowing hard from behind her.  This morning all I can think of is Kryon when he talks about the winds of birth, same thing here.  But there really are two systems at play, as her reading revealed as we went forward.  The winds of the future blowing towards her.  That meeting point, where the winds of previous incarnations (our past to here) and future energy meet in this life changing timeline we are in, gives birth to the next phase of our evolution!

My own personal nighttime was strange.  I kept waking up and forgot I had fallen asleep.  I wasn't refreshed or tired, more disoriented because I didn't remember falling asleep any of the 3 times I woke up.  But my perception of time passed as my phone showed me, so I slept for bits and pieces.  And of course, woke up later than usual, again.

I do want to mention tho, as the day was drawing down and I was on the phone doing a survey with UNM hospitals, out of the clear blue a rainbow once again showed up out my front door.  While my lady was talking, I opened the door, there was just enough misty rain to create a rainbow.  What a great way to end a great life!!!

And now, energy living thing, rises into the new!!

Happy Birthday dear beloveds!!  Lets make this one a happy one!!  Ohhhhhh.... and from my mans team, those who are aligned within the accelerated version of this amazing place, zero karma, zero baggage from anything is brought fourth.  But god bless the folks in the filtered zone, like those of us who made it to here, it will all be heaped on quickly, relentlessly, to move forward faster.

With oohhhhhh soooo much love, joy and flipping excitement to ALL!!

((((HUGZ))))  Of enormous love and gratitude to all... with party hats and dance shoes on!!

Lisa Gawlas

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